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Natural & Ayurvedic Shampoos That Prevent Hair Fall

Nowadays, hair fall becomes a common issue in both men and women. There are many reasons that lead to hair fall problem and these are pollution, dirt, improper lifestyle, harmful UV rays, or mental stress. We all try out various anti hair fall products available in the market and ends up by spending lots of money with zero improvements. The chemicals used in these anti hair fall products tend to give us instant results, but in the long run, they damage our hair very badly.

Everyday Tips to Treat Migraines

About 28 millions of people in the USA are suffering from migraines. If you are one of them, you knew how painful and disabled a migraine headache can be. The good news is that you can easily help yourself to reduce your pain during a migraine attack or prevent migraine headaches. You can lower the risk by simply avoiding stress, alcohol, certain foods that trigger a migraine, eating a regular diet, and getting enough sleep.