Means to Achieve Your Personal Best HCG Results

By Steve Marc

Want to achieve the best HCG results? If yes, then you have to do everything possible to ensure the maximum HCG results possible. Achieving the best results means the highest fat loss rates. This indicates the personal best loss every day.

The best results also mean feeling well, healthy, and happy while following the diet plan. Not feeling deprived and enjoying the experience on various levels. You could also say that the best results in maintaining the weight loss you have achieved. Take hCG diet as an opportunity to retrain your old mindset that is behind your weight loss issue. You can buy hCG injections to support your treatment. Get HCG for sale online at affordable rates.

  • List of things to do to ensure the best hCG results

Get your head with the program- First thing that you need to do is listen to mind training audios every day to keep yourself motivated and in control. These help you get your body image back and even adjust your attitude when it was required. Research showed an increased weight loss result of an impressive 54% for the audio users over people who did not use the audios along with the similar hCG diet. These audios can work wonders when it comes to replacing old feelings and thoughts with brand new ones more in tune with the people you wanted to be. These audios are surprisingly powerful at enabling you to attain the best hCG results.

  • Increase fat loss rate with health supplements

The complimentary nutritional supplements could support your hCG diet. These can help you in those circumstances, such as an unavoidable family feasting occasion, or during days when you are transitioning on and off hCG Herbal supplements may help you stay on track and accelerate your fat loss too. You will find all these weight loss supplements, conveniently near your healthcare store or online. Consult your health care specialist before buying any health supplement for increasing fat loss rate.

  • Think healthy and positive

Just like you feed your body regularly for a healthy body you also need to regularly feed your mind with messages of positive self-regard to be a more self-concept you. Once you begin with this positive affirmation commitment, you could feel your self-concept shifting, and this leads to unexpected positive results in your personal relationship, work, and more. You would never guess how powerful they are at enabling you to achieve the best hCG personal results.

  • Learn to manage stress

Stress doesn’t support the hCG diet. Stress could trigger weight loss rate; it may make you gain weight. Therefore, it is necessary to do something to manage stress because it can’t go away anytime soon. You are not the only one who is struggling with weight; many people are dealing with everyday stress at home and in the workplace. Stress stalks us, and we have no other option other than learning self-defense. So we can encourage people to learn stress-busting techniques and see hCG results.

  • Include family and friends

Emotional support can empower you to accomplish your best hCG results Research studies revealed that hCG dieters without a support network did not achieve as good results as the dieters with support did get. Also, dieters without a support network didn’t enjoy the experience as much either. So, make a call to your friend and invite him/her to support or to join the hCG diet together. This kind of emotional support will help you achieve the best hCG results.

HCG Diet – Food List

By Moiz

HCG diet food list includes a list of foods that are known as whole foods. These are unprocessed, and the food list is primarily focuses on healthy proteins from lean meats, balanced with carbohydrates from selected vegetables and fruits.

Basics of the HCG diet food list

The HCG diet plan has two components, the first being the HCG injections, and the second being the actual diet involved. Purchase HCG injections online at lowest price. According to Dr. Simeons, a strict HCG diet of 500 calories a day is necessary to see the complete results of the HCG hormone. Dr continues to stress that the total daily intake should exceed 500 calories. To see the best results, dieters, should follow this protocol, and sticking to approve foods. While on the HCG diet, your daily intake should contain 200 grams of fat-free protein, a mix of fruits, and vegetables, and a little starch. Before Diving to the HCG diet list, let’s discuss the few situations that could apply to different people who are trying to follow the 500 calorie diet.

For example, for a vegetarian who is not able to eat any sort of animal protein, drinking two cups of skimmed milk per is a great idea to obtain the proper amount of protein that is 200 grams of protein per day. According to Simeons protocol, faulty dieting is another aspect of the HCG diet. According to him, even the slightest deviation from the diet has disastrous results on weight loss of a dieter. It is essential to stick on to HCG diet because small errors can stop the weight loss process and ruin previous progress.

Following the HCG diet

Before checking the list of HCG diet, it is important knows that no substitute can be used for the approved food list. When it comes to daily intake of 200 grams protein, make sure you weigh it raw, after it no visible fat is allowed to consume. Simeons suggests the way in which meal is broken up. An apple and a breadstick can be eaten at breakfast or right before bed. Always remember that the daily intake of two breadsticks and two fruits should not be consumed at the same time. Food items that are not eaten on the previous day cannot be eaten on the next day. Simeons is very much against doing cheating and explains that a cheat to HCG diet will cause trouble in just a few days.

HCG approved foods


  • Shrimp-110 cal
  • Flounder-90 cal
  • Haddock- 88 cal
  • Tilapia-94 cal
  • Lobster-98 cal
  • Halibut- 110 cal
  • Red snapper-110 cal
  • Crab meat-110 cal
  • Cod-83 cal

Meat (3.5 oz)

  • Veal
  1. Loin Chop-117 cal
  2. Sirloin- 110 cal
  • Beef
  1. Sirloin tip side steaks- 130 cal
  2. Tri-tip steak- 154 cal
  3. 93/7 Lean Beef-150 cal
  4. Top round steak-154 cal
  5. Cube steak- 160 cal
  • Chicken breast-216 cal


  • Celery- 15 cal
  • Spinach-20 cal
  • Cabbage-24 cal
  • Tomato- 20 cal
  • Broccoli-34 cal
  • Radishes-12 cal
  • Lettuce-20 cal
  • Asparagus-20 cal
  • Cauliflower-22 cal
  • Cucumber-12 cal


  • Apple (small)-55 cal
  • Apple (medium)- 72 cal
  • Apple (large)- 110 cal
  • Strawberries- 65 cal
  • Pink grapefruit (Florida)- 74 cal
  • Pink grapefruit (California)- 92 cal
  • Orange(Florida)- 65 cal
  • Orange (Navel)- 69 cal
  • Range (California)- 59 cal

Suggested meal plans

The meal is planned in just a way that it covers overall health, nutritional, and weight loss benefits. Example of a meal plan is given below:

  • Breakfast– Herbal tea with Trulicious natural sweetener, and one piece of Melba toast
  • Lunch- 3 oz of grilled chicken breast, 3.5 oz of Asparagus, one breadstick and a small apple

Dinner- 3 oz of baked halibut, 3.5 oz cauliflower, one breadstick, and 12 strawberries

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