HCG shots stay steady in the bloodstream, which allows for better absorption. The injectable form of the drug can be used at any time, whereas a diet is a bit more restrictive. Buy HCG injections online to get it conveniently delivered at your home.

All about HCG

HCG stand for human chorionic gonadotropin, a hormone essential for pregnant women and is produced in the placenta. Keeping this in mind, many people assume that it is only for women who want to get pregnant, right? However, it is not, some studies show that HCG can also be beneficial in regulating metabolic rate, hence effective as a weight-loss treatment. This made people across the globe more curious about HCG as a weight-loss drug and letting them purchase it. People who would like to give a try to HCG for weight loss typically have a lot of questions about the hormonal drug, including if it works or which version is safer or effective-drops or injections. Maybe you have done thorough research, but still, come up with the question- drops or injections? Well, we have covered you with the benefits of both the drops and injections, which will help you to decide as per your needs. It is always best to consider their factors, especially when you are looking to lose unwanted weight, and these include effectiveness, side effects, and as well as cost. 

According to a recent study, people receive a calorie restriction in conjunction with HCG shots tend to lose weight and extra weight without the loss of muscle. HCG for weight has been a controversial topic; there have been many articles, feedback, and debates regarding the effects of HCG as a weight-loss drug. A lot of research insists that weight loss is the result of a very low-calorie diet used in the program. The studies, at the same time, says that calorie restrictions play a crucial role in losing weight, but it is HCG that helps people to maintain weight loss for a longer duration. When you are asked to follow a very low-calorie diet in addition to getting HCG shots, the drug ensures you only lost fat and prevent muscle loss. This way, you lose weight in a much healthier way, and with HCG, there are more chances to keep the fat off.

HCG drops are certainly less expensive as compared to injections. But those who use the injectable form of the drug says that the effect of HCG shot is faster, especially when you take it intravenously. Injections must be prepared first before use. Unlike injections, you can purchase drops, in a pre-mixed form with the right amount and is easier for the one who uses it for the first time. What is more, injections are more painful as they are administered intravenously. Hence, we can say that when it comes to cost and ease of use, HCG drops for weight are viewed better. However, when it comes to the effectiveness of HCG, it usually varies from person to person. HCG injections are concentrated and remain steady in your bloodstream, which allows for better absorption. A lot of people like the immediate effects of injections when used in conjunction with a low-calorie diet. This should not be the only basis to choose in between drops and injection as many who received HCG therapy have shifted to drops for better results. So, it is all about what suits your body and how much weight you need to lose.

Side Effects of HCG

When it comes to the side effects of HCG, like any other medicinal product, HCG too can cause side effects. Some people feel that the side effects are minimal as they can bear. On the other hand, some individuals cannot bear the long-lasting side effects of HCG. The side effects reported by those who have taken both HCG drops, and injections include headache, nausea, and dizziness. Those who have been taking it for longer, especially women can experience ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, increased weight, swollen hands and legs, abdominal pain, etc. HCG also cause an increase in sperm count in males and induce ovulation in the fertile women. There are many more risk and benefits of using HCG. So, it is always best to speak to your doctor before taking it. Drops or injection chose the best option that suits you.


Anybody who would like to know more about HCG can fix an appointment with a doctor who can help you clarify all your doubts related to the use of HCG. Not only are there, positive effects of HCG, but there are also negative effects when it comes to weight loss. Consider discussing with a doctor before deciding to include HCG drops or injection in your routine.

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