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Enterovirus D68: Call To Save Yourself From Infection

Enterovirus D68 is responsible for respiratory infections. Enterovirus D68 spreads through from person to person via contact. Enterovirus D68 commonly referred to as EV-D68 is a member of a larger group of viruses known as enteroviruses. Different types of enteroviruses have affected millions of people all over the world.EV-D68 was first acknowledged in children having bronchiolitis and pneumonia, an airways infection.

Birth Control Method

Can’t Take Responsibility? Make a Wise Decision and Choose an Effective Birth Control Method!

Use Effective Birth Control Pills

You probably have had all the fun last night, but forgot to use protection. Now contraceptioni.e.birth control method is all you need. The birth control methodsare a woman’s best friend that prevents the unwanted pregnancy after and before marriage.