Use Effective Birth Control Pills

You probably have had all the fun last night, but forgot to use protection. Now contraceptioni.e.birth control method is all you need. The birth control methodsare a woman’s best friend that prevents the unwanted pregnancy after and before marriage.

What are birth control methods?
No doubt sex is the need of every individual. Often due to uncontrolled feelings the sexual intercourse between a man and woman occurs. The climax seemsincredible, but its aftereffects are i.e. having a baby becomes a cause of tension.Birth controlis commonly called as contraception or fertility control. These are the methods or devices that are used to avoid an unwanted pregnancy. No doubt, birth control methods have been put into use since ancient days, but most effective they became in the 20th century only.

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There are several types of contraception methods that include barrier, hormonal, emergency contraception, intrauterine and sterilization methods. Not every method seem suitable for every circumstance, it mainly depends on any woman’s health, age, medical history and her desire for family planning.

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Most common birth control methods:

  • Condoms- There are male and female condoms that are one of the effective birth control methodsto prevent pregnancy. Male condom is a thin sheath covering the penis, it collects sperm and restrict its entrance into the female vagina. While, on the contrary, female condoms are flexible plastic pouches that get easily inserted into the vagina before sex. It helps to prevent the sperm from entering the uterus.
  • Cervical caps- This birth control method is a thin silicone cup that is commonly inserted into the female vagina so that sperms are blocked from entering the uterus.Also, the cervical cap has to remain in the exact place for 6-8 hours after sex to prevent pregnancy. One can remove it within 48 hours and stay relaxed then.
  • Oral Pills- The combined oral contraceptive and progestin- only pills have to be taken by a woman daily and at the same time each day to prevent pregnancy.
  • Emergency contraception- The emergency contraceptive pills are used when the couples enjoy unprotected sex.The medicine works best when one uses it within 24 hours of having sex.
  • Copper IUD- Copper IUD when used as an emergency contraception, is found to be very effective methods to prevent pregnancy. A small amount of copper is released into the uterus through copper IUD, blocking the entrance of sperm.The method is followed by many and works well for 10-12 years of the insertion.

Not only the prevention of unwanted pregnancy is important for any couple, but they should be aware of its working as well. How effectively you make use of the birth control method will only provide the best possible results.

Use Effective Birth Control Pills

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How does the birth control method (pills) work?
The emergency contraception i.e. pills are the most widely consumed medicine taken by females to prevent unwanted pregnancy after sex.The birth control pillsdivide into combination and progestin- only pills.The combined hormonal contraceptiveworks well by preventing the ovulation and thickens cervical mucus so that sperms do not enter the uterus.There are minipills also that areknown as a progestin -only pills and prevents the ovulation. One can choose from a number of a combination pill type, and these include monophasic and multiphasic pills.

Remember, with every birth control method or the pill you take there can be risks associated with it. It is essential you must take the help from your specialist in order to prevent any side-effects.

What are the side-effects of birth control methods?
From the study conducted by the Center for Young Women’s Health, pills do cause side-effectsin many women. These include headache, nausea, weight gain, decreased libido,bleeding between periods and rarely stroke or heart attack can also occur. Also, the birth control methods do not give any protection against sexually transmitted diseases except condoms.Using condoms prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections as well.

The long-term effectiveness comes only with IUD’s; you must have heard people saying that this birth control method isn’t that safe or effective. But as per the recent study conducted1, IUD’s comes as more efficient and useful than any contraceptive pill or rings. They work very well in reducing any human error too.

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With the teenage girls being the prime target for unexpected pregnancy, it becomes highly necessary for them to use effective birth control method. Birth control methods such as male or female condoms will also provide protection against STD’s. So every couple should open their eyes and consult their doctor and use contraception before sex to stay healthy after that.

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