Ways to Get Rid of Yellow Eyes

By Moiz

Yellow eyes are a kind of reflection to show that all is not good with your health. Usually, the eyes start turning yellow because of the accumulation of compound called bilirubin in the blood and your body is unable to clear it. Moreover, yellowing of the eyes happens in the condition of jaundice and due to some other underlying conditions. The question is what are the ways to rid of yellow eyes or eye care solutions that you can easily undertake? Continue Reading

About Melasma and How to Manage It

By Steve Marc

Melasma is a skin disorder which appears as brown patches on adults face. They are commonly visible on the cheeks, forehead, bridge of the nose, and upper lip area. The skin condition is more likely to develop in women. Only 10% of men are affected by the skin disease. Continue Reading


By Moiz

Viagra is a medication that has improved the sexual life of millions of couples all around the world, thanks to its amazing benefits on the male body. Researchers are now starting to realize the unexpected effect of the little blue pill. They found that the sexual health pill has the potential to save thousands of lives each year. A new study conducted on mice revealed that sildenafil, the active ingredient of Viagra is able to reduce the chances of developing colorectal cancer significantly. Continue Reading

Eczema: Things to you need to know

By Stella Green

Eczema is a disease that causes inflammation in the skin. The condition is also called as atopic dermatitis and is characterized by dry, itchy skin and sometimes swollen with fluid-filled bumps and crust over it. Continue Reading

Top 10 Common Birth Control Pill Side Effects

By Steve Marc

Birth control pills are reliable when it comes to controlling unwanted pregnancy. They are highly effective contraceptive when taken appropriately. But to reap that benefit, you may also have to deal with depression, some extra pounds, and other not very pleasant side effects. These come as just mild irritations for some women while for others, they are annoying enough to make them switch or to discontinue using the birth control pill. Continue Reading

Can Erectile Dysfunction Double the Risk of Heart Disease?

By Moiz

If you are among those 30 million Americans who suffer from erectile dysfunction or ED, you might be dealing with relationship issues. But did you ever wonder what your cardiovascular health is involved too? Erectile dysfunction signifies a larger cardiovascular threat; it can actually be an early indicator of heart disease. Read further to know the connection between ED and heart disease.   Continue Reading

Tips for Using Careprost by a Dermatologist

By Steve Marc

Long eyelashes

Long, fluttery eyelashes have also been considered the most important part of feminity. In order to achieve the most feminine look, many women have been using products to enhance the appearance of their eyelashes for many years. Trends have changed now and the cosmetics have evolved, but one thing remains the same and that is people wish for having longer and fuller eyelashes. Experts designed a lash serum Careprost to help such people grow thicker, longer, and darker eyelashes. Ask your ophthalmologist if Careprost is appropriate for you.

Careprost – The answer for fuller eyelashes

The buzz amongst women is all about getting long, thick, and luxurious lashes. Most of us tried hands-on mascaras and even more costly option eyelash extensions. The easiest and least expensive way to achieve the goal of longer and fuller eyelashes is to use products that naturally grow our lashes. A safe, effective, and affordable product is available in the cosmetic industry that can be applied topically on the eyelashes to make them naturally longer, darker, and thicker.

Long eyelashes

Careprost is the popular prescription ophthalmic preparation approved by the USA Food And drug administration for treating inadequate lashes, growing them naturally to give them fuller appearance once again. The product has Bimatoprost as its key ingredient which makes eyelash growth possible. Researchers believed that growth occurs by extending the growth phase of the eyelash hair cycle. This way it increases the percentage of hairs in the growth phase. The ophthalmic solution is a once a day treatment applied to the upper lash line, preferably before going to sleep. According to clinical trials, patients observed noticeable growth after four weeks of the treatment and the full results seen in sixteen weeks.  Of course, results will vary from person to person but results really on consistent use following the instructions carefully.

Application instructions for Careprost

In the beginning, you need to apply the lash serum once daily. You need to make it a part of your daily routine. The bottle is handy and easy to carry even while you are traveling. If you miss the application, don’t attempt to catch up the next day. Applying more will not cause rapid eyelash hair growth, this way you will only waste your product. Excessive may also cause irritation. Have patience! Bimatoprost ophthalmic solution 0.03 for eyelash growth takes a month or more to start showing its action, so continue using it every night, will provide the result. After using the ophthalmic solution continuously for three months, use it as an alternative day. This is when you achieved the desired length and thickness. After three months you won’t get quite as much as growth but apply it to maintain the desired length.

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Best way to apply Careprost to make it last longer

To get most out of your little bottle of Careprost, dermatologist suggests using the solution on the lash line. It is instructed to place a drop directly on the tiny applicator brush that comes along with the product or you can also use a tiny eyeliner brush. Apply to the skin of your upper lashes like you use eyeliner. It feels slightly wet. If the solution drips on your any other skin area, immediately wipe it with a tissue or a cotton ball. One drop is usually sufficient to cover both the eyes. To avoid infection or irritation, clean the brush and let it dry for sanitation purpose. Make sure you only put Bimatoprost ophthalmic solution 0.03 for eyelash growth on the upper lashes. You are not advised to apply the solution to the lower lash line.

You can use Careprost in the morning or the evening, according to your convenience. However, many people prefer applying it in the morning because they think the solution stays at the place than using at night and rolling around the pillow. If you choose to apply in the morning, put on eye cream or concealer (If you want), then apply Careprost, once it gets dry, you can apply the eyeliner if you want.

Safety of Careprost

As long as you are not suffering from an eye infection or disease like glaucoma, Careprost should be safe to use. If you are not sure about your healthy eye, you must visit an ophthalmologist to get the eye examination done. Also, discuss with him/her if you use Careprost or any other eye solution of your choice.

Bimatoprost is not for everyone, it is a prescription drug, which requires a visit to your ophthalmologist who can prescribe it the solution after evaluating you. While using the product, if you develop eye irritation or discoloration, stop using the product and talk to your ophthalmologist.