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Careprost - 3 ml. of 0.03%

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Customer Reviews

Review by donna
Great product...Great Price..Great Results
(Posted on November 05/2018)
Review by dominika
I've seen a change in my lashes within two weeks, using this product only once a day at night. My lashes definitely grew!!
(Posted on October 22/2018)
Review by Laura
Only been using it for a short time but I def see my lashes growing.
(Posted on August 17/2018)
Review by Irlynda
If this is counterfeit sign me up! My lashes have not been this long and thick in 30 years. I was scrubbing my mascara because it wasn’t coming off then I realized it was MY lashes. They were so thick I thought there was still product on them. A beauty advisor at a large beauty retailer advised me not to wear that kind of false eyelashes during the day because they were made for evening and special events. I laughed telling her I wasn’t wearing false lashes just drugstore mascara. I gave her the information to Reliable RX to buy her own Careprost.
(Posted on June 14/2018)
Review by Kay
it works, it took 2 months to see all my lashes grow but I was patient and i am happy with the results. i also applied it to my eyebrows but nothing grew. another side effect that I saw was the fat on my eye lid disappeared or shrunk. this is good for me and I did my research before using this product because I have hooded eyes and I wanted to get rid of the fat on top of my eyes. I read that if you stop using the drops the fat will come back after a while but i am not worried about that. overall i am very happy about the results and everyone around is using it now.
(Posted on June 10/2018)
Review by Mary
I been using careprost for 2 months and I can't believe how long my lashes are. This is a great product and I highly recommend it.
(Posted on May 10/2018)
Review by Nina
I have been using this product for a bout 3 months. It works. My lashes are very long. May people think I have fake lashes on. At this point, they are no longer growing because they have reached the maximum length they are biologically able to grow. They are also slightly thicker also. I now use careprost about 3 times per week to maintain. I will never stop using this product. My eyelashes actually tap the lens of my sunglasses.
(Posted on March 04/2018)
Review by Pamela
One applicator was enough to do eyes top lashes
(Posted on May 10/2017)
Review by Judith
This product produces longer, thicker lashes in 90 days if you only use it once a day, faster if you use it twice a day!
(Posted on May 01/2017)
Review by Hazel
As for those who complain about counterfeit, the product I received here on reliablerx was definitely authentic so I'm not sure what their problem is.
(Posted on April 02/2017)

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