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  1. Itaspor 200mg
    Itaspor 200mg
    Generic For : Sporanox
    Active Ingredients : Itraconazole
    30 Capsule/s
    US$ 69.60 US$ 87.00
  2. Micogel 0.02 (15gm)
    Micogel 0.02 (15gm)
    Generic For : Monistat Cream
    Active Ingredients : Miconazole
    1 Tube/s
    US$ 1.67
  3. Itaspor 100mg
    Itaspor 100 mg
    Generic For : Sporanox
    Active Ingredients : Itraconazole
    30 Capsule/s
    US$ 63.60
  4. Candid-B Lotion 30 ml
    CandidB Lotion 30 ml
    Generic For : Candid -B Lotion
    Active Ingredients : Clotrimzaole and Betamethasome Dipropionate
    1 Lotion/s
    US$ 7.50
  5. Candid B 30gm
    Candid B Cream 20 gm
    Generic For : Candid B Cream
    Active Ingredients : Clotrimazole and Beclomethasone
    1 Tube/s
    US$ 6.00
  6. Candid
    Candid Cream - 30gm
    Generic For : Candid Cream
    Active Ingredients : Clotrimazole
    1 Tube/s
    US$ 8.00
  7. Permite Cream 5% (60gm)
    Permite Cream 5% (60gm)
    Generic For : Acticin
    Active Ingredients : Permethrin
    1 Tube/s
    US$ 5.23
  8. Nizol 200 mg
    Nizol 200 mg
    Generic For : Nizoral
    Active Ingredients : Ketoconazole
    30 Tablet/s
    US$ 38.13
  9. Sebifin 250mg
    Sebifin 250 mg
    Generic For : Lamisil
    Active Ingredients : Terbinafine HCl
    30 Tablet/s
    US$ 31.53
  10. Sebifin
    Sebifin Cream 1% (30gm)
    Generic For : Lamisil
    Active Ingredients : Terbinafine HCl
    1 Tube/s
    US$ 12.92
  11. Zocon Eye Drops 5ml
    Zocon Eye Drops 5ml
    Generic For : Zocon
    Active Ingredients : Fluconazole
    1 Bottle/s
    US$ 1.86
  12. Zocon DT 50 mg
    Zocon DT 50 mg
    Generic For : Diflucan
    Active Ingredients : Fluconazole
    32 Tablet/s
    US$ 21.95
  13. Forcan 200mg
    Forcan 200 mg
    Generic For : Diflucan
    Active Ingredients : Fluconazole
    32 Tablet/s
    US$ 40.00
  14. Fluka 150mg
    Fluka 150 mg
    Generic For : Diflucan
    Active Ingredients : Fluconazole
    10 Tablet/s
    US$ 19.75
  15. Zocon 100mg DT
    Zocon DT 100 mg
    Generic For : Diflucan
    Active Ingredients : Fluconazole
    32 Tablet/s
    US$ 42.00
  16. Butop 15gm
    Butop 15gm
    Generic For : Butop
    Active Ingredients : Butenafine Hcl Cream
    Sold Out
  17. Fintop Cream
    Fintop Cream
    Generic For : Fintop
    Active Ingredients : Butenafine Hcl 1% 15gm
    Sold Out
  18. Nizral Solution 2%
    Nizral Solution 2% 50 ml
    Generic For : Nizoral Solution
    Active Ingredients : Ketoconazole
    Sold Out
  19. Nizral shampoo 30 ml
    Nizral shampoo 30 ml
    Generic For : Nizoral Shampoo
    Active Ingredients : Ketoconazole
    Sold Out
  20. Nizral Cream - 2% 30gm
    Nizral Cream - 2% 30gm
    Generic For : Nizoral
    Active Ingredients : Ketoconazole
    Sold Out
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More Information

Antifungal drugs

Fungi organisms are vital elements of almost all ecosystems and the invisible shapers of the world around us. There are wide array of fungi but only 10 percent of fungal organisms have been formally classified. They break down organic matter and nourish both plants and animals. In cooking, yeast is useful for making bread, and many types of mushrooms add flavor and nutrition to a meal. Fungal pathogens are weakly identified though they exert a lot of impact on health and economic well being.


Fungi are not casual pathogens; their infections can be very dreadful. Immune system of our body fights with all kind of infections, but some pathogenic fungi have ability to penetrate in the tissues and cause infections by releasing toxins and enzymes. 

Causes of fungal disease:

Weakened immunity is the prime cause of these infections. Other factors are:

• Prolonged intake of antibiotic medication makes the people susceptible to these infections
• Other micro-organisms like viruses are able to attack some of the immune cells and prevent them from playing their role in tissue defense
• The kids who are not breast feed are rmore prone to the fungal infections.
• Other disease condition such as diabetes, cancer or HIV/AIDS also stimulates fungal growth in human body 
• Direct contact with person or animal having fungal infection
• Indirect contact with items containing fungus such as towels and bedclothes
• Cut or graze the surface of skin
• Walk barefoot in shower and pool area
• If you wear tight clothing which doesn’t allow the sweat to evaporate

Signs and Symptoms:

Common signs and symptoms of fungal infections are:

• Oral thrush 
• Dry elbows , feet and knees 
• Athlete’s foot 
• Gas, bloating, constipation and diarrhea 
• Ear infections 
• Tonsillitis, hives and Candida 
• Rosaceae, vaginitis, vaginal discharge 
• Fatigue, tiredness, fibromyalgic pain 
• Memory loss, forgetfulness and confusion 
• All kinds of allergies including histamine release that incrementally increases over time

Adverse effects of the problem:

If proper medications are given on proper time then fungal diseases are treatable. In such condition the fungal diseases do not affect the life of a person.

Preventive measures:

There are some steps which can reduce the risk of getting fungal skin infection and stop it from spreading. By eliminating fungi containing foods such as bread, wine, vinegar and apple cidar really helps you to recover fast. Dry your infected skin properly after bathing and sweating. Keep your feet clean and don’t repeat same shoes wear them alternatively. Prefer wearing cotton suits in summers and avoid using someone else combs or towels. Avoid using scented or antibacterial soaps and prefer to use good quality coconut oil based soap or wash thoroughly with plain water. Keep your blood pressure and sugar levels in control.

Common Anti fungal medicines:

Treatment of fungal diseases is commonly done by using:

• Candid cream
• Candid-B cream
• Butop 
• Candid lotion
• Fluka
• Forcan etc.

You can also buy these anti fungal medications online at very cheap prices through various online pharmacies.

Myths and facts:

Myth 1: Ringworm is a worm infection

Fact: Ringworm is a fungal disease and is not caused by a worm. It is caused by a kind of fungus called dermatophytes

Myth 4: Ringworm is found only inchildren 

Ring worm is commonly found in childrena s they can easily come in contact with fungal prone areas, but the adults are not safe from this infection.

Diagnosis of fungal disease:

Once the fungi are identified in the patient's blood, the physician will take a small sample of tissue from the affected area. If infection is in respiratory tract, then the doctor collects swab from the back of the patient's throat. The sample is then analyzed under a microscope for the presence of fungi. If fungus is present, a positive diagnosis is made.

Other test are also done such as:

1. Agar culture
2. Microscopy
3. Blood test antigen
4. X-ray scan
5. DNA detection

Treatment for fungal diseases disease:

Treatments for fungal skin infections are usually effective. Antifungal drugs are used to cure infections. They don’t produce many side effects. Rarely observed symptoms are skin irritation and stomach problems. Treatment should continue for up to two weeks after the rash disappears. Rash may return, even if it seems to have cleared up. Depending upon the type of infection, a topical or systemic agent may be used. Following are the antifungal drugs for the treatment:

Antibiotics such as Amphotericin B, Griesofulvin & Nystatin. They bind to sterol component and disrupt the cell wall of fungi and cease its growth. Topically, Amphotericin B is used in mucocutaneous candidiasis 
Antimetabolite like Flucytosine causes functional and structural changes in RNA of fungi and stops it activity. Given in Cryptococcus and Candida affecting urinary tract infections.
Azoles like Fluconazole, Ketoconazole, Itraconazole and Clotrimazole act by interfering in synthesis of cytoplasmic memebrane of fungi and kill it. Topically Clotrimazole and Miconazole are given in Tinea, Otomycosis & Tinea pedis. Ketoconazole & Griesofulvin are given in the infection of nails and scalp. 
Allylamine Terbinafine is given in the treatment of nail fungus and ringworm infections.

The best treatment consists of above mentioned drugs and along with this good anti fungal diet weakens the fungal group being treated. Weekly colonic irrigation should be done to remove the bulk of fungus and balance the colon. For chronic fungal infection, intravenous antifungal agents are given for the speedy recovery.

Dietary intervention

There are a number of herbal remedies that are highly effective in the treatment of fungal infections such as Candida or athlete’s foot. Zinc rich diet keeps you away from scalp related fungal problems. More intakes of Probiotics (beneficial bacteria) boost your immunity and prevent fungal mouth infection. Garlic, a powerful antibacterial enhances immunity and is most effective when eaten raw. Pomegranate helps to cure candidiasis associated with mouth. Tea tree oil has been found to have activity against several fungus species and cures onchomycosis, tinea pedis (athlete's foot), or thrush (oral Candida albicans).

Steps to improve the health:

Tips that can prove helpful in dealing with a fungal infection and cure the disease in a better way are:

• Keep yourself dry and maintain a good hygiene
• Avoid sweat to stand on body for a long time, have a bath or wash the sweaty region as soon as possible
• Wear breatheable fabrics like cotton

Important thing to know:

Fungal infections are a common problem and it occurs in over a billion people each year. According to fungal research trust 2011, the rate of fungal infection is increasing at a very fast pace. 

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