Zocon Eye Drops 5ml

Flucomet- 5ml Eye Drop

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SKU 432
US Brand Name Zocon
Strength 5ml
Generic Name Fluconazole
Manufacturer FDC Ltd, India

Zocon eye drop contains Fluconazole which belongs to a class of medications known as antifungals. It is used to prevent and treat infections of the eye caused by fungi and yeasts. Antifungal medicine treats eye infection by killing the fungi that is responsible for causing fungal infection. It helps relieve symptoms such as itching, redness, pain, or soreness caused by a fungal eye infection.

Zocon eye drop is for topical administration. Use it as advised by your ophthalmologist. In general, the dose and length of the treatment will depend on what you are being treated for. Wash your hands before and after applying the ophthalmic preparation. Hold the bottle close to your eye, do not touch the dropper. Gently squeeze the dropper and place a drop of the medicine into the eye. Wipe off the extra solution with the help of tissue or a cotton swab. Use the ophthalmic formulation regularly to get the most benefit. Try not to miss a dose; if you do, use it as soon as you remember. Do not use more than you need as it will not clear your symptoms faster and may increase the risk of side effects. Do not use it longer than your doctor has told you, and let your doctor know if your condition does not improve after 2 to 4 weeks of treatment. Make sure you complete the treatment course as prescribed by your ophthalmologist. This will ensure that the infection is completely cured and the symptoms will not recur.

It is not likely that other medicines you take orally or injectable drugs will affect how this ophthalmic preparation works, but talk to your doctor before using this antifungal medicine if you recently used another medicine containing a steroid or had an allergic reaction to other antifungal agents. The ophthalmic formulation should be given if it is needed in pregnant and breastfeeding women. Discuss with your doctor if it is safe.

Zocon eye drops may cause irritation and burning sensation immediately after it’s application. However, the side effects are temporary and may diminish within a few days. You should immediately inform your doctor if any of these persist for a longer duration. Do not wear contact lenses while using this ophthalmic preparation.

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