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Nizral 2% Cream
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US Brand Name Nizoral
Strength 2%
Generic Name Ketoconazole

Each tube of Nizral cream 2% contains a medicine called Ketoconazole, an antifungal agent used for fungal and yeast infections of the skin. Adults can apply it when infections may appear on their trunk, chest, back, hands, feet, scalp, face, groin, or genitals. Ketoconazole works by destroying the fungus that causes the infection. For best results, use it exactly as prescribed by your dermatologist.

Nizral cream is usually applied once a day for 2 to 6 weeks. Take this drug only after the prescription and as directed by your doctor. Nizral is a cream to be applied topically on the skin; apply enough cream to cover an infected area of the skin and rub it well. Wash and clean the affected area with soap and water for better results. Use this drug application as directed by your doctor. Do not use more than the recommended amount as it will not clear your condition faster and may only increase your risk of side effects. Don’t worry if you forget to apply your Ketoconazole cream at the right time. When you remember, start using it in the same way as before. If you have any further questions on the use of this topical medicine, ask your dermatologist.

Some precautions and warnings should be taken into consideration. Here are some:

  • Wash your hands properly before using this medicine
  • Keep this drug away from the eye, nose, and mouth. If this drug comes in contact with eyes by mistake, wash your eyes thoroughly with water and contact your doctor regarding the same.
  • Do not drink alcohol while using this drug.
  • Even if you plan to purchase Nizral 2% cream online, first speak to your doctor.
  • Drug interaction has been seen. Using other drugs with this topical medicine may show some interaction, so avoid using other drugs while using this or contact your doctor regarding the same
  • Vitamins
  • Nutritional supplement
  • Herbal products

This may not be a complete list of drug interactions; consult your doctor if you take any prescribed or non-prescribed drugs before taking this medication.

Some common side effects of Nizral cream are itching, mild irritation, nausea, vomiting, hives, rash, headache, and dizziness. 

Some rare side effects can occur and make condition serious. These include fever, shortness of breath, blurred vision, chest tightness, reddening, blistering, peeling of the skin, burning off your skin. If experiences any of the above-listed side effects, then contact your doctor immediately.

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    Generic For : Aldactone
    Active Ingredients : Spironolactone
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    Generic For : Nizoral
    Active Ingredients : Ketoconazole
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    Generic For : Finacea Cream
    Active Ingredients : Azelaic Acid
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    Generic For : Avodart
    Active Ingredients : Dutasteride
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