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  1. Femilon 0.15mg
    Femilon (0.02+0.15)mg

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    Generic For : Mercilon
    Active Ingredients : Estradiol + Desofestrel
    21  Tablet/s
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  2. Yaz 0.02mg/3mg
    Yaz 0.02mg/3mg

    US$ 0.50

    US$ 0.50

    Generic For : Yaz
    Active Ingredients : Ethinylestradiol - Drospirenone
    28  Tablet/s
    US$ 14.00 US$ 33.03
  3. Dronis 20mg
    Dronis 3 mg .02 mg

    US$ 0.41

    Generic For : Yaz
    Active Ingredients : Drospirenone and Ethinyl Estradiol
    24  Tablet/s
    US$ 10.26
  4. Yasmin
    Yasmin 3mg

    US$ 0.71

    Generic For : Yasmin
    Active Ingredients : Drospirenone and Ethinyl Estradiol
    21  Tablet/s
    US$ 20.00
  5. Cerazette 0.075mg (75mcg)
    Cerazette 0.075mg (75mcg)
    Generic For : Cerazette
    Active Ingredients : Desogestrel
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  6. Nuvaring 2.7mg/ 11.2mg
    Nuvaring 2.7mg/ 11.2mg
    Generic For : Nuvaring
    Active Ingredients : Etonogestrel - ethinyl estradiol
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Every woman has the right to choose if and when she wants to become pregnant. If you have sex without birth control, then there is a risk of pregnancy. Birth control is any method that prevents pregnancy and plans the time of pregnancy. It is also known as contraception and fertility control. In the United States of America, over three million unplanned pregnancies take place every year. The underlying cause is either no use of birth control or incorrect use of birth control methods. It is very important to have good health before planning a pregnancy. Unexpected pregnancies especially in cases where women are suffering from Hypothyroidism, Diabetes, and other problems can really cause abnormalities in the baby. The birth control method gives women a chance to get healthy before conceiving. In developing countries, the use of contraceptives has decreased maternal death by 40 %. 

Need of Birth control

In modern time, one of the most important and fundamental problems in many countries are teenage sex. Research shows that teens are sexually active in high schools and put themselves at risk of pregnancy and other sexually transmitted diseases. There is an important need to discuss the use of contraceptives before any sexual activity.

It is always healthy for a woman to keep at least a gap of four years between the children. For the women’s health it is very important to lengthen the time between the two pregnancies. This thing is accomplished by the use of effective birth control methods. It helps to live a healthy and disease-free life as it prevents the invasion of sexually transmitted diseases (STD’S) in your body.

Birth control methods

One can avoid pregnancy by not having sexual intercourse or by using an apt birth control method. If you are sexually active then always be prepared to protect yourself and your future. Never have sex without using condoms. Even single intercourse can lead to unwanted pregnancy and STD’S. There is no best method of birth prevention. Each method has its own pros and cons. Selecting an apt birth control method includes various parameters such as:

  • Overall health and well being
  • How often you have sex 
  • The number of sexual partners
  • How effective is the method of prevention
  • Any potential side effects
  • Your comfort level

There are various private and confidential organizations that help and guide citizens on how to be sexual and responsible. One can take the help of a doctor as he will help you to find the best possible birth control method. There are various methods to avoid pregnancy and STD’s which can be classified as non-hormonal methods, hormonal methods, and emergency contraception.

Non Hormonal method

  • Male and female condoms prevent pregnancy by scavenging sperm so it can’t fertilize an egg. This is the most inexpensive and readily available method in the market. It offers 98% effectiveness in preventing pregnancy
  • Diaphragms and Cervical Caps are used to avoid pregnancy by blocking sperm from entering the cervix and thus preventing fertilization. If used correctly it is 94% effective
  • Spermicides are chemicals that kill sperm and are available in many forms such as creams, foams, gels, and tablets
  • Intrauterine Devices are generally inserted into the uterus by a physician. It could be hormonal and non-hormonal. It inhibits sperm movement by changing the lining of the uterus so that the egg doesn’t attach to it.

Hormonal methods

Oral contraceptives

Combined pills contain two hormones i.e. estrogen and a progestin. It avoids pregnancy by stopping the release of eggs by thickening cervical mucus and making it hard for an egg to attach and grow. Women who take them are less likely to have ovarian or uterine cancers. Ethinylestradiol – Drospirenone combination pills are available in the market. These are the most reliable methods of avoiding pregnancy.

Mini pill

It contains single hormone progestin in it. When you stop taking the mini pill your fertility returns quickly to whatever is normal for you. It is 99% effective in preventing pregnancy.

Birth control patch

The patch comprises estrogen and progestin which are released through the skin into the bloodstream and avoid pregnancy. Its mode of action is exactly the same as of combined birth pill

Birth control shot

It is an injection consisting of progestin and estrogen hormones. It is taken within 5 days after you get the first period and then repeatedly after every 3 months. Your ability to get pregnant returns to whatever is normal for you about 9 to12 months after your last injection

Hormonal Intrauterine devices (IUD)

It is 100 % effective in preventing pregnancy. IUD is inserted into the uterus by a physician and it doesn’t allow the sperm to enter the cervix. It contains progestin and provides protection against pregnancy for 5 years.

Emergency contraception

It can safely prevent pregnancy after unprotected sexual intercourse and is usually opted for when the contraceptive method fails and in case of forced sex or rape. Morning-after pills and copper IUDs are two emergency contraceptives available. The first one is taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex and the later one can be taken after 120 hours. It is 100% effective in preventing pregnancy.

Family planning

Family planning is the safest way to avoid pregnancy. This involves abstaining from sex during a woman's most fertile days. This method isn’t as effective as prescription birth control and doesn't offer any protection from sexually transmitted infections. Most teenage pregnancies are unplanned. Generally, they don’t want to shatter their image in front of their parents but it is the prime duty of the parents to educate them about the future impacts of unsafe sex in their lives. If you're having trouble talking to your teen about contraception, ask your physician for help. He or she may offer advice on how to talk to your teen and accurately answer questions about contraception.

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What is the best birth control pill?

The combination pill using two hormones, estrogen, and progestin, to prevent ovulation is about 99% effective. With typical use, it is about 99% effective.   

Can I take Birth control pills every day?

A birth control pill is safe if your health care specialist prescribes it.

What not to take when taking birth control pills?

Certain things that may make birth control pills effective include antibiotics, herbal remedies, late injections, and forgetting the pill.

How many birth control pills do I need to take effect?

Birth control pills work fast and protect against pregnancy after two consecutive pills mean protection for 48 hours. If you don't want to wait for 48 hours before having intercourse, use another contraceptive method in the meantime.                                                       

Is contraceptive pills 100% safe?

The pill is 99% effective if you use it properly. But not everyone is perfect, and it's easy to forget or miss pills, so this way, they are considered 93% effective. This means about 7 out of a hundred birth control pill users get pregnant yearly.  

Do birth control pills cause weight gain?

This is a temporary side effect due to fluid retention. Research studies show no evidence that birth control pills cause weight gain in most females. And in some cases, weight gain is generally minimal and resolves within 2 to 3 months.  

Can contraceptive pills cause infertility problems in women?

Hormonal contraceptive pills don't cause infertility, regardless of your method or length of use. They are designed to delay your fertility and prevent pregnancy temporarily. Once you stop taking this medication, your fertility levels return to normal.  

Do birth control pills grow breast size?

Taking the pill can stimulate breasts to grow. However, the growth is slight. Within a few months of taking the pill or after stopping the medicine, breasts generally return to their normal size.    

Do birth control pills affect periods?

Generally, women taking contraceptive pills will have menstrual periods every month.  

What is the best time to take a birth control pill?

You can take the birth control pill as soon as you get it, anytime during your menstrual cycle. But when you will be protected from unwanted pregnancy depends on when you start and what kind of pill you use. One needs to use another form of birth control method as a backup for up to a week.  

Which is the best place to buy birth control pills?

Reliabelrxpharmacy is a reputable website that provides authentic medicine online. Order online and get the fastest home delivery at your doorstep.  

How do I get contraceptive pills?

For safe usage, get a prescription from a doctor or a gynaecologist to buy contraceptive pills that suit your body.     

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