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US Brand Name Ciplox
Strength 0.3% - 10 ml
Generic Name Ciprofloxacin

Ciplox eye drops

Ciprofloxacin hydrochloride belongs to fluoroquinolone class of antibiotics. Ciprofloxacin HCl is a synthetic and sterile antimicrobial agent used against a wide range of gram positive and gram negative bacteria. Specifically, it is active against gram negative bacteria species like Salmonella, Shigella, Campylobacter, Neisseria and pseudomonas.

Ciprofloxacin like other antibiotics stops the multiplication of bacteria and causes death of the bacteria. It is available on our website in the ophthalmic dosage form i.e. eye drops.

Understanding the ailment it is used for:

Ciprofloxacin HCL is a potent antibiotic that is widely employed in various below listed indications:

  • Bacterial conjunctivitis
  • Corneal ulcers

Understanding the drug Ciprofloxacin:

How it works?

Ciprofloxacin hydrochloride antibiotic is known to prevent the bacterial growth and replication by inhibiting a very important enzyme called DNA gyrase. This DNA gyrase enzyme plays a very important role in replication of bacterial cell. Hence this inhibits the growth and causes bacterial death.

When should you avoid it?

You should not take if you:

  • Are allergic to ciprofloxacin
  • Are prone to allergies
  • Are allergic to Nalidixic acid or other quinolones
  • Are younger than 1 year

What are the strengths available?

This drug is available on our website in the following strength preparations:

  • Ciplox 3 ml

Who is the manufacturer?

Ciplox is manufactured by Cipla Pharmaceuticals private limited, a popular pharmaceutical giant. It is available on website in packs of 1, 3 and 6 eye drops.

How much to use?

The usual recommended dosage intake is decided by the doctor itself. He assesses the condition and recommends the best therapeutic dose for you. Always take the medicine as prescribed by the doctor.

How to take?

Always take the medicine as prescribed by your doctor. The general way of taking eye drops are as follows:

  • Wash your hands well before you use the drops.
  • Remove the cap.
  • Tilt your head back a little and pull the lower lid of your eye downwards to form a pocket.
  • Hold the bottle upside down near to your eye. Try not to touch your eye as you do this.
  • Apply enough pressure to the bottle to release one drop into your eye.
  • Close your eye for a minute or two, and press gently on the side of your nose where the corner of your eye meets your nose. This helps to stop the drop from draining away and keeps it in your eye.
  • Repeat the process in your other eye if you have been told to use the drops in both eyes.
  • Replace the cap

When to take?

Always take the medicine as instructed by the Doctor or Pharmacist. Don’t consume the medicine in a greater amount.  The dose intake varies from patient to patient. So, doctor will recommend the best therapeutic dose for you. Generally, instil one or two drops in the affected eye after every 2 hours and eventually it can be adjusted depending upon the clinical response.  Always take the medicine as prescribed by the doctor.

For how long should it be taken?

Take the medicine as long as recommended by the Doctor. Always ask the doctor before stopping the intake of the drug.

What if you take too much (overdose)?

If overdose, immediately consult with your concerned doctor. Take medical help as soon as possible if you encounter any bizarre reaction.

What if you miss the dose?

Try to take the medicine at the same time each day. This reduces the chances of missing dose. Talk to your Doctor if you miss the dose. Don’t double up the dose in order to catch up with the previous one.

What are the side effects?

Every medicine shows some side effects, same way this drug also have some undesired effects with it. Ciprofloxacin HCl shows side effects such as:

  • Mild itching, burning sensation in and around eyes
  • Vision changes, pain in eyes and increased sensitivity
  • Puffy eyes
  • Skin rashes
  • Nausea and unpleasant taste in mouth
  • Oozing of eyelids or eyes
  • Blurred vision
  • Dry or watery eyes

Are there any possible drug interactions?

Always inform your doctor about the drugs you are taking till date. Give a complete list of prescription or non prescription drugs and any other disease conditions. This way, doctor is able to decide and give you the list of drugs and other things that may interact with Ciprofloxacin. Drugs listed below may interact with Ciprofloxacin Hydrochloride and can hinder its normal functioning:

  • Theophylline
  • Cyclosporine
  • Warfarin
  • Other eye antibiotics

What are the things to be taken care of?

  • Always take the medicine as per prescription
  • Don’t use the expired drug
  • Don’t share your medicine with anybody, even if they have the same symptoms
  • Don’t drive or involve yourself in any such activity that requires mental alertness
  • Always inform your doctor if you are suffering from any other eye problems
  • Always store the medicine at the room temperature and away from moisture, heat and light
  • Consult with your pharmacist about the proper disposal of the drug
  • Keep a complete record of all the medicines you are taking along with this medicine
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