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SKU 1093
US Brand Name Lamisil
Strength 250mg
Generic Name Terbinafine HCl
Manufacturer Sun Pharma Medisales Pvt Ltd., India

Sebifin 250 mg contains the active substance Terbinafine hydrochloride, a class of medicines known as antifungals. It treats fungal infections of the fingernails and toenails. Your doctor will perform certain tests to check you for fungal infections of your nails before you start a Terbinafine formulation. Sebifin 250 tablets effectively treat fungal infections of the nail and may be used for certain skin infections caused by a fungus that does not respond to topical treatment. Book an appointment with a doctor to confirm which type of fungal skin infection you have. Your doctor will decide if this antifungal agent is the right medicine for you. The treatment should begin only under a doctor’s supervision. Some symptoms of infection may still be remaining at the end of the treatment. This will gradually diminish with the continuous use of this antifungal drug as prescribed by the doctor. Terbinafine, the active constituent of the drug, is believed to interfere with the production of a substance called ergosterol that the fungus requires to grow and causes a build-up of another substance in the cells. Both these activities ultimately lead to the death of the fungus, and thus elimination of infection takes place.

To help clear your infection completely, keep taking Sebifin 250 tablets for the prescribed time, even if your symptoms begin to reside or you begin to feel better. Follow your doctor’s advice while taking Sebifin 250.

Do not use Sebifin 250 mg tablets if you are allergic to Terbinafine or any other ingredients in this formulation. Avoid using this antifungal agent if you have active or chronic liver disease. Serious and life-threatening cases of liver failure, including death or requiring a liver transplant, have been reported in patients suffering with or without pre-existing chronic or liver disorders receiving Sebifin tablets. Before using this antifungal drug, talk to your doctor if you have kidney disorders, blood diseases, serious skin reactions or alcohol drug abuse. If you have a high fever or a sore throat, your doctor will check your blood function. Tell your doctor if you have a rash, red skin, blistering, skin peeling, psoriasis, or poor kidney function. If a weak immune system is presumed, your doctor will perform a blood count after six weeks of Sebifin use. This terbinafine formulation may affect the way the liver removes certain medicines from the body. You must take specials care if you take medicines used for tuberculosis, bowel disease, heart problems, and fungal infections. Medicines that Terbinafine infects include medicines used to treat Parkinson's disease, antidepressants, and anti-hypertensive agents.

The common side effects of Sebifin 250 mg are bloated stomach, decreased appetite, diarrhoea, urticaria, stomach pain, feeling sick, Indigestion, and arthralgia. Other side effects include fatigue, loss of appetite, headache, and malaise. If there are severe changes in your blood count or worsening skin reactions during the treatment, you must stop taking this antifungal drug.

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    Generic For : Lamisil
    Active Ingredients : Terbinafine HCl
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