Does Acidity Cause Migraine

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Research suggests that there may be a connection between migraine headaches and gastrointestinal problems. People with frequent headaches are more prone to develop gut stomach issues. Headache is common ailments, and most people suffer from a headache at some point or another. The causes of migraine headaches include stress, allergy, high or low blood pressure. Another reason for a headache could be acidity. You might not know that excess acid in your stomach could give you a headache. Apart from headache, acidity cause inflammation along with pain and discomfort in the stomach. Other common symptoms of acidity include heartburn and chest pain.

You might be aware of the symptoms of gastrointestinal reflux disease (GERD), which includes heartburn, bitter taste in mount and chest pain. But many people suffering from GERD also report of migraine headaches. Their headache bouts often get worse when they are also experiencing heartburn. For a headache due to acidity, it is not advisable to take medicines for migraine as these have side effects. You can try these home remedies treat headache due to acidity:

  1. Eucalyptus oil- Eucalyptus is known to have a calming effect, and its oil help reduces the pain by relaxing the strained muscles. You need to apply it on your head for at least 15 tok20 minutes to get the most out of it.
  2. Cinnamon- Another effective remedy for headache. What you all need to do is soak some cinnamon sticks into the water for a few seconds. Make a thick paste by adding few drops of water. Apply the paste on your forehead and let it stay for half an hour. Once you wash it off, you will get relief from headache.
  3. Lemon- Lemon has the property to balance the acid-alkaline of the body. Squeeze one lemon into a glass of lukewarm water, mix it well and drink it. The lemon water helps reduces the severity of headache caused by excess acid in your stomach. The lemon mixture will also help with your acid reflux.
  4. Buttermilk and coriander juice- Mix half a glass of buttermilk with coriander juice and drink the mixture to get relief from headache and acidity.

These home remedies followed by healthy lifestyle habits are worth trying before restoring medicines for migraines or acid reducers for acid reflux.

However, if you are not getting the relief from these natural remedies, you can switch to acid reducers to get rid of acid reflux. It is wise to consult a physician before taking acid reducers to reduce acid reflux symptoms.

Do POTS explain the relation between Acid reflux and your migraines?

Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome is POTS, which is an autonomic condition a very less amount of blood returns to the when an individual stands ups from lying position. This may increase the risk of gastrointestinal issues like GERD. So, if you are diagnosed with POTS, you may be likely to suffer from GERD, and you will also have headaches that may worsen whenever you get an acid reflux bout. POTS is common in both men and women and is likely to affect people with the age of 15 to 50, immediately after major surgery, trauma, or a viral infection. However, it is not always the situation that people who suffer from GERD and also have headaches will necessarily be a victim of POTS.

Factors affecting the production of stomach acid

Stomach acid is crucial for breaking down food, thus aiding digestion. Factors that affect the production of acid in the stomach include:

  1. Poor diet- Consuming processed foods and refined sugars can cause inflammation and an increase in the production of stress hormones. Eating a low carb diet, rich in antioxidants can help you get normal stomach acid levels.
  2. Eating too quickly- Research suggests that no chewing our food adequately not only leave us hungry but also elevate the production of stress hormone in the body, which further obstruct the stomach acid production.
  3. Use of antibiotics- Antibiotic treatment can disturb our digestive system, causing inflammation and indigestion along with other gastrointestinal issues. Overuse of antibiotics, aspirin, and ibuprofen are responsible for wearing down the stomach lining and reduce the formation of HCL (an essential component in stomach acid).
  4. Food sensitives- We must identify those foods that do not agree with our digestive tract well and cause discomfort in the stomach. Common offenders include dairy, peanuts, corn, gluten, etc. it would be best to avoid such foods as they may interfere with the production of stomach acid.

One should understand the fact that insufficient stomach acid may lead to acid reflux or heartburn. If you are suffering from acid reflux, try acid reducers to get rid of a headache caused by acid reflux disease. Avoid taking medicines for migraine unless you have not consulted a doctor or a physician.

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Side Effects of a Migraine

By Steve Marc

Most people don’t even realize how a migraine painaffect their overall health. Besides a headache, you may have a sensitivity to light, noise, and smells. You may have blurred vision or may see dots or wavy lines. You may also experience nausea and fatigue. Let’s have a look how a migraine turns from just headaches to life aches.

Impact of a Migraine

Beside from headaches, migraine hurt these things:

  • Legs- According to a clinical research study, one in six migraine patients were reported to have restless leg syndrome during a migraine attack. Restless leg syndrome is an irresistible urge to move legs and it is most likely to happen when you are trying to sleep. The condition causes your legs to feel creeping, throbbing, or prickling.
  • Heart- According to the research study, people having migraine are more likely to die from a heart attack, stroke, or heart disease.  Research studies revealed the link between heart problems and migraines. If a person is already suffering from heart disease, then the condition becomes worse for people experience a migraine painwith aura.
  • Mental Health- Any type of pain can be depressing. A migraine and depression are interconnected, head pain can make the patient depressed which can exacerbate the pain. Anxiety also attacks migraine sufferers as they constantly have a fear of occurring a migraine episode. Stress from anxiety is found to be one of the major triggers of a migraine.
  • Sleep Pattern- taking adequate sleep helps migraines but who can sleep when the migraine level makes it nearly impossible to get that shut-eye. A research study reveals that the lack of sleep could bring on a migraine. Insomnia and migraines linked in a way that curing one problem can bring relief in the other condition.
  • Muscles- in a survey, muscle weakness came up as a complaint of migraine sufferers. Many participants in the survey reported having body aches and tight muscles as a result of a migraine. Many reported that their migraine makes it harder to exercise, preventing them from getting to the gym and being a trigger for a migraine attack, resulting in muscle weakness.
  • Daily Routine- According to studies, many migraine sufferers altered their daily routine to avoid the suspected cause of a migraine. For some, avoiding triggers means skipping a gym session, or avoiding a glass of wine or skipping a movie night. Sleep problems, certain strong odors, bright lights, weather, and stress are the most commonly reported triggers of a migraine.
  • Love Life- According to studies, about 90% of migraine sufferers believed that their migraine hurt their relationship status. Migraine cause a kind of burden on caregivers and migraine sufferers feels terrible about the fact, which causes a migraine patient to withdraw from emotional and physical contact from their loved ones. This condition only worsens the pain. A study found that having sex during a migraine can provide relief from migraine symptoms.

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  • Social Life- Migraine sufferers must turn down fun plans many times because of their throbbing pain. According to a migraine survey in America, two-thirds of migraine sufferers reported having a migraine that lasted for five days or even more. Such people are more worried about disappointing others because of their debilitating pain. Many were even embarrassed and tried to hide their migraine from their family and friends.
  • Hobbies- Most people are excited by a change in the weather, but for migraine sufferers, a slight change in the atmosphere could trigger severe pain.
  • Professional Life- because of the chronic pain, a migraine sufferer has to stop working, too leave or reduce their work hours due to the illness which reduces productivity. A migraine is believed to interfere with job training and schooling of a migraine sufferer.
  • Finances- Migraine medications are not cheap, expensive medicines for migraine pain are available to manage the symptoms. Try to get the best medicine for a migraine.

Natural Ways to Reduce Migraine Symptoms

By Stella Green

Migraines can be unbearable and disturbing. They not only cause throbbing pain in your head but may also make you feel uneasy and nauseated. However, taking medical help generally helps to improve the condition and allow you to live a normal life. Therefore, it is important to take medical assistance to significantly reduce migraine pain along with certain natural remedies.

About Migraine

A migraine is generally described as an episodic headache that can be disabling. It affects one half of the head during an attack. It is estimated that around 28 million people in the USA required migraine remedies to treat their headaches. Furthermore around 18.2% of females and 6.5% of males having at least one migraine attack per year. About 53% of those individuals who are suffering from a migraine reported to experience a severe disability that they need bed rest during an attack, so home remedies for such patients are essential to dependable treatment. During a migraine, the pain is throbbing or pulsing with a tendency to become a continuous ache.

Here are some natural things that are recommended as effective migraine remedies. The natural ways for migraine relief are recommended by keeping in mind that every patient with a migraine is different and requires individualized therapy. A migraine requires periodic monitoring and medical supervision is recommended along with the use of these natural pain relievers.

  • Drink water- Sometimes inadequate hydration may also contribute to a headache. In fact, dehydration is believed to be the common cause of tension headaches and migraines. Thankfully, by drinking water, one can relieve headache symptoms within 30 minutes to three hours. Dehydration can also affect your concentration level and cause irritability, which makes your symptoms become worse. So to keep you away from dehydration effects, make sure you drink enough water throughout the day and eat water containing foods.
  • Include ginger in your diet- According to the research; ginger can significantly reduce the severity and frequency of a migraine. It may also have other benefits. Choose to drink ginger tea to help you get rid of nausea associated with a migraine.
  • Go with magnesium-rich foods- The deficiency of magnesium is linked to headaches and migraines. Studies revealed that magnesium oxide supplements are helpful in preventing migraines with aura. It also helps in preventing menstrual-related migraines in women. You can get magnesium from foods such as almonds, cashews, oatmeal, Brazil nuts, sunflower seeds, peanut butter, sunflower seeds, eggs, and sesame seeds.
  • Reap the benefits of the antioxidant properties of peppermint- Numerous studies show the benefits of peppermint when it comes to reducing the severity and duration of a migraine. The fragrance of peppermint help relieves headaches and soothe your nerves. You can either sip freshly brewed peppermint tea, smell fresh peppermint leave, or massage your head with its oil.
  • Use Lavender Oil- By inhaling lavender oil, you can ease migraine pain. According to a research study that took place in 2012, people who inhaled lavender oil once they got a migraine attack experienced quick relief than those who did not inhale. You can either inhale it directly or apply to the temple area.
  • Give a try to acupressure- Applying pressure with the fingers and hands to specific points on the body can help you relieve migraine symptoms. Acupressure is an effective alternative therapy for people in pain from chronic headaches and other health conditions. It also has the potential to relieve migraine-associated nausea, a study suggests.
  • Perform yoga- Yoga involves, breathing, meditation, and body postures help maintain a healthy body. Many research studies show that yoga is beneficial in relieving frequency, duration, and intensity of migraines. It is believed to release tension in a migraine affected areas and improve the overall health.
  • Get sound sleep- Too much or little sleep can worsen your symptoms. So it is necessary to take 7 to 8-hour A quality sleep is required to distance yourself from migraine pain.

These are some natural ways to reduce a migraine and improve the overall well being. By following these remedies along with medical treatment, one can lower his/her risk of getting a migraine attack and live a quality life.

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