Does Smoking Cause Hair Fall?

By Moiz


Various research studies have linked smoking to hair fall, mostly due to the adverse effects of it is believed to have on the hair growth cycle. Smoking is thought to worsen blood circulation and leech essential nutrients from the blood. Let’s have a closer look at the side effects of smoking.

We know that cigarette smoking causes a whole lot of health issues including poor oral health, yellowing of nails and a host of other physical problems. Smoking can be one of the major causes of a lot of health problems, but can it cause you to lose hair on top of anything else? Let’s look at some facts to see if nicotine is one of the causes of hair loss or is it just another myth.


Can smoking triggers hair loss

Hair loss is a common problem that affects men all over the world, affecting 40% of men by the time they are 35 and up to 60% by the time when they are 60 years of age. These data results are related to male pattern baldness which is associated with genetics and sometimes lifestyle factors. Hair growth depends on the hair growth cycle, which consists of four phases, anagen (growth), catagen (transitional), telogen (resting), and exogen (shedding) phase. Disruption of any phase may lead to hair fall. We bring you the best expert to advice on how smoking causes hair loss and how you can avoid further damaging your hair. Let’s start to see how smoking triggers causes of hair loss.

Hair loss can happen for a vast range of reasons, let’s have a look at the ones that fasten the side effects of smoking

  • Inadequate blood flow- Hair follicles require oxygen, minerals, and other essential nutrients to produce healthy hair. Cigarette smoke contains toxic chemicals that can affect blood circulation, shrink blood vessels and reduce blood flow. The hair growth cycle is interrupted when the hair follicle doesn’t receive an adequate amount of blood for nourishment. As mentioned above the hair growth cycles ha four phases, any interruption to this cycle can result in significant hair loss.  When hair follicles are devoid of the require blood flow, they are unable to produce hair at the same pace as it used to earlier. If by chance new hair appears, they will have weakened roots and tend to breakage.
  • Bacteria and infections can easily penetrate the weakened immune system- A weakened immune system. Smoking can damage your immune system, which can give rise to infections, diseases, or illness that cause thinning of hair or even hair loss. Weakened ability to fight against diseases will attract foreign bodies to host over your scalp, develop bacterial or fungal infections which prevent them from producing healthy hair.
  • Environmental factors- Besides from inhaling cigarettes smoke, smoking at home or in a car with the windows rolled can be creating environmental pollution, which can harm your hair follicles. Many research has also linked thinning of hair with environmental factors. Pollution can worsen genetic hair loss and the presence of carcinogens in cigarette smoke can affect the working mechanism that produces the hair protein.
  • Genetic triggers- Studies have found that smoking can exacerbate genetic hair loss.  There is evidence that shows that polluted air can trigger irreversible hair loss in some men and women. You might be thinking that everyone is exposed to pollution equally, but why only you are affected by hair loss.  Harmful toxins released in the form of smoke and ash of cigarettes contribute to pollutants in one or other way affecting the lives of other people too.

The best way to reverse this side effect of smoking is to quit the bad habit. Once you stop exposing your hair to the harmful toxins in cigarettes, your hair should start growing again. However, quitting smoking can be a difficult task as its highly addictive. It can take several tries to give up the bad habit. Fortunately, there are hair loss solutions that can help prevent thinning of hair restore your hair growth. Explore your option at It is a chance for you to explore your options safely.

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Quit smoking to recover hair loss

Overcoming smoking addiction is not easy, but that doesn’t mean it is impossible. According to experts, smokers are most successful at kicking the bad habit when they have support. Here are some tips that can help you quit smoking and prevent further hair loss.

  • Counselling– A counsellor can help when you decide to quit smoking. He/she support you during your fight against nicotine addiction and help you show you the right path towards leading a healthy life.
  • Nicotine replacement therapy (NRTs) – Nicotine replacement therapy, including nicotine tablets, gums, and body patches are good treatment options for those who smoke and struggle with quitting? This treatment approach helps control cravings and increase your chances of quitting.
  • Prescription medicines- Many people approach for medical help, which is fine. One should choose a treatment option that suits their condition. Several medications are available in the market that helps recover from smoking.
  • Family support- Family and friends can provide the support mechanism required to quit smoking. With their support, you can quit smoking and prevent hair damage.

Fight smoking that triggers hair loss. Maintaining good health and diet is also very important when it comes to restoring hair health. Eat healthily, include eggs, meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, and fibre rich foods to your diet. Stay hydrated throughout the day, by drinking at least 7 to 8 glasses of water. A healthy scalp will produce healthy hair, make sure the scalp receives an adequate amount of nutrients and minerals to support hair growth. Don’t let smoking take away your precious strands. Switch to nicotine-free life, avoid consumption via cigarettes or tobacco. Make a healthy start by quitting smoking today.

Tips to Quit Smoking for Better Health

By Moiz

Almost everyone knows the effects of smoking, but many people still smoke, why is that so? The answer is an addiction. Once you begin smoking, it is hard to quit this bad habit because the cigarette is made up of tobacco which contains nicotine, a highly addictive agent. The body or mind of a smoker becomes used to nicotine, and he/she needs to have it to feel normal.

Smoking is dangerous to health; it can lead to several health complications, including asthma, heart disease, and lung cancer. There are numerous reasons to quit smoking, doing it will automatically reduce the risk of these health problems. Quitting smoking makes your breath smell better. But despite all the warnings, millions of people continue to smoke because it is hard to break the habit. Quitting can be hard, but not an impossible thing. Once you stop smoking, you will find that your energy levels and breathing have improved. Just a week after quitting, your risk of stroke, heart attack, and care will significantly drop. Furthermore, men will find back the lost erection power. For all smokers, it is the time to quit smoking now. One can increase the chances of success with these following tips:

  • Mental preparation is necessary- The first and foremost thing is that you should be mentally prepared; you need to want to quit. Some people make multiple attempts to quit smoking, but they fail because they are not mentally ready to do the job. Think, why you want to quit. Do you want to become a parent? Did you just want to get rid of smoking-related illness? Or just tired of smoking control your life? Identifying the real reason will help you quit and stick to the quitting plan for a long term, ultimately achieving the goal of smoking cessation.
  • Set a quit date- Several strategies can help smokers to give up. From selecting a quit date and throwing away all cravings, and replacing them with good habits like playing outdoors, reading, and meditation, etc., there are many ways to stop smoking. Setting a quitting date and putting in writing will help you adhere to the action plan. Set a date that is not too far in the future. This will help you stop smoking.
  • Get a friend– like having a partner during your exercise training program increases your likely hood of adhering to your fitness goals, finding someone with similar quitting goals can not only help you to stick to the action plan but also help you quit successfully. Make a partner who wants to quit and support each other in adopting a good habit.

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  • Learn to reduce stress- Stress is considered as the most common triggers for cigarette cravings. Finding the right method to deal with stress will help you protect against those nicotine pangs. You can start by practicing yoga, meditation, or get counselling to cope up with stress. Whenever you feel stressed, focus on your breathing, practice deep breathing at the very moment. This can help you improve your mood when you are overwhelmed.
  • Get counselling- Talk to a health care professional about quitting. Your health care provider will refer you to a certified counselor who can guide you through the process of recognizing the triggers to offering support whenever you needed during the program. Numerous clinical research studies suggest that counselling and follow up treatments improves quit rates.
  • Find nicotine replacement therapy- Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) is a proven way to increase the likelihood of success. You can go with nicotine gums, patches, and lozenges to help stop cigarette cravings. Buy quit smoking products to curb your cigarette cravings. NRT offers distractions from the oral fixation that comes with smoking. You can disrupt the oral aspect of your smoking by chewing nicotine gums or by using patches.

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Medications that can help you Quit Smoking

By Stella Green

Smoking is one of the major cause of death in the US and is a direct cause of cancer, lung, and heart disease. Quitting smoking is tough, what people can do to quit?

Well, everyone knows that smoking is injurious to health and it can take your life also if you don’t control this habit before it gets too late. In general, the smokers attempt some amazing tricks to get rid of this habit but if you are the one who has tried and tested all the tricks and still found yourself unable to quit then go for the medications. Yes, quit smoking products online including Chantix and Champix can help people to quit smoking. Consult your physician today to start this course.

The treatment approach for quitting smoking

If you have decided to part your ways from smoking, you are stepping towards a longer and healthier life span.  Behavioral strategies and medication can help you achieve the goals, but what works best is a combination of both. Behavioral strategies including social support, or counseling from a physician. If a smoker has an underlying issue like anxiety, depression, excessive alcohol consumption, or use of illegal drugs, addressing these issues will increase the chances of a patient to successfully quit. Medications that can help to quit include nicotine replacement therapy and oral treatments such as Chantix (varenicline). Each one of is recommended for about twelve weeks.

Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT)

Nicotine replacement therapy includes chewing gums, patches, and lozenges. According to health care experts, it is absolutely safe to use more than one type of NRT at the same time. Experts suggest that a combination of NRT is more effective than a single form of NRT alone. NRT helps smokers to adjust nicotine intake, to avoid withdrawal symptoms and nicotine overdose.

Nicotine patches- those who smoke more than ten cigarettes per day should start with the highest dose patch for at least a period of six weeks. On the other hand, those who smoke less than ten cigarettes per day should start with the medium dose patch for six weeks. The treatment should be followed by 7mg/day for two weeks. It is also important to apply the patch appropriately. To avoid skin irritation, it is necessary to change the patch site regularly. If you experience insomnia and vivid dreams with the patch on, take it immediately and replace it the next morning. If the patch is removed at night, nicotine cravings may occur the next morning. In such case, use lozenges or gum while waiting for the new nicotine patch to exert its effect.

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Nicotine gum and Lozenges- For someone who smokes more than 25 cigarettes daily, 4 mg is the recommended dose. Those who smoke less than this should use 2 mg dose. Whenever you feel the urge to smoke, chew a piece of gum for six weeks. You have to chew the gum until the nicotine taste appears in your mouth. Keep the gum between your teeth and cheeks until the taste goes away. Then chew for few more minutes to get more nicotine. Repeat the process and then throw the gum by the time all the nicotine has been released.

Nicotine lozenge works best for those who have dental issues. Place one lozenge in the mouth for half an hour, let it melt, you should not chew it. Use it one lozenge every one to two hours for six weeks.

Oral treatment that can help you quit

Clinical studies have shown that prescription medications such as Champix and Chantix extremely effective and safe for patients who want to quit smoking. Both Champix and Chantix contains Varenicline as the active ingredient, which is considered as the most effective agent and is absolutely safe even for patients with psychiatric issues.

For successful quitting, take the medication for at least one week before you even try to quit. NRT and varenicline can help you smoke less and improve the chance of quitting. The oral treatment is also effective for those who are not ready to quit. The medications are clinically tested, and customer verified when it is used for smoking cessation. It is a safer idea for the smoker who is unable to attempt or unwilling to quit smoking.

If you are considering the idea of quitting, there are numerous effective and safe quit smoking products online that can be purchased according to your convenience.

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