Few Tips to Choose a Wise Doctor for Your Skin Disease

By Moiz

Skin is a sensitive part of our body, so, if you experience any skin disease, you should consult a doctor before taking a treatment yourself. Development of a skin problem is very common, but the question is that how you treat it and whom you consult for that. These days it has become very easy to buy skin care products online, and expert advice is also available under your fingertips. An expert advice is essential to take care of your skin,while just taking any skin care products could go against the skin’s sensitivity. So, how you select your doctor and what kind of things you take care when visiting a doctor? Even if you find a generic medicine online at a low cost, it is not necessarily beneficial for your skin.

Experts advise some useful tips to deal with a skin problem. You also have to understand how to consider those tips given by the dermatologists in order to treat the skin condition in a better way.

Understand the difference between a dermatologist and cosmetologist:

You have to ensure whether you want to consult a dermatologist or a cosmetologist. A dermatologist is actually an expert who can treat a skin problem through medication. He does not perform any skin surgery, whereas a cosmetologist has expertise in surgeries to improve the natural beauty of the skin. So, if your skin problem occurs because of the internal factors then a surgery is helpful to rectify it.

Know about the history of your doctor:

It is better to have an understanding about the history and track record of your doctor; otherwise, you may end up consulting a novice or unperfect expert. Search about the previous achievements of your doctor to see whether he or she is actually capable to understand your skin problem and diagnose it perfectly. You can also inquire about the medications and how to buy skin care products online to use them under prescription. It gives you a fair idea that you are really at the hands of an experienced doctor.

Listen to your doctor carefully:

It is important to listen to your doctor carefully whenever dealing with a health condition. It works in two ways as you are able to follow the prescription strictly and you can clear your doubts regarding the consequences of the medication. In this way, if you are supposed to buy generic medicine online, you know why it is important and what kind of side effects it might render.

Clear your doubts before starting medication:

If you have any doubts regarding your skin problem as well as its causes and remedies, it is better to have unambiguous information of all these aspects before starting a medication. In this regard, your doctor is the best teacher who can clear your doubts. So, discuss your queries with your doctor and be content with the right information.

Take an appointment to meet your doctor:

You have to be prepared to meet your doctor. Take an appointment with your doctor so that you have enough time to explain your problem and discuss the history of your skin condition. The inspection of a skin condition may take a bit longer process, so give your doctor that much time to assess the problem and then write a correct prescription.

Check the availability of the doctor:

A medical consultation is not a job to do in hurry. Therefore, check the availability of your doctor and take a good time slot for the meeting. If your doctor oversees various offices in a day, check properly if he is available at your time.

Consultation in an emergency situation:

Sometimes you may have to call your doctor in an emergency situation. Therefore, check if your doctor is ready to spare his time to take your case. Also, check if any of his assistants are available to consider your case in a crisis condition. If you are confused where to buy skin care products online or offline, your doctor can give you an appropriate advice.

Few Effective Breathing Exercises to Aid Asthma Treatment

By Stella Green

Do you breathe well? Yes, when we say breath well it means you inhale sufficient and clean air to survive. At a time when every other person seems to have developed a breathing problem or asthma, you cannot take your respiration lightly. Look at those who are suffering from asthma, they experience breathing shortness continuously. Medication and breathing exercises are advised to consider for opening up the airways and improving your respiration. Nowadays, it has become very easy to buy asthma medication or access to any generic medicine online. There are some effective breathing exercises advised to asthma patients that would help them breathe well.

Consider breathing exercises for smooth respiration:

Usually, we take medications like inhaled corticosteroids for the treatment of asthma. There is no problem in taking medicines but you can take some breathing exercises all along to open up the airways and make your breathing easier and smoother. Initially, asthma patients were suggested to avoid deep breathing exercises as they were supposed to harm airways. Now, experts find no problem in breathing exercises as they help you get rid of asthma.

There are some effective breathing exercises suggested to asthma patients. These exercises are easy to perform and can help you in the asthma treatment. Here is a brief description of some of those exercises.

 Diaphragmatic breathing:

Also known as deep breathing or eupnea (scientifically), diaphragmatic breathing is done by contracting the diaphragm, a dome-shaped muscle horizontally located below your lungs between the thoracic cavity and the abdominal cavity. In this type of breathing, you take a breath to let air enter the lungs. With this exercise, you can strengthen your diaphragm. Diaphragmatic breathing is taken in a state of relaxation when you lie on your back. Put a pillow under the knees and keep hands on your stomach. It is commonly practiced by the people suffering from the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease to improve respiratory muscle and cardiorespiratory function. If you are needed to buy asthma medication or take an asthma treatment, you should also take this home method to reduce the breathing problem.

Nasal Breathing:

Nasal breathing is safer and better than mouth breathing. It is also helpful in combating asthma symptoms. You can filter dust particles and other pollutants through nasal breathing so that airways are not harmed. Moreover, nasal breathing is helpful in adding warmth and humidity to the air so that the intensity of asthma is lowered. Even if you are going to buy generic medicine online or over-the-counter, nasal breathing is always helpful in the asthma treatment.

Take the Papworth method:

The Papworth method of breathing combines various types of breathing and body relaxation techniques. In this method, you have to breathe slowly and steadily through the nose to take air to the lungs. It also helps to de-stress your body through easy breathing and improve respiration.

Buteyko breathing:

Buteyko breathing technique is a form of physical therapy that helps in the diagnosis of breathing problem or asthma. This technique was introduced by the Ukrainian doctor Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko and got popularity during the 1950s. There is a series of breathing exercises under this method that helps you get rid of breathing shortness. It focuses on the exercise of nasal-breathing, breath-holding, and body relaxation. Buteyko breathing ensures you take slower but deeper breath to reduce the impact of asthma.

Pursed lip breathing:

Pursed lip breathing is very effective in relieving breathing shortness. In this method, you take a breath through the nose while keeping your mouth closed. You have to release air through the slightly open mouth. Asthma patients have to take long breathes for a while in the sitting position.

Yoga breathing:

Yoga is an excellent exercise that combines deep breathing to comfort your body. It is helpful to reduce asthma’s symptoms by cleaning your bronchial airways with deep breathing. Moreover, yoga can improve the lung function with every session.

Medication for asthma treatment:

It is not that every case of asthma requires you to buy asthma medication but the mild problems can be diagnosed through deep breathing exercises. The facility of e-commerce has made it easy to buy generic medicine online at a reasonable cost, but you should take a prescription prior to taking it to avoid any unwanted side effects.

Do Eyelashes Grow Back?

By Stella Green

The fall and growth of eyelashes is a natural phenomenon in the life cycle of hair. But any disturbance in this life cycle can distort the growth of lashes. In such a case, medications like Careprost lash serum can effectively help you out in restoring the beauty of the eyelashes. The eyelashes surely grow back and you can make them longer and fuller by using an authentic Careprost Eye Drops with regular use. This liquid solution is widely recommended to grow lashes faster without affecting the eye vision.

Why we lose eyelashes:

Women wonder whether they can get back the lost eyelashes or have to live with fewer and thinner lashes after losing them. We lose our eyelashes due to different reasons that include medication, hormonal disorder, chemotherapy, injury, strain, illness etc. The fall and growth of eyelashes continue naturally but these causes pose an obstacle to the natural growth and can increase the shedding of lashes more frequently. You can use Careprost to reverse this condition and maintain longer and fuller lashes for a long time. In other words, this medication can assist the growth of eyelashes and make them stronger. Here is a brief description of some causes behind the unnatural shedding of eyelashes.

  • Burns

Skin burn or tan is a cause of concern for eyelashes, as it can disturb their natural growth. However, the burnt or singed hair follicles are not dead permanently rather most of them allow the emergence of new lashes in 5-6 weeks. Once the damaged hair follicles are treated, they become conducive for the retrieval of new hair strands. Very few hair follicles that are damaged due to skin burn might not grow the new hairs. You can use an authentic Careprost to encourage the growth of eyelashes within a few weeks.

  • Chemotherapy

Usually, chemotherapy makes a harsh impact on the health of your hair and people who undergo this therapy lose hair from all body parts. Chemotherapy causes the fall of eyelashes, but they grow back once the medication is over. Since this therapy affects the scalp more severely, you tend to lose your hair incessantly. In such a case, you can apply Careprost lash serum for the faster growth of eyelashes. It is true that people taking chemotherapy lose body hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes but they can be grown back after stopping the therapy. After the chemotherapy, the eyelashes may grow back and you can find the previous look.

  • Injuries

People can lose eyelashes due to injuries in the eyes or scalp around the eyes. If a minor injury happens, there is a possibility of the reemergence of new hair. In the case of severe injury, you may lose your hair permanently. So, it depends on how severe your injury is.

  • Pulling of hair strands

You may have seen many people who often pull out their hairs due to a mental impulse or psychological condition called trichotillomania. This behavior can lead you to lose most of your hair strands but they can be retrieved after a few weeks.

  • Use of external eyelashes

If you use external eyelashes, the chances are you damage or rip your natural lashes that could lead their immature shedding. Once the eyelashes are damaged due to the use of external lashes, they typically take a few weeks to find the previous length and strength. In this regard, you can apply an authentic Careprost to make your lashes fuller and longer. If you use this liquid solution for some 5-6 weeks, you would not require any external eyelashes.

  • Illness

A health condition like thyroid and hormonal disorder can lead to the fall of eyelashes. In the case of thyroid, your gland produces too many hormones, leading to hormonal imbalance. Such a condition can cause hair loss. Similarly, alopecia areata causes the destruction of hair follicles. Although, when the illness is diagnosed, you regain the strength of your hair. The application of Careprost lash serum will help you find fuller and longer lashes faster after the treatment of such diseases.

Myths and Facts Related with Hair Loss

By Moiz

Is your hair gradually thinning? You are not alone. More than 50% of men over the age of 50 years are dealing with some kind of hair loss. Unfortunately, many hair loss products are worthless. Most of the hair loss treatments that are available in the market being sold in the cosmetic industry don’t work. There is also misinformation out there about what causes hair loss and how it can be stopped. Misconceptions on the subject present in large amount. Here are the facts on five hair loss myths.

  • Myth- There are numerous causes of hair loss

Not true- In nearly 95% of cases, the cause of hair loss is male pattern baldness, also known as androgenetic alopecia. The type of hair loss causes a gradual loss of hair. Research studies revealed that dihydrotestosterone, a hormone derived from testosterone plays a significant role in causing male pattern baldness. The hormone shortens the hair’s growth cycle, which causes a gradual decrease in hair follicle size and ultimately gives rise to hair loss.

  • Hair thinning comes from the father’s side of the family.

Not true- It is true that male pattern baldness is a hereditary condition, but it cannot only be inherited from one side of the family, in fact, it can be inherited from both the paternal and maternal sides. According to researchers, male pattern baldness may involve a number of genes. However, it is important to know that the transmission of this condition depends on dominant inheritance patterns. So the more men in your family who are experiencing thinning of hair or are totally bald, the more likely you will lose hair.

  • Man pattern baldness affects only older men

Not true- Hair loss due to male pattern baldness can affect a man at any age after puberty hits. It usually starts in the mid-twenties. However, the hair loss is quite gradual; it takes many years for man to reach the advanced stage. It is believed that the earlier the hair loss disorder starts, the more the results will be severe.

  • Hair loss occurs randomly

Not true- This not true at all. Hair loss follows a definite pattern. It starts at the forehead an temple area and lowly progress backward forming an M shape on your head. Thinning of hair occurs gradually in such a pattern that a U shape circle of hair around the side and back of the head remains.

  • Hair loss medication doesn’t work

Not true- Some hair loss treatments are quite effective, especially prescription medications as these medical approaches have undergone clinical studies. The effectiveness of pharmaceutical products like Finpecia 1 mg has been scientifically demonstrated. Such medications can help slow down the hair loss progression and in some cases, even stimulate hair regrowth. However, there are hair loss treatments in the market whose effectiveness and safety has not been established because they have not been tested in clinical studies. In case of doubt, talk to your healthcare specialist.

  • Stress makes hair fall out

No doubt, stress affects the body in many ways. So it is important not to underestimate the power of stress. However, it takes sever traumatic stress to cause hair loss. Furthermore, some disorders associated with hair and scalp such as alopecia area may also worsen the bouts of stress. Mild stress usually doesn’t cause hair loss.

  • Cutting hair makes them grow faster

Here it is important to know that your follicles are not affected by haircuts. They grow at a steady rate with only slight variations.

  • Thinning or shedding of hair always indicates a hereditary hair loss

Dropping between 50 to 150 hair strands per day is normal. This is not a sign of hair loss, but instead, it indicates that the hair follicles are entering their resting phase of the hair follicle cycle. When enough hair follicles do not recover from the resting stage, you are suffering from hair loss.

Things to Avoid During Pregnancy

By Stella Green

Pregnancy is a crucial and transformative phase of life for every woman. It is the time when they not only have to do their regular works but also take care of the baby in the womb as well. Gynecology experts suggest that most women can continue their regular activities during the first few months, but they should seriously consider few things to avoid during pregnancy. Such things are important for the well-being of both the lives.

Here are some such things that pregnant women should avoid.

Stay away from alcohol:

Alcohol is critical to the health of a woman and her unborn baby as well. Women should refuse it for the sake of a healthy future for the baby. Drinking alcohol in pregnancy can pose risks of various health conditions as well as disorders to the fetus. It causes severe fetal alcohol syndrome disorders that could remain with the baby for long. Experts are unanimous on complete prohibition of alcohol during pregnancy. Liquor drinking during pregnancy could trigger some serious health issues to the baby, such as:

  • Physical abnormalities
  • Cognitive disorders
  • Intellectual disabilities
  • Behavioral problems
  • Seizures
  • Developmental delays
  • Poor physical development

Avoid some particular food products:

The intake of nutritious food is the most important factor to ensure good improvement in the health of a would-be mother and her baby. On the other hand, fast food or junk food products are the things to avoid during pregnancy. It is better to follow a good diet chart for those 9 months. Some particular food items that a pregnant woman should avoid include:

Deli meat product – It contains listeria, which is a bacterium that could harm the fetus. In some cases, this bacterium proves to be a deadly factor for the fetus.

Soft cheeses – Soft cheeses contain listeria bacteria that that could cause listeriosis, a type of infection. Pregnant women should not eat uncooked soft cheese to avoid the risk of being infected from listeriosis. The fast hormonal changes during pregnancy can further assist this infection to creep in weaken the immune system of a newborn baby.

Unpasteurized juice – It may contain bacteria that are harmful. The bacteria found in raw fruits and vegetables can cause food poisoning which could be a dangerous condition during pregnancy. Women can take pasteurized fruit juice, so those harmful bacteria are killed.

Raw meat and fish high in mercury – Raw meat is notorious to pose the risk of foodborne diseases. Also, fish high in mercury is harmful to the fetus as it may cause hearing and vision problems.

Avoid too much caffeine:

The excess intake of caffeine is not recommended to pregnant women as it can increase the risk of miscarriage and low birth weight. They can take it in a measured way; just 300-milligram caffeine a day or even less than that is enough for a woman during pregnancy.

Stay away from smoking and illicit drugs:

Smoking cigarettes and marijuana during pregnancy is severely harmful to both the lives. It not only poses the risk of lung cancer and heart disease but also invites various abnormalities to the fetus. The probable conditions of smoking during pregnancy are premature birth, congenital abnormalities, fetus loss, and issues with the placenta. Similarly, the consumption of illicit drugs can cause prenatal and postnatal issues.

Leave contact sports:

Contact sports like boxing, wrestling, Tai Kwando, and punching pose the risk of placental abruption in pregnant women. In the condition of placental abruption, a placenta is prematurely separated from the uterine wall, posing the risk of premature birth or miscarriage. The hormonal changes during pregnancy increase the risk of such injuries more severely. Therefore, women should be careful and consider such things to avoid during pregnancy for the safety of the fetus.

Give Vitamin Boost to your hair with these Fruit Recipes!

By Moiz

Healthy and beautiful hair is the thing that everyone dreams of! Nothing beats the charm of shiny, soft hair. You can make any style and look amazing every time. But it is quite difficult to achieve those soft, manageable hairs, especially when they are exposed to environmental pollution and chemicals. It’s not just what you apply on your hair but also what you eat matters. Nutrition is crucial for hair growth and good nutrition shows on your hair and skin. The nutrients which you consume through food help to fortify the hair follicles and the scalp.

To maintain healthy hair growth, eating a healthy and balanced diet is essential. Eating the right foods with full of essential vitamins and nutrients for healthy hair is the way to go.

A healthy diet for lustrous hair

A healthy diet enriched with vitamins and other essential nutrients will do a lot of good for your hair while unhealthy food can damage your delicate locks. A sedentary lifestyle includes a healthy diet plan, full of essential vitamins that help your skin to reveal natural beauty. Regular smoking, inadequate sleep, and hormonal changes may also affect the health of your hair.  You can do a lot of things to get back gorgeous hair, but the easiest way to do is start by eating vitamin-rich fruits that are extremely beneficial for maintaining hair health. Let’s look at some fruit recipes which will help you to regain lustrous locks. Here are the various fruit recipes for healthy hair.

Fruits for hair loss

Hair loss is a complex condition and vitamins we take to influence the condition of the hair as well as the scalp. When hair starts falling or thinning; it causes pain, anxiety, distress. Numerous treatment options are available, but nothing is permanent, and also they do not address the root cause. Dietary deficiency, poor hair care, use of toxic hair products are often the major cause of hair loss. Experts revealed a link between vitamin C and healthy hair. Vitamin C is full of antioxidants that are readily used by the body. The best sources are broccoli, oranges, strawberries, sweet potatoes, guava, blueberries, kiwi, and black currant. Vitamin C is helpful in the production of collagen, which strengthens the capillaries that supply the hair shafts. Along with diet, you can buy Finpecia online after consultation of a dermatologist to regain hair growth.

Take a look at these healthy fruit recipes for hair that can help to promote healthy hair growth.

Fruit water – A vitamin boost for hair

You can go with fruit infused vitamin waters when it comes to giving a boost to your dull and damaged hairs. You can mix water with fruits filled with vitamins and enjoy fruit infused vitamin waters.

  • Add Orange, blackberries & ginger water

  1. Half pin blackberries
  2. One thin orange slice
  3. One small piece of peeled ginger

  • Strawberry, basil, & lemon water

  1. A half cup of sliced strawberries
  2. Five torn large basil leaves
  3. One thin slice of lemon

  • Make lemon, blueberry, and rosemary water

  1. One thin slice of lemon
  2. Half pint of blueberries
  3. Four springs fresh rosemary

  • Enjoy kiwi, watermelon, & lime water

  1. One cup of watermelon cubes
  2. One kiwi cut into a circle
  3. One circle’s thin slice of lemon

For all vitamin-infused waters, choose to add five cups of water or a cup of ice cubes.

These drinks will hydrate the scalp and ensure a good circulation of blood, thus helping the vitamins, and other essential nutrients find their way to your hair. Make sure to include all these best fruits for hair growth in your list of healthy foods.

If you seek shiny and manageable hair, then you should ensure that your daily diet consists of essential vitamins and nutrients. If eating fruit is just not your thing, you can make vitamin-infused waters like those mentioned above, which possess all the goodness of fruits and added taste.

Ways to Treat Skin Hyperpigmentation Naturally

By Steve Marc

Are you noticing a difference in your skin tone or small dark spots on your skin, you might have hyperpigmentation. This condition is caused by various factors such as overexposure to the sun, post inflammatory scars of acne, aging, and liver damage. Try Melalite Forte cream to improve the appearance of your skin and gt rid of dark spots.

Hyperpigmentation means changes to the color of your skin. The condition causes your skin to darken. Hyperpigmentation can cause patches on your skin or on your entire body. Age spots, also known as liver spots are a common type of hyperpigmentation. Although the skin disorder doesn’t pose any potential threat to the skin, it often makes the skin dull gives it an uneven skin tone.

Thinking about how to remove pigmentation from the face permanently? The best way to lighten dark spots is to use time-tested natural ingredients that enhance your skin’s appearance without causing any side effects.

Causes of Hyperpigmentation and Dark Spots

The most common cause of the appearance of dark spots, and hyperpigmentation spots are:

  • Excessive exposure to the sun
  • Aging
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Effect of certain medications
  • Skin conditions such as allergies, excessive inflammation, psoriasis, and acne
  • Smoking

Natural ways to remove Hyperpigmentation

The most effective way to get rid of hyperpigmentation and to get intensive skin care is the home remedy. The natural remedies help in supplying the essential nutrients to the skin hydrates the skin through deep moisturizing and improve the skin’s complexion by reducing the appearance of pigmentation, age spots, and tanning. Follow the tips given below for best results:

Buttermilk with Saffron

Saffron is the ultimate remedy for all skin issues. It has been used since ancient times as an important ingredient for skin care. The luxurious spice has amazing antibacterial properties that help in purifying the skin and protects from infection-causing germs.  It is also useful in lightening skin spot, suntans, and hyperpigmentation. The natural herb improves the quality of skin and renders a healthy glow to it. The presence of lactic acid in buttermilk works effectively in lightening dark spots by removing dead skin cells and reveals healthy skin.

Honey and Papaya

Enriched with Vitamin A, papaya helps in to lightening the skin’s complexion and correcting the skin imperfection like uneven skin tone. Papaya has papain enzyme which acts as a natural exfoliator that removes away the dead skin cells and encourages skin cell regeneration. This helps in fading dark spots and hyperpigmentation. The anti-aging properties help in tightening the skin and removing fine lines and wrinkles.

Honey can work wonders for the skin. Loaded with antioxidants, honey protects the skin against sun damage and rejuvenate by removing dead skin cells. Also, the natural ingredient increases the moisture retention capacity of the skin to provide a youthful skin.

Cucumber and Aloe Vera

The benefits of cucumber and Aloe Vera are well known. The natural remedy, various skin issues and has been used as a medicine since ancient times. Its powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties help in treating acne, pimples, and other skin infections. Aloe Vera is a natural moisturizer that hydrates the skin and prevents moisture loss to give a rejuvenated appearance to the skin.

Antioxidants in cucumber enhance the regeneration of new skin cells that replace the dead ones and thereby lightening dark spots and hyperpigmentation noticeably.

Lemon Juice with Neem

Neem is a well-known herb for its antibacterial and antifungal properties. It helps in the prevention of the breakout of pimples and acne that causes dark spots. The natural herb lightens old acne scars effectively. By reducing extra oil, it improves complexion. Lemon is enriched with vitamin C, which works as a bleaching agent to remove sunburn, lighten skin tone, and remove blemishes and dark spots.

Can Allopathy Medicines Cause Hair Loss?

By Stella Green

It is quite normal to lose hair on an everyday basis. However, the matter is concerning if you are losing an excessive amount of hair. Possible causes may include stress, genetics, pregnancy., and certain prescription drugs. The common medications that can cause hair loss are antibiotics and birth control pills.

Hair loss is concerning conditions for many of us. Have you ever thought some commonly prescribed medications could cause temporary hair loss, trigger the onset of male as well as female pattern hair loss, and even cause permanent hair loss? Most of the time, you may only experience temporary hair loss when using certain prescription drugs. Once you discontinue the treatment or change the dosing concentration, hair often grows back. While in some cases, certain medication cause male or female pattern hair loss which gradually results in permanent hair loss.

Before using prescription drugs, it is important to know about the after effects of the medicine including hair loss. You should know that not all medications contribute to hair loss problem and not everyone experiences the same side effect of the medication.  The severity of hair loss usually depending on the medicine, its dosage, tolerability, and sensitivity to the drug. Buy hair products online only after consulting with a dermatologist. You can get generic medicines online at reliablerxpharmacy.com. Here are some medications that cause hair loss: Medicines that cause hair loss

  • Acne medications with vitamin A- While fighting acne, you could be losing your precious hair. Taking acne medications containing vitamin A or retinoids in large doses can lead to telogen effluvium. During the condition, the hair follicles go into the resting phase of the hair follicle cycle too early, causing more hair to shed off. A gradual decrease in the amount of your hair is noticeable. Hair fall often begins between two or four months after beginning the medication. Therefore, it is always recommended to consult a dermatologist before buying vitamin A based acne medications.
  • Antifungals and antibiotic medicines- Using antibiotic may make you lose a large number of hair strands. Antibiotics are believed to reduce haemoglobin and vitamin B levels, making hair fall out faster. Haemoglobin in red blood cells (RBCs) is responsible for transporting oxygen from the lungs to the tissues and carbon dioxide (CO2) from the tissues to the lungs. It also helps in storing iron in the body. Deceased haemoglobin leads to iron deficiency, which in turn results in dry and brittle hair and even fall out.
  • Antidepressants and mood disorder medications- Certain antidepressants are believed to cause hair loss which includes: amoxapine, desipramine, Fluoxetine hydrochloride, Paroxetine, Doxepin, Haloperidol, amitriptyline, Clomipramine, and Sertraline hydrochloride.
  • Contraceptive pills and female hormones- Birth control pills and hormonal replacement therapies can cause hormonal imbalance which may lead to hair loss. Hormonal medications including estrogen and progesterone have been associated with increased risk of female pattern baldness.
  • Anticonvulsant drugs- Anticonvulsants or anti-seizure medications can also make you lose hair. Avoid medications such as trimethadione and valproic acid.
  • Blood pressure medications- Blood pressure drugs such as angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors (ACE inhibitors) and beta blocker can contribute to hair loss. Some include nadolol, metoprolol, propranolol, timolol, atenolol, lisinopril, enalapril, captopril etc.
  • Male hormones- Taking testosterone or anabolic steroid may also increase the risk of male pattern baldness.
  • Blood clotting medications- Using blood thinners such as warfarin sodium, sofarin, and heparin may make you lose hair.
  • Anticancer medications- Among all these medications, anti-cancer drugs are known to cause hair loss on the head, but also facial hair including eyelashes, eyebrows, as well as other bodily hairs. This is because chemotherapy not only attacks cancer cells but also attacks all our healthy cells, including hair follicles. Some chemotherapies that are popularly known to cause hair loss are cyclophosphamide, docetaxel, doxorubicin, actinomycin, and adriamycin.
  • Cholesterol-lowering drugs- Drugs such as Atromid-S and Lopid can cause hair loss. Medications like Lipitor and Effexor may also increase the risk of shedding of hairs.

Differences Between Childhood Asthma and Adult Asthma

By Moiz

Asthma is a type of lung disorder that causes swelling and inflammation in the lungs. There are a great number of people who get affected by asthma and especially children. Asthma is common in childhood but can develop at any point in your life. It’s uncommon for people over the age of 50 to be diagnosed with this lung disorder.

Childhood asthma and adult asthma have the same symptoms, and both have similar treatment procedures. However, children with asthma face different challenges. Allergies triggered asthma. Allergens are substances that are responsible for causing an immune reaction in people who are sensitive to them. Children do not experience asthma from allergens when they are younger, but over time, their bodies can change and react differently. This can lead to adult-onset asthma.

Symptoms of childhood asthma and adult asthma

Asthma is known to cause inflammation and narrowing of the airways in the lungs. These narrowed airways cause chest tightness and difficulty breathing. Symptoms of childhood and adult-onset are the same and include:

  • Wheezing
  • Coughing
  • Congestion
  • Chest pain
  • Increased mucus secretion in the airways
  • The pressure in the chest
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Shortness of breath after physical activity
  • Delayed recovery from a respiratory infection, such as the flu or cold.

If any of these symptoms appear in a child, do consult your doctor. Untreated asthma may have shown dangerous impacts.

Causes of asthma in children and adults

They both have the same triggers. Exposure to any of these following triggers may cause an asthma attack, though different people have different triggers:

  • Smoke
  • Mold and mildew
  • Air pollution
  • Featherbedding
  • Dust Mites
  • Cockroaches
  • Animal dander or saliva
  • Respiratory infections or colds
  • Cold temperatures
  • Dry air
  • Emotional stress or excitement
  • Exercise

Main differences between childhood asthma and adult asthma

Child Asthma-

The children with asthma are more likely to have intermittent symptoms, though some children have daily symptoms. Allergens can set off an asthma attack. Children are more sensitive to allergens and more prone to an asthma attack because their bodies are still developing and growing and their immune system is not that strong. Children with asthma may find their symptoms almost completely disappear or are less severe during puberty, but recurrence is possible in later life. Passive smoking is very dangerous to children with asthma, so it’s advised to keep children away from any type of smoke.

Adult asthma-

Symptoms of adult asthma are typically persistent. Regular treatment is often required in order to keep asthma symptoms and flare-ups under control. According to research, at least 30 percent of adult asthma cases are triggered by allergies. Women are more prone to develop asthma after the age of 20 as compared to men and obesity increases the risk of developing asthma.


There are various treatment methods, including long-term control medications for both children and adult with asthma. Quick-relief medicines are discovered to ease asthma symptoms or flare-up. Long-term control medications are created to provide relief from the inflammation and swelling for longer periods of time to prevent both an asthma attack and the long-term airway damage caused by uncontrolled asthma. You can buy asthma medication to control your symptoms.

Long-term medications are taken daily for months, or years. Children and adults with asthma are advised to use a combination of these medicines to treat their asthma. Buy asthma products online at affordable rates.


  • Asthma is a common disorder, so it’s important to diagnose asthma at an early stage.
  • Consult your doctor immediately if any symptoms appear.
  • Stay away from allergens
  • Medications should be taken properly without missing.
  • Create a plan for both short and long-term care.