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Viagra is a medication that has improved the sexual life of millions of couples worldwide, thanks to its amazing benefits on the male body. Researchers are now starting to realize the unexpected effect of the little blue pill. They found that the sexual health pill has the potential to save thousands of lives each year. A new study conducted on mice revealed that sildenafil, the active ingredient of Viagra is able to reduce the chances of developing colorectal cancer significantly.

Can Erectile Dysfunction Double the Risk of Heart Disease?

If you are among those 30 million Americans who suffer from erectile dysfunction or ED, you might be dealing with relationship issues. But did you ever wonder what your cardiovascular health is involved too? Erectile dysfunction signifies a larger cardiovascular threat; it can actually be an early indicator of heart disease. Read further to know the connection between ED and heart disease.  

What Men Really Feel About Sex

An open discussion on sex is still taboo in our society and people, in general, are not very comfortable talking about it. Different people have different opinions on sex education and its benefits, largely limited to books and academic discourses. Are you ignorant of the beneficial effects of sex? If yes, you are missing an important aspect of a healthy relationship. Most of the men like to keep it secret and hesitate to discuss their feelings for sex.