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Vaginal Yeast Infections

Vaginal Yeast Infections- Causes and Symptoms

We usually categorise diseases into two types. One is communicable and other is non communicable. A communicable disease is that type which can get easily transmitted from one person to another through airborne viruses or bacteria, and also through blood. These diseases are often contagious and infectious. One of the most serious and contagious condition are transmitted via sexual intercourse.

Breast Cancer Prevention

Pink Ribbon: Understanding Breast Cancer.

Breast cancer is often categorized by a breast lump. The cancer stages range from early and curable breast cancer to metastatic breast cancer. However, there are different breast cancer treatments available. It is necessary for women to stay informed on the symptoms they need to watch out for so they can receive treatment quickly. The best example of breast cancer awareness is Angelina Jolie, who received national attention by undergoing breast surgery. She created awareness of the disease by explaining the surgery to the world. She exclaimed that a BRCA gene mutation makes risk for breast cancer and ovarian cancer incredibly high and should be treated immediately even if treatment calls for mastectomy. In the five weeks following that announcement by her, almost 3,000 more women sought testing for breast cancer.

Prevention and control of Ebolavirus in animals

Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) – Cause, Prevention and Treatment

Introduction to Ebola virus disease (EVD)

Earlier known as Ebola haemorrhagic fever, Ebola virus disease is a severe illness that is mostly fatal, with case fatality rates going up to 90%. Currently one of the world’s most dangerous diseases, the infection spreads through contact with blood or other body fluids or via tissues of infected people or animals. Patients who are severely affected by Ebola disease need intensive supportive care. In the face of an Ebola outbreak, those in direct contact with departed patients or unwell people—such as family members, doctors, nurses and other health workers—are at the highest risk of contracting the infection.


Understanding Osteoporosis


If you do not get enough calcium and vitamin D in your body or your body does not absorb enough calcium, your bones may become brittle and the resultant condition is known as osteoporosis. As defined by the World Health Organization, osteoporosis is a generalized skeletal disorder of low bone mass (thinning of the bone) and deterioration in its architecture, causing susceptibility to fracture.


Ascariasis- Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Parasites are micro-organisms living off of other organisms or hosts for survival. The parasites include protozoa and worms which cause parasitic diseases. Intestinal worms are usually found in the gastrointestinal tract of a…

Protect your liver

What You Need To Know About Fatty Liver Diseases!

Liver is a vital organ of the digestive system and plays an important role in metabolism and various functions of the body. But, when the liver does not function effectively, it is regarded as liver disease. Diseases of the liver can be inherited (genetic) or caused by a number of factors such as viruses and excessive alcohol use. Various signs and symptoms depict the condition of liver disease, including blood sugar problems, metabolism problems, and immune disorders.

How to Switch Over to the Cavemen Paleo Diet!

The paleo diet is known as the hunter-gatherer diet. This diet includes, wholesome, unprocessed and natural foods. The conceptualization of this diet is based on the fact that our ancestors evolved for thousands of years and became adapted to foods of the palaeolithic era. By limiting their meal to what was available in natural form, the ancient cavemen did not suffer from diseases like cancer, diabetes, obesity and other infections.

Bad breath

How to tackle Bad Breath?

Bad breath, most commonly called halitosis, is characterized by an unpleasant odor of the mouth. Having bad breath could be really embarrassing while sitting in an office meeting or at a party. Bad breath can occur on any occasion or time and sometimes it may be a chronic condition. In most cases, halitosis may develop from gums or tongue. There can be several reasons for having bad breath like poor oral hygiene, medical conditions or due to the foods that we consume.


Ulcerative Colitis- An Inflammatory Bowel Disease

An ulcer is a sore on the skin or mucous membrane, which forms the top layers of the skin or tissue. It can occur in the mouth, stomach, and other parts of the body. When ulcers occur in the lining of the upper part of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, it is known as gastric ulcers and if ulcer are formed in the first part of the small intestine, then it is referred as duodenal or peptic ulcer. Moreover, ulcerative colitis is a form of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), which is a disease of the colon (largest portion of the large intestine). Constant diarrhea mixed with blood is the most common symptom of developing ulcerative colitis.