Pros and Cons of Eyelash Extensions

By Stella Green

Long, fluttery eyelashes are what many of us dreamt of, especially if we have sparse or thin eyelashes. While there are certain solutions like falsies that are used with glue, not every woman has the time to deal with them, especially when they are getting late for a night out or a day at work. Lash extensions might be a good option for many women. Do not confuse with the falsies you apply at your home. The procedure is performed by an expert who first gently tap down your lashes so that they don’t stick together, then using tweezers to apply fake lashes (some are made with real hair) to your natural lashes. If interested in trying lash extensions, then first book an appointment with an esthetician. Here are some pros and cons that you should know first.


  • Time-saving– Lash extensions alleviate the need for applying mascara, curling lashes or wearing eye makeup altogether. It is awesome when you don’t feel the need to apply eye makeup. The extensions made you look wide awake every time.
  • Looks natural and beautiful- They are more natural than mascara, so you always look refreshed with your lashes. Many women are gifted with naturally long and gorgeous eyelashes while many do not. Eyelash extension gives the opportunity to have fuller eyelashes. There is nothing wrong in taking help to reach the peak level of beauty. A wide variety of eyelash extension is available which includes a range of colors and lengths so that woman can choose the one which best suits her eyes. Now long, dark, and thick eyelashes are not limited to those who are born with them, with the help of eyelash extension, everyone can have natural eyelashes.
  • Requires no efforts- Who doesn’t want to wake up with long and curly lashes and that too when you put zero efforts! Your morning routine becomes more convenient when you eliminate a time taking beautification process. With eyelash extensions, you don’t need to spend a huge part of morning time in applying a heavy amount of makeup. You can simply wake up and rock your workplace like a supermodel with these extensions. Almost all eyelash extensions last for weeks or months.

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  • Expensive- The more extension you have applied, the more it cost. Eyelash extensions are not easy on the budget.
  • High in maintenance- While eyelash extension cuts down morning routine into the half, they require regular appointments to the technician which adds trouble to your already busy schedule. Eyelash extensions can also be brushed out when they become wet, which is a major drawback. Women who follow a yoga routine or enjoy swimming are also advised not to get them as excessive heat and moisture can ruin the extensions.
  • Health risk factors– Not all women are lucky enough to enjoy the convenience of eyelash extensions. The chemicals used in the procedure can cause allergic reactions in some women. Some may even get infections in their eyes, due to lack of hygiene and proper eyelash extension maintenance.
  • Your makeup choices become limited- While having eyelash extensions, wearing mascara, eyeliner, or eyeshadow is not a good choice since you will need to wash and rub the eye area to remove the makeup. If you still wear eye makes, then opt a non-oily makeup remover.

When it comes to improving the appearance of eyelashes, nothing can beat the action of a bimatoprost eyelash solution. Careprost eyelash enhancer serum is one of the most popular brands that contains Bimatoprost. You buy Careprost online along with attractive discounts at

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Few Facts About Careprost Eyelash Serum

By Moiz

You have probably heard about Careprost eyelash enhancer serum that has been managed to remain on the list of best eyelash enhancers in the market. Let’s see how other users find this product and if it safe for the eyes.

Why is Careprost Bimatoprost 0.03% known to perform dual duty?

The formula to enhance both the length and thickness of lashes is actually derived from an active ingredient used to treat glaucoma. The wonder ingredient that performs double duties is Bimatoprost, a prostamide analogue. Bimatoprost’s use begins as an eyelash enhancer during the period of glaucoma treatment, when ophthalmologists and their patients noticed eyelash growth side effect.

Careprost eyelash enhancer serum aids the growth of eyelashes and makes them longer, thicker, and darker. It was specially manufactured for people wanting long curly eyelashes. No doubt, the lash enhancer formula is effective in its use. It takes almost sixteen weeks to show the full effect. It is equally effective and safe to use in glaucoma patients. This is why many more people across the globe are attracted towards this magical product. Careprost Bimatoprost 0.03% is very well known for its effectiveness in increasing aqueous fluid in the eyes that reduces dryness in the eye and improve vision. It is quite clear that the Carperost eye drop is helpful in certain eye conditions and prevents vision loss. Still, there are some side effects that some people can experience, and that should be considered before its use.

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How Careprost work?  

According to clinical studies done in context with the working mechanism of Careprost, It is found that Careprost improves length, thickness, and darkness via a process that still not completely understood. Like hair on your scalp, eyelashes grow for a while and eventually fall out. Bimatoprost both extends the growth phase of the eyelash hair cycle and increases the number of hairs that sprouts.

You apply the ophthalmic solution by drawing a line on the upper lash line once nightly with a sterile applicator brush. The solution spreads to your lower eyelid as you will blink.  According to the manufacturer’s instructions, you must clean your face, removing the makeup and dirt before each application. Also, remove the contact lenses before you apply the solution. Apply it carefully since the ophthalmic preparation may promote hair growth on other skin areas.

After continuously using this Bimatoprost preparation for two months, you may begin to see improvement in the length and fullness of your lashes.  After three or four months of nightly use, your dermatologist may recommend a treatment schedule of twice a week to maintain the desired length and thickness. If you discontinue using it, your lashes will gradually return to their normal state. According to a clinical study, Careprost eyelash enhancer serum has been shown to increase eyelash length by 25%, thickness by 100% and darkness by 18%.

What about Careprost Cost?

What is the cost of Careprost eye drops? Is it an expensive eyelash lengthener like other other serums? The answer is no, careprost is an affordable drug, and is easily available online on online drug stores and cosmetic stores. offers a quality Careprost online at an absolutes lowest price. Since the product is not a cosmetic like mascara, it is a medicinal formulation, and you need a prescription for it. Consult a dermatologist before buying this eyelash enhancer serum to improve the appearance of your lashes because according to clinical research reports, permanent brown pigmentation of the iris is a potential side effect. Such an eye color can be a major drawback of the solution for some people, though it does not happen to everyone. Inform your dermatologist if an eye infection, vision problems or allergic reactions develop. Avoid undergoing eye surgery during a Bimatoprost treatment.

Other Serums V/S Careprost For Eyelash Growth

By Stella Green

Women are more concerned about their looks and beauty. To look their best, they apply cosmetic products and enhance their features. To enhance the appearance of their eyes, they use mascara and false eyelashes, which make your lashes look longer and fuller. But the options are temporary, and women won’t be able to carry these for a longer duration. Also, they feel tacky and messy. Hence, many women look for solutions that give long and beautiful lashes that are permanent. If you really want to grow longer and fuller eyelashes, then you must give a try to Careprost eyelash enhancer serum eye drops. This ophthalmic solution just takes a few days to make your lashes longer, darker, and thicker without cosmetic mascara and falsies.

Careprost for a lash boost

Careprost is an ophthalmic solution used to enhance the appearance of eyelashes. The solution promotes the growth of lashes in all natural ways and makes them look fuller in appearance. The clinically tested eye drops are used for the treatment of hypotrichosis (a condition of inadequate or thin eyelashes. The use of this ophthalmic solution provides you with beautiful eyes and mesmerizing looks without using eye cosmetics. The medicine works because of its active ingredient Bimatoprost, which acts in the hair growth cycle to make them grow longer and thicker naturally. Bimatoprost 0.03% is believed to expand the growth phase and decreases the resting phase of the hair growth cycle. This action leads to longer, darker and the curviest eyelashes.

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Other Serum for long eyelashes

You may also come across some other serums that promise to grow the eyelash length. These serums have been marketed to increase the growth of eyelashes in people with thin and sparse eyelashes, but not all eyelash lengthener is safe for your eyes. The product that combines bimatoprost works best and provide longer luscious and fuller appearing eyelashes over time. You can apply the bimatoprost contain solution by dabbing it on the upper line every night, preferably at bedtime. After two months of nightly application, the user may begin to see results. After three to four months you will achieve the desired length, then you need to treat your lashes for twice a week with this product. If you stop using bimatoprost containing serum, your lashes will gradually return to their previous state.

Careprost Versus Other Serum

Careprost and other serum, generally considered as the ophthalmic preparation used to get longer, darker, and thicker eyelashes. You are advised to pick the serum that contains bimatoprost as the active ingredient to keep your eyes safe. Some noticeable differences between careprost and other serums that make these products different from each other. Here we have a list of some of the differences that make Careprost, a better eyelash enhancer than other serums.

  • Careprost is a product manufactured by a renowned pharmaceutical company called Sun Pharma, India, whereas the authentication and manufacturing of other serums are not clear.
  • Careprost is an affordable option for most of the people
  • Careprost is the best selling eyelash growth in the market now because of its effectiveness and price. Buy Careprost online to turn your uneven and dull lashes to thicker and denser lash strands.

Do Eyelashes Grow Back?

By Stella Green

The fall and growth of eyelashes is a natural phenomenon in the life cycle of hair. But any disturbance in this life cycle can distort the growth of lashes. In such a case, medications like Careprost lash serum can effectively help you out in restoring the beauty of the eyelashes. The eyelashes surely grow back and you can make them longer and fuller by using an authentic Careprost Eye Drops with regular use. This liquid solution is widely recommended to grow lashes faster without affecting the eye vision.

Why we lose eyelashes:

Women wonder whether they can get back the lost eyelashes or have to live with fewer and thinner lashes after losing them. We lose our eyelashes due to different reasons that include medication, hormonal disorder, chemotherapy, injury, strain, illness etc. The fall and growth of eyelashes continue naturally but these causes pose an obstacle to the natural growth and can increase the shedding of lashes more frequently. You can use Careprost to reverse this condition and maintain longer and fuller lashes for a long time. In other words, this medication can assist the growth of eyelashes and make them stronger. Here is a brief description of some causes behind the unnatural shedding of eyelashes.

  • Burns

Skin burn or tan is a cause of concern for eyelashes, as it can disturb their natural growth. However, the burnt or singed hair follicles are not dead permanently rather most of them allow the emergence of new lashes in 5-6 weeks. Once the damaged hair follicles are treated, they become conducive for the retrieval of new hair strands. Very few hair follicles that are damaged due to skin burn might not grow the new hairs. You can use an authentic Careprost to encourage the growth of eyelashes within a few weeks.

  • Chemotherapy

Usually, chemotherapy makes a harsh impact on the health of your hair and people who undergo this therapy lose hair from all body parts. Chemotherapy causes the fall of eyelashes, but they grow back once the medication is over. Since this therapy affects the scalp more severely, you tend to lose your hair incessantly. In such a case, you can apply Careprost lash serum for the faster growth of eyelashes. It is true that people taking chemotherapy lose body hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes but they can be grown back after stopping the therapy. After the chemotherapy, the eyelashes may grow back and you can find the previous look.

  • Injuries

People can lose eyelashes due to injuries in the eyes or scalp around the eyes. If a minor injury happens, there is a possibility of the reemergence of new hair. In the case of severe injury, you may lose your hair permanently. So, it depends on how severe your injury is.

  • Pulling of hair strands

You may have seen many people who often pull out their hairs due to a mental impulse or psychological condition called trichotillomania. This behavior can lead you to lose most of your hair strands but they can be retrieved after a few weeks.

  • Use of external eyelashes

If you use external eyelashes, the chances are you damage or rip your natural lashes that could lead their immature shedding. Once the eyelashes are damaged due to the use of external lashes, they typically take a few weeks to find the previous length and strength. In this regard, you can apply an authentic Careprost to make your lashes fuller and longer. If you use this liquid solution for some 5-6 weeks, you would not require any external eyelashes.

  • Illness

A health condition like thyroid and hormonal disorder can lead to the fall of eyelashes. In the case of thyroid, your gland produces too many hormones, leading to hormonal imbalance. Such a condition can cause hair loss. Similarly, alopecia areata causes the destruction of hair follicles. Although, when the illness is diagnosed, you regain the strength of your hair. The application of Careprost lash serum will help you find fuller and longer lashes faster after the treatment of such diseases.

What is the Best and Safest Place to Buy Careprost Bimatoprost?

By Stella Green

The demand of Careprost Eye Drops has been as high as never before. It is more so because of its effectiveness in the growth of eyelash, apart from treating intraocular pressure. At a time when many online medicine-shopping portals are offering this liquid solution, it is more helpful to know what is the best and safest place to buy Careprost Bimatoprost? It is not an expensive product and one can buy Careprost with free shipping at one’s ease. Sometimes, buying drugs online could turn out to be an unpleasing experience, so you have to be aware of the product’s description before buying it.

Know about the ingredients of Careprost Eye Drops:

This ophthalmic solution is originally used to reduce intraocular pressure and treat glaucoma. The main active ingredient of Careprost is bimatoprost. This ingredient should be 0.03% of a sterile solution and its pH level should be close to pH7. Careprost works like a generic version of Latisse.

Be careful when purchasing Careprost:

There are many places online or offline that are approved to sell Careprost. The Asian countries like India and China register higher demand of Careprost than America and Latin American nations. The online shopping portals have made it very easy to purchase this liquid solution. You just have to select the right product and then place your order. Different payment modes are also available to give you the benefits of online payment through echeck, debit/credit card, and bitcoin. offers you quality and genuine Careprost with ample of payment options.

Check the quality of Careprost when you receive it:   

Whether you are purchasing Careprost Eye Drops online or over-the-counter, you should ensure if the product quality is fine before accepting it. You can check it out with the help of some aspects to ensure that you are not getting a fake product. These aspects include:

  • The quality of the package

The package of Careprost has to be of good quality so that the quality of the liquid remains protected. Reject it if the package is distorted or torn off.

  • Check the quality of the bottle

You should check the quality of the bottle. The poor quality plastic bottle might be used for the fake product.

  • The tip of the bottle

The original bottle of the Careprost is white and opaque from top to bottom. The best and safest place to buy Careprost Bimatoprost promises to give you top quality container which is clear and colorless.

  • The registered mark is necessary:

Check if the bottle of Careprost has registered mark (R) in black color. The duplicate or fake products probably have this mark printed in blue or green color. If the registered mark is not given on the package, you should reject the product.

  • Check the history of purchasing site:

The market is crowded with a number of online sites to buy Careprost free shipping but all of them are not authentic to provide the original quality medicines. Therefore, you should check if the portal is reputed and authentic as well as has a history of providing quality products to its customers.

  • Side effects of Careprost Eye Drops:

The Careprost liquid solution is originally formulated to treat glaucoma and reduce the intraocular pressure. This solution has some possible side effects, so users have to be aware of that. The growth of eyelashes is a positive side effect but there are some undesired possible side effects such as:

  • Irritation and itchiness in eyes
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Headaches
  • Eye infections
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Dizziness
  • Feeling of sensation

Worried About Your Dwindling Eyelashes – Use Careprost Eye Drops

By Steve Marc

The long and thick eyelashes have their own importance in making your facial expression perfect. On the other hand, dwindling eyelashes gives an awkward expression and you feel that there is something mission in your face. Gone are the days when we did not have any specific solutions to make lashes longer, thicker and fuller. If you are worried about your thinning eyelashes, choose Careprost Eye Drops today. It promises to improve the health of eyelashes within a few weeks and that may make you feel surreal for long. Experts also recommend Careprost bimatoprost ophthalmic solution to make your eyelashes longer and thicker.

Longer eyelashes add attraction to facial beauty:

It’s not that only long and thick lashes are required to enhance your facial beauty, but it is one of the important facets of the facial beauty that people long for. The dwindling lashes can make people feel shattered and force them to use external lashes or mascara. The dull and inadequate eyelashes do not let any cosmetic makeup look very good and attractive. Some women feel that long eyelashes help them increase self-esteem and they are ready to try any solution to achieve it. Wearing external eyelashes is not comfortable for everyone and it requires a lot of care to maintain. Also, it is not affordable to all, so you need to turn towards a permanent solution sooner or later. Careprost bimatoprost ophthalmic solution is easy to access and apply as well.

Why should you use Careprost Eye Drops to improve eyelashes?

It may wonder you know that Careprost Eye Drops is originally formulated to reduce intraocular pressure in the eyes and treat glaucoma. It actually helps eyes by increasing the drainage of aqueous humor. This liquid solution is widely recommended to treat the problem of hypotrichosis and open-angle glaucoma in adults, whereas the growth in the length of eyelashes is a result of its side effects. Users of Careprost bimatoprost ophthalmic solution experience good growth in the eyelashes with regular application.

What does Careprost contain?

Careprost eye solution has Bimatoprost 0.03% as the main active ingredient. The key constituent Bimatoprost can potentially alter the anagen phases of the hair growth cycle and, at the same time, reduce the telogen phase, so you can enjoy longer and fuller eyelashes for a long time. Now, bimatoprost is best known to boost the growth of the eyelashes. The other ingredients of Careprost include benzalkonium chloride, citric acid monohydrate, purified water, sodium chloride, and sodium phosphate dibasic. Those who are worried about your thinning eyelashes can choose Careprost Eye Drops. It is safe to use, and you can apply it easily. Numerous clinical trials have approved the safety aspects of Careprost and it does not interfere in the normal body functioning. One can use it under prescription.

How to use Careprost?:

In the process of applying Careprost to grow eyelashes, it is essential to make a quality contact of nutritional effects with the hair roots. This way, it helps in improving the blood circulation and metabolic process as well. It is not a difficult process to apply the solution. A specific brush provided with the liquid is very handy to do this job. Use that brush to apply the liquid on the upper eyeliner. Just one drop of Careprost bimatoprost ophthalmic solution is sufficient for one eyeliner. Spread it equally across the eyeliner and let it work for a few hours. Experts recommend using Careprost liquid at night when you are prepared to sleep. You would experience good changes in the look of eyelashes within 3-4 weeks of regular application. The trend of dwindling eyelashes will be paused, and you can enjoy the fuller look of lashed after some 12 weeks of application.

Take some preventive measures while using Careprost:

Although Careprost Eye Drops is safe to use for the adults, you should not avoid some preventive measures while using the solution. Avoid it if you are allergic to any elements of this medicine. Remove the contact lenses before using it and do not rush for driving immediately after using it. Pregnant women and children should not use this solution.

Here’s Why You Need Careprost Eye Drops!

By Stella Green

Who likes small and inadequate eyelashes? Such a condition can change your facial expression. Here’s why you need Careprost Eye Drops – a perfect liquid solution to grow lashes naturally. If you notice that your eyelashes are inadequate and they are falling too frequently, you need to do something to save their health and beauty. You can find several solutions promising to improve the health of your lashes but some of them are better than other ones. In this regard, you can buy Careprost and use it regularly to make your lashes fuller and thicker for a long time.

Why use Careprost?:

The Careprost ophthalmic solution is originally formulated to diagnose treat certain diseases of the eye like glaucoma and intraocular hypertension which usually occur in the people as they grow older. Later on, its users found a change in the look of eyelashes which is actually a side effect of this solution. This side effect is not harmful in any way and users can successfully make their eyelashes longer, thicker and darker over a period of time. The longer and darker eyelashes were found by the users as early as 8-12 weeks of application. Since Careprost liquid solution is not an FDA-approved medicine, please consult your doctor to understand its benefits and possible side effects before using.

What does Careprost contain?

Careprost has bimatoprost 0.03% as its main active ingredient. This element is primarily used to treat intraocular pressure (IOP) that occurs in the people suffering from Glaucoma. The IOP is responsible for blurred vision or loss of eyesight in some cases. Other ingredients of this liquid solution include benzalkonium chloride, citric acid monohydrate, sodium chloride, sodium phosphate dibasic, and purified water. Nowadays, it has become a cheap and effective medicinal solution to take care of the eyelashes that are small and less impressive. One can buy Careprost solution online or access it over-the-counter but check its ingredients before using. What makes this product more popular than other medical solutions is the fact that it is an affordable and effective solution to make eyelashes thicker, longer and fuller.

How to use Careprost for eyelash growth:

The growth of eyelashes greatly depends on the proper application of Careprost according to the given instructions. You may not find positive results if you do not follow the user’s instructions. To achieve maximum results in the growth of eyelashes, you should use Careprost liquid solution continuously for 3-4 months. Follow the specific instructions to apply it properly for the growth of eyelashes.

First of all, wash your hands properly to avoid any infections. Wash your eyes to remove any cosmetic makeup layers from the skin and lashes. Take a clean eyeliner brush and put one drop of Careprost. Apply it to the baseline of the top eyelid and then spread it across the roots of the lashes. Avoid the liquid entering the eye and only one drop is sufficient for one eye. Take a tissue paper or cotton ball to wipe excess liquid that spills over the other areas of the skin. The best time to use it is night, just before the bedtime. This way you find quality time for the medicine to work. You can apply it by yourself or take any one’s help. Use it only once a day for 3-4 months. If you are running out of stock, you can buy Careprost Eye Drops online at your ease.

Side Effects of Careprost:

There have been fewer but possible side effects of Careprost. If you experience any of these side effects, you should contact your doctor to reduce its impact. The possible side effects of Careprost include:

  • Dry eyes
  • Eye irritation
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Pigmentation in the Iris
  • Headaches
  • Discoloration around the Eye

Feeling of inflammation into the eyes

Ways to Get Rid of Yellow Eyes

By Moiz

Yellow eyes are a kind of reflection to show that all is not good with your health. Usually, the eyes start turning yellow because of the accumulation of compound called bilirubin in the blood and your body is unable to clear it. Moreover, yellowing of the eyes happens in the condition of jaundice and due to some other underlying conditions. The question is what are the ways to rid of yellow eyes or eye care solutions that you can easily undertake? Continue Reading