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Spring: A Season of Health

With spring break around the corner, you just want to celebrate by breaking free. You want to break free from your monotony at school and college and try something you’ve never tried before. Travelling is on the top of the agenda for many. While that may be a great plan, it has to be done carefully. For those staying home, you want to ensure that you religiously maintain a healthy lifestyle and do not danger your or other people’s lives by indulging in dangerous activities.

alcohol effects ,long term effects of alcohol

Alcoholism and Alcohol Poisoning: It could happen to you

Health conscious people reach for beer, not wine

 We all know that excessive drinking is not good for one’s health. That said, there are times when we do not understand our drinking limits and go on a binge. However, such regular drinking bouts can very easily go wrong. Alcohol poisoning is a serious issue, but one that not many people understand. Many tragedies can be prevented by simply being careful with our drinks, and seeking medical help on time. But we need to ask ourselves the question, how much is really too much, and what do you do when someone is intoxicated beyond normal limits? Is there any medication for alcoholism and when do you take them? Read on to know the answers to these questions.

HCG vaccines for Infertility in Women

HCG Vaccines: Best way to Deal with Infertility in Women

With the medical advancements, it is now becoming easier by the day to tackle infertility in women. In this article, we cover in brief the causes of infertility in women, the appropriate treatment for infertility in women, and the role of HCG vaccines in treating infertility in women.

What causes infertility in women?

There are four major and gross causes for infertility in women:

Burn Calories

8 Common habits that make you consume more calories

Burn Calories

There are good habits, there are bad habits and then there are the common habits. Everyone has them and everyone acts upon them. Unknowingly you pile on extra calories every day and put on weight faster than you recognize. Here’s a list of common habits which has been slowly adding more calories to your diet, which you can avoid by simply mending what you are doing wrong.

Be a Vegetarian

Top 10 Benefits of Being a Vegetarian

Be a VegetarianFood habits are now considered a way of living healthy rather than just a means of survival. People are very confused about which eating habits they should adopt to live a healthy life. This confusion has come up because of the different options available, such as veganism, vegetarianism, lacto-vegetarianism, ovo-vegetarianism, ovo-lacto-vegetarianism, pescetarianism, semi-vegetarianism, and non-vegetarianism. The recent studies have shown that veganism and vegetarianism are the most reliable and beneficial food habit. Vegans eliminate all animal products that include dairy and eggs. Vegetarians do not eat meat, fish or poultry, but they tend to consume dairy products and eggs. Hence, they are estimated to be healthier than meat eaters. However, a person consuming a balanced diet is also estimated to be the healthiest. People may have different reasons for becoming vegetarians but whatever the reasons may be, it is very advantageous for your body. Check out the following 10 benefits that you can enjoy, if you turn into a vegetarian.