Be a VegetarianFood habits are now considered a way of living healthy rather than just a means of survival. People are very confused about which eating habits they should adopt to live a healthy life. This confusion has come up because of the different options available, such as veganism, vegetarianism, lacto-vegetarianism, ovo-vegetarianism, ovo-lacto-vegetarianism, pescetarianism, semi-vegetarianism, and non-vegetarianism. The recent studies have shown that veganism and vegetarianism are the most reliable and beneficial food habit. Vegans eliminate all animal products that include dairy and eggs. Vegetarians do not eat meat, fish or poultry, but they tend to consume dairy products and eggs. Hence, they are estimated to be healthier than meat eaters. However, a person consuming a balanced diet is also estimated to be the healthiest. People may have different reasons for becoming vegetarians but whatever the reasons may be, it is very advantageous for your body. Check out the following 10 benefits that you can enjoy, if you turn into a vegetarian.

Shed those extra kilos

Most non-vegetarian foods contain large quantities of saturated fats in comparison with vegetarian foods. As such, the chances of getting weight-related ailments are higher in non-vegetarians. According to a study, the meat eaters had higher BMI as compared to vegans, vegetarians, ovo- vegetarians, lacto- vegetarians, ovo- lacto- vegetarians and pescetarians. A vegetarian diet contains lower cholesterol levels, so it is preferable to opt for milk, fruits and vegetables instead of fish or meat.

Get flawless beauty

You may know that losing that extra flab can make you look fit and feel healthy. Vegetarian food can also improve your looks and enhance the texture of your hair, nails and skin. Also, a vegetarian diet can cause less menstrual bleeding, so it proves beneficial for girls.

Longer life expectancy

When you follow a vegetarian diet, your body consumes natural foods that are free from hormones, toxins and chemicals. This makes your body less prone to diseases thus helping you to have a long life span.

Increased energy levels

As non-vegetarian food contains loads of unsaturated fat, consuming it can increase fat levels in the blood stream. It can also suppress proper relaxation of nerves and lead to an insufficient supply of oxygen to the muscles. Conversely, there are natural energizing agents in plant food, and it takes less time and energy to digest as compared to non-vegetarian food.

Be disease free

It is known that vegetarian diets reduce the risk of various diseases such as cancer, stroke, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cognitive, and sexual dysfunction. This is because the vegetarian food is rich in fiber and antioxidants. It also decreases the chance of getting any gastric ailments such as hemorrhoids, diverticulitis or constipation. Vegetarian food is cholesterol-free so it also reduces the possibilities that can result in blood pressure. Non-vegetarian food contains lots of proteins that can lead to kidney damage. Vegetarian food contains optimum levels of proteins and vitamins that serve our body’s daily requirements.

Saves money

Everybody likes to save money and what would be a better way than to become a vegetarian. Since vegetarian food is inexpensive than meat and poultry and requires less time to cook, it serves as a money saving option.

Do a good deed today

Most people must have seen animals being butchered at some point of time. In most cases, we tend to sympathize these animals. However, why don’t we just start saving those helpless creatures by turning vegetarians.

Ecological benefits

When you stop eating meat and poultry, it also helps in maintaining the biological diversity and ecological balance. It is estimated that breeding of cattle and poultry leads to the production of a large amount of waste. This waste pollutes the land and water resources. So, non-vegetarians should try to intake more plant products to reduce pollution and waste management problems.

Reduce global food shortages

It is estimated that meat eating can lead to global famine. It takes 10 kg of plant proteins to produce 1 kg of animal protein. This means that a large number of plants produce ends up being consumed by non-vegetarians. Hence, if people follow vegetarian food habits then it can help to restore the plant growth.

Stay happy

Vegetarianism lowers incidence of depression and anxiety. This can prove to be a reason to stay happy.

Now, that you are aware of the benefits of being a vegetarian, it’s better late than never. Start following a vegetarian diet to stay healthy and fit, if you aren’t already. For your dietary supplementary needs, don’t forget to explore the ReliableRx health categories, dedicated to healthier families.

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