Due to the coronavirus, there is havoc in China because many people are dying there. The new and highly infectious Covid-19 strain Omicron BF.7, a subvariant omicron, has wrought havoc in China and other countries like Japan, Korea, and the US.

Covid 19, until the year 2022, appears in ten different variations, the most recent being Bf.7. It is a new coronavirus mutant with a short incubation period, and its rate of transmission to other people is also quick. The infectivity rate in this variant is quite high as the R-value of this variant is 18, which means an infected person can spread the virus to 18 people. This is the reason this covid variant is spreading rapidly in China.

This article will provide more info on the BF.7 variant, BF7 covid symptom causes, and precautions.

BF.7 Strain: What is it?

Since the beginning of November, coronavirus cases have increased worldwide. The matter is under control in other countries, but China is struggling badly. As per data, due to the recent increase, China is at risk of death of about two million people in the coming few months. The recent outbreak in China is causing concern for many countries. There were restrictions associated with Covid in China till a few months ago. With poor medical policy, the situation in China is getting worse. The newly diagnosed Omicron BF.7 variant isalso seriously impacting there.

How dangerous is the variant BF.7?

Reports in China indicate BF.7 variant is more dangerous the another corona virus omicron variants. It has the highest transmission rate, spreading faster than any Covid variants.An individual infected with this variant can affect many people at one time. Other Omicron variants can infect about four people and the incubation period of the remaining variants are also less. The incubation period is between exposure to the virus and the appearance of initial symptoms. This means you can catch it immediately as soon as you come in contact with this dangerous variant.

Symptoms of BF.7

The symptoms of this variant are like other subvariants of Omicron. An infected individual may develop symptoms of fever, sore throat, cough, fatigue, runny nose, vomiting, and diarrhoea.This Omicron variant can cause severe disorders in people with weakened immune systems. If someone has been experiencing body pain for a long time, they should get the covid test done. Apart from this, fatigue, phlegm, sore throat, and runny nose can also occur.

BF.7 Covid Precautions 

Below are the BF7 covid precautions that everyone should take to keep themselves safe from the new covid variant:

    1. Physicaldistance-Coronavirus is caused by contact with an infected individual, so it is imperative to maintain physical distance from people to avoid it. According to the US Centres of disease control and prevention, to avoid the risk of infection, maintain a distance of at least six feet from people in public places. This way, you can avoid getting droplets from an infected individual coughing or sneezing.
    2. Wear a mask-Do wear a mask when you step out of the house. By covering your face, you will avoid drops of infection. Besides the covid variants, the mask protects against other infections like colds, flu, and cough. Make sure you throw away the mask after wearing it once. Use a good-quality mask.
    3. Get your booster dose- If you haven’t received the booster dose of Covid yet, get it right away. As there is no shore shot cure for the coronavirus, but the vaccine can work to a great extent during the pandemic.
    4. Avoid visiting crowded places- To avoid corona infection, you should minimize outdoor activities and instead maximize time indoors.
    5. Take care of cleanliness– You can also get infected with the coronavirus. You also must avoid getting in contact withan infected surface or person, so it is important to wash your hands to avoid infection. First, wet your hands, apply soap, rub them for a few seconds, and then wash them with water.
    6. Use a sanitizer– Carry a sanitizer whenever you go outside. When you do not have excess water and soap, then use sanitizer.

Meanwhile, we are listening to some health gadgets you should keep at home in case the cases surge or someone in your family gets infected.

Here is the list of health gadgets that helps to prevent and fight the coronavirus. 

      1. Pulse oximeter– Many people who get the coronavirus experience a drop or rise in pulse rate and low oxygen levels. If the oxygen saturation level severely declines, it could ultimately lead to organ failure. An oximeter helps keep oxygen saturation level and pulse at regular intervals and alerts people if there is a need for any medical intervention.
      2. Digital Thermometer-One of the common symptoms of Covid infection is fever. An infrared thermometer will help you test your body temperature without getting in close contact with the sock person and maintaining eh social distancing guideline.
      3. Steamer and nebulizer machine-Taking steam help to soothe cold and cough. And the nebulizer further causes the breakage of water droplets, which are stuck in the chest. Both tools are useful for people who have problems with lung congestion. A patient suffering from a covid infection suffers from a cold and cough;a steamer and nebulizer effectively relievea blocked nose or cough block in the windpipe.


The current surge in Covid-19 infections in China is believed to be driven by the BF.7, a subvariant of Omicron, circulating in the country. Covid new variant has a rapid transmission rate. Hence, it is important to greater cautious and strictly adhere to acceptable covid behaviour or covid precaution(social distancing, wearing a mask, and hand sanitization).

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