Fermented foods are healthy foods that are both incredibly effective, but healthy as well. According to research studies, fermented food helps you lose weight, reduce body fat, and reduce blood glucose levels in a healthy way.

About fermentation & fermented food

Fermentation is a process that turns sugars into alcohol. However, alcohol consumption is harmful, but eating certain fermented foods can help you consume less sugar and fewer calories. According to researchers, during the biological procedure, natural bacteria feed on the sugar and starch present in the food.

Control Weight and Blood Sugar in Diabetes with these 5 Fermented Foods

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If you are serious about losing some pounds and improve your health, go to your local grocery shop and buy some fermented food for yourself. Fermented food items are getting popular because of the health benefits associated with eating. But still many people don’t know that eating fermented foods can actually make them lose those extra kilos. Many studies have been revealed that consumption of fermented foods helps in managing weight. Eating fermented vegetables is extremely beneficial as these provide many essential nutrients and fiber which helps in to keep off those extra pounds as well as maintains a normal blood sugar level. Probiotics feed the healthy micro-organisms in your gut and are required for stabilizing a balance of healthy gut bacteria in the digestive tract. Cabbage and certain other vegetables commonly used in fermentation are also useful in providing additional prebiotic food and improving the health of your digestive system.

Link between fermented food and weight loss

There are many ways by which fermented food items, reduced blood glucose level, and weight loss can be linked:

  • The acetic acid produced while fermenting the food has been shown to reduce body when consumed on a regular basis. It is a common compound of fermented foods. Acetic acid has been shown to slow down the digestion and absorption of starches, which helps in preventing spikes in blood glucose levels. Hence, preventing the conversion of carbohydrate to fat for unwanted storage.
  • Fermented foods contain essential nutrients in a high amount that are required by our body to function properly. Fermented food not only provides nutritive value, but we end up eating fewer calories per day and feel satisfied. Hence, one can eat high water content, nutrient dense prebiotic fiber-containing foods or fermented foods in high bulk.
  • Gut bacteria in the digestive tract can have a great impact on the regulation of body weight.
  • Consumption of strains of lactobacillus via fermented food has been shown to burn body fat.
  • Consumption of fermented food balances healthy microbes in the digestive system and improves the digestive system health.

Control weight and blood sugar levels with five fermented foods

Such foods are packed with the goodness of gut-friendly enzymes that act as natural probiotics. Here are five delicious fermented foods that support weight loss and manage diabetes:

  • Kimchi- Eating kimchi gives you tons of metabolic benefits, studies suggest. It has been found that people who had kimchi experienced a drastic change in their weights as well their blood glucose levels. Fermented cabbage also offers to improve blood pressure, blood sugar and reduce in waist-hip measurement.
  • Sauerkraut- It is cabbage that has been pickled by lactic fermentation. During the biological process, sugar converts into energy and gut-friendly lactic acid.
  • Fermented soy- You can have fermented soy products such as miso, tamari, tempeh, and natto. All delicious food products are available in the grocery shops. Fermented soy has the power to get your digestive system functioning properly. They also strengthen your immune system and reduce cancer risks as well.

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  • Pickles- Pickles are the most common fermented food items available in the market. These are packed with probiotics and have an appealing taste that forces many people to eat it. Furthermore, the fermented cucumber is useful in promoting healthy digestion.
  • Yogurt- Yogurt is a fermented food that offers more benefit for weight loss. It is beneficial for losing those tyres around your waist. Consider eating yogurt along with your meal daily to reduce weight and maintain blood glucose levels.

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