If you have diabetes, or at a high risk of getting the disease, all form of added sugar needs to be slashed from the diet. As impossible a task as it may sound at first, it is possible through self-control and resolve, and vital to maintaining a healthy blood sugar level for controlling diabetes. Cutting back on sugar is a healthy way of dealing with diabetes, along with diabetes medicines. Here’s how to find even the hidden sugar in your diet, and how to effectively and strategically cut back on it.

1.Start reading ingredient lists

cut back on SugarReading food labels and checking ingredient lists of all products is the quickest way to realize the amount of sugar you are taking. Even food items that are not sweet, such as crackers, salad dressings and tomato sauce can have sugar added in them. Since food labels have ingredients listed in the descending order of quantity, make sure sugar is nowhere on the top of ingredient lists.

2. Learn other popular names for Sugar

Sugar may not be listed as ‘sugar’ on food labels. Sugars can be listed as invert sugar, sucrose, molasses, honey, brown rice syrup, high fructose corn syrup or any other words that are suffixed with ‘-ose’. The more types of these sugars you find on an ingredient list, chances are the more dangerous the food is.

3. Buy Unsweetened Items

Being aware of sugar’s alternative forms, the next step is to make changes to control diabetes through diet. Buy unsweetened versions of your favourite foods. Look for “no added sugar” labels.

4. Cut back gradually

Abruptly cutting back on sugar is not a practical approach. Slowly cut back on sugar. For instance, come down from 2 packets of sugar to 1 packet in a week for your coffee, followed by half a packet, and then no sugar at all. For yogurt, you can slowly shift to natural sweeteners for controlling diabetes.

5. Taking Healthy Fats

Taking Healthy FatsBlood sugar can soar and fall quickly on consumption of unhealthy carbohydrates that contain high amounts of sugar. This leaves a person feeling hungry in no time. To curb this problem, stick to healthy fats mixed with protein and fibres for all meals. Fats decrease sugar craving and keep a person feeling full for a longer time. Sandwiches with curds and fruits are healthy options you can go for.

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6. Say No to Artificial Sugars

Resist all urges to take artificial sugars in the form of sugar-free candy or diet soda in your diet. They are undoubtedly sweet, so it leaves the body expecting nutrition and calories, but since fake sugars cannot provide those to the body, they end up confusing and messing up the system. Weight gain is a common result.

7. Add natural Flavour to Food

Food can be sweetened without sugar. The use of vanilla extracts, vanilla beans, citrus zests and spices can sweeten food without adding calories. Spices such as cinnamon can be sprinkled on food—it not only adds flavour, but is also known to maintain blood sugar levels, thereby controlling appetite.

8. Turn Away from Sugar-Packed Drinks

Steer clear of all sugar-packed drinks, and this means more than just a can of soda. This includes enhanced waters, energy drinks and all bottled iced teas, coffees and smoothies.

9. Occasional Desserts

After resolving to slash sugar, an occasional sweet indulgence is allowed, as long as one is strictly avoiding sugary items—including non-dessert items such as bread, ketchup and cereals. There should be strict rules regarding when and how often to indulge in desserts and chocolates.

10. Stick to the Rules

vegetables and fruitsTaste buds take some time to adjust, and slowly the natural sweetness in vegetables and fruits comes out more. If a no-sugar diet is followed religiously, natural products will start to taste better.

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