6 Tips to Avoid Muscle Cramps

By Stella Green

Did you ever experience the twitching of muscles in legs or hands that slowly twist or get stiff? Muscle cramps can occur at any time at the middle of the nights or post workout and cause intense pain in forearms, arms, calf muscles, flanks, abdominal walls, quads, and hamstrings.

What Causes Muscle Cramps?

  • Poor blood flow
  • Dehydration
  • Fatigue muscles
  • The absence of physical activities
  • Consumption of spicy and dry foods
  • Extreme hot temperatures
  • Cold temperatures
  • Staying in the same position for an extended period

Muscle cramps are more common in pregnant women, athletes, and people overdo workouts. To put an end to the debilitating pain of a muscle spasm, a lot you need to learn than just rubbing. Several medications are available to treat cramps, buy the best anti-cramp medicines offered by reliablerxpharmacy.com. Here are a few ways to get rid of a muscle spasm.

Tips to Avoid Muscle Cramps

  • Warm up your body every day – If you don’t want the involuntary attack of a muscle cramp, always warm up with some stretching exercises. Stretch your neck muscles, hands, legs, and other do another bending that allows all those minutes nerves to stretch to clear any tension in muscles. By stretching and priming your muscles, flooding the areas with blood, you prepare them for intense movements. These warm-ups sessions help to relax your muscle thereby relieving pain and stiffness.  A 5 minutes warm-up session can help kick start your day.
  • Hydrate yourself and check your carb intake – Dehydration is one of the major causes of muscles cramps. Dehydration plays a crucial role in muscle cramps because when you lose fluids and electrolytes like sodium and potassium of your muscles, which interfere with the fluid balance in your body. This leads to muscle spasms. To keep muscle cramps away, water is not just enough. For maintaining adequate electrolyte balance in your body, you should consider having energy drinks packed with high nutritional content such as chloride, sodium, and potassium. A slight disruption in the electrolyte balance can hamper most of the functional systems and tend to cause muscle spasms. Prefer drinking an electrolyte carb beverage during workouts. Purchase carbohydrate-based products and use them during long workout sessions when you are more likely to fatigued.
  • Rejuvenate with essential oils – When a muscle cramp attacks you, don’t panic. All you need to do is to relax your muscles. Nothing works best than an oil massage when it comes to treating a muscle spasm. Warm the oil of your choice and apply on the affected part of the body and gently rub in circular motion. You can also use a hot water bag to encourage blood circulation in the affected area. If this is not just enough, give your entire body a massage treatment using almond oil, coconut oil, sesame oil, or any medicated oil. Oil massage aid muscle contraction and allow your tensed muscles to relax and calm.
  • Heat the tension away – You can use an electric heating pad or a hot water bottle on twisted muscles to relax and increase blood flow. Make sure you don’t overheat the pad and apply for 20 minutes then remove it and wait for 20minutes before reapplying. Taking a warm shower can also help you to relieve the pain. For added relief, pour some Epsom salt to promote muscle relaxation.
  • Press out pain – Try to find the epicenter of the muscle cramp. Press it with your thumb and hold the pressure for at least 10 seconds, leave it, and again press it for 10 more seconds. After a number of repetitions, the debilitating pain resulting from the cramp will start to diminish.
  • Get rid of nighttime leg cramps – before going to bed, consider drinking a glass of tonic water containing quinine, popular treatment remedy for leg cramps. Research studies supported the use of quinine for leg cramps. Taking vitamin E supplements improves blood circulation through the arteries.

HCG Diet – Food List

By Moiz

HCG diet food list includes a list of foods that are known as whole foods. These are unprocessed, and the food list is primarily focuses on healthy proteins from lean meats, balanced with carbohydrates from selected vegetables and fruits.

Basics of the HCG diet food list

The HCG diet plan has two components, the first being the HCG injections, and the second being the actual diet involved. Purchase HCG injections online at lowest price. According to Dr. Simeons, a strict HCG diet of 500 calories a day is necessary to see the complete results of the HCG hormone. Dr continues to stress that the total daily intake should exceed 500 calories. To see the best results, dieters, should follow this protocol, and sticking to approve foods. While on the HCG diet, your daily intake should contain 200 grams of fat-free protein, a mix of fruits, and vegetables, and a little starch. Before Diving to the HCG diet list, let’s discuss the few situations that could apply to different people who are trying to follow the 500 calorie diet.

For example, for a vegetarian who is not able to eat any sort of animal protein, drinking two cups of skimmed milk per is a great idea to obtain the proper amount of protein that is 200 grams of protein per day. According to Simeons protocol, faulty dieting is another aspect of the HCG diet. According to him, even the slightest deviation from the diet has disastrous results on weight loss of a dieter. It is essential to stick on to HCG diet because small errors can stop the weight loss process and ruin previous progress.

Following the HCG diet

Before checking the list of HCG diet, it is important knows that no substitute can be used for the approved food list. When it comes to daily intake of 200 grams protein, make sure you weigh it raw, after it no visible fat is allowed to consume. Simeons suggests the way in which meal is broken up. An apple and a breadstick can be eaten at breakfast or right before bed. Always remember that the daily intake of two breadsticks and two fruits should not be consumed at the same time. Food items that are not eaten on the previous day cannot be eaten on the next day. Simeons is very much against doing cheating and explains that a cheat to HCG diet will cause trouble in just a few days.

HCG approved foods


  • Shrimp-110 cal
  • Flounder-90 cal
  • Haddock- 88 cal
  • Tilapia-94 cal
  • Lobster-98 cal
  • Halibut- 110 cal
  • Red snapper-110 cal
  • Crab meat-110 cal
  • Cod-83 cal

Meat (3.5 oz)

  • Veal
  1. Loin Chop-117 cal
  2. Sirloin- 110 cal
  • Beef
  1. Sirloin tip side steaks- 130 cal
  2. Tri-tip steak- 154 cal
  3. 93/7 Lean Beef-150 cal
  4. Top round steak-154 cal
  5. Cube steak- 160 cal
  • Chicken breast-216 cal


  • Celery- 15 cal
  • Spinach-20 cal
  • Cabbage-24 cal
  • Tomato- 20 cal
  • Broccoli-34 cal
  • Radishes-12 cal
  • Lettuce-20 cal
  • Asparagus-20 cal
  • Cauliflower-22 cal
  • Cucumber-12 cal


  • Apple (small)-55 cal
  • Apple (medium)- 72 cal
  • Apple (large)- 110 cal
  • Strawberries- 65 cal
  • Pink grapefruit (Florida)- 74 cal
  • Pink grapefruit (California)- 92 cal
  • Orange(Florida)- 65 cal
  • Orange (Navel)- 69 cal
  • Range (California)- 59 cal

Suggested meal plans

The meal is planned in just a way that it covers overall health, nutritional, and weight loss benefits. Example of a meal plan is given below:

  • Breakfast– Herbal tea with Trulicious natural sweetener, and one piece of Melba toast
  • Lunch- 3 oz of grilled chicken breast, 3.5 oz of Asparagus, one breadstick and a small apple

Dinner- 3 oz of baked halibut, 3.5 oz cauliflower, one breadstick, and 12 strawberries

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