Crossed Eye

Crossed Eyes in Kids

Crossed eyes, also referred to as Strabismus is a condition in which the eyes do not line up properly. It is the wandering of one or both the eyes inward, outward, up, or down. For people with this condition, their eyes look in different directions, and each eye focuses on different objects. The treatment for cross eye involves correction with strabismus surgery or eyeglasses.

Identify breast cancer

12 Risk Factors For Breast Cancer You Should Know.

The recent study has revealed that in India one out of twenty eight women develop breast cancer in their life time. It is the most common cancer of all. It has ceased to be a rare condition. Today, women are more open and willing to know and understand their chances of getting breast cancer. They are keen to know and consider the factors which put them at high risk. Some women are even undertaking preventive measures against breast cancer. One such case is Angelina Jolie who underwent double mastectomy to prevent breast cancer. 


What is Narcolepsy: Everything you need to know

The severe neurological disorder, Narcolepsy, disrupts the life of the person suffering from it. The person suffering from this disease feels exhausted and suddenly sleepy during the day. A person may be at work, at the grocery, or even at home, the sleep attack may occur at any time in the day.

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