Our body is like a machine that also requires energy to run, and proper rest to reboot. Both men and women’s health requires some boosters to work for long, and methods to fighting off fatigue work very well in this regard.Fighting off fatigue with self-help tips

Probably, we suspect if we are getting sufficient energy from the meals that our body actually requires. We wish to work and play for hours, but fatigue comes in between. In some cases, we get tired very soon due to some unexplained reasons, but there are some obvious causes of fatigue that you have to counter with the right and self-help tips. The good news is that if we adjust our lifestyle and adopt some health-supporting choices to spark off fatigue, our lives will be filled with a new energy and vibrancy.

Causes of fatigue:
There are various causes of fatigue that arerelated to lifestyle, physical, mental or psychological and medical conditions, such as:
• Poor or unhealthy eating habits

• Excess of alcohol

• Intake of caffeine

• Hard physical activity

• Sedentary lifestyle

• Lack of sleep

• Illness

• Stress, anxiety, grief, depression

• Psychological conditions

• Uneven blood pressure

• Obesity

• Diabetes

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Understand fatigue symptoms:
Fatigue is a very natural phenomenon of the human body, but its gravity has to be limited. But some people witness an upheaval of fatigue and it’s described by different persons in different ways. Symptoms of fatigue can be related to a combination of mental and

physical factors, or separately. Some of its common signs are:
• Weakness

• Constantly tired or exhausted

• Lack of energy

• Dizziness or vertigo

• Difficulty in concentration

• Frequent body pain

• Rapid heartbeat

• Difficulty in completing tasks fast

• Fainting or loss of consciousness

• Lack of motivation

There are some severe symptoms of fatigue that require immediate medical help. These symptoms include:

Pertinence of chest pain

Irregular or fast heartbeat

Shortness of breath

Bleeding (rectal bleeding and/or vomiting blood)

Acute headache

Severe abdominal, pelvic, or back pain

Some additional fatigue symptoms are also there that require prompt treatment or medical attention, such as:

Severe fever

Unexplained body pain

Unexpected weight loss,

Development of lumps in the body

Abnormal vaginal bleeding

Fighting off fatigue:
You have to take a multi-pronged step to counter fatigue and stay physically and mentally fit. It requires some changes in your lifestyle, dietary and workplace that all support men and women’s health to improve and, at the same time, reduce the effects of fatigue. Some of these steps include:

• Stick to morning exercise
It seems to be a bit strange but it’s true that exercise helps you minimize fatigue. Sometimes you might feel too tired to exercise, but if you remain stuck to your regular workout then you will be able to gain more strength to fight off fatigue. Morning exercise is very effective to boost your energy and fill-up a new energy in the body for the day.

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One can start with a small amount of exercise and then gradually week-after-week increase the level and time to do a variety of exercises. Some particular activities like running, swimming and cycling prove to be an energy booster for one and all.

• Sleep well
It’s very important to give proper and full rest to your body. Lack of sleep is one of the primary causes of fatigue, as almost two-thirds fatigue sufferers experience sleep problems. Maybe the nature of your work is such that it requires you to stay awake and alert, but you have to spare time to take at least 6-8 hours of sleep to energize your body and mind. Follow some rules like light dinner, comfortable bed, dark surrounding, and washing of the body with lukewarm water that help you to distress after getting a sleep.Fighting off fatigue with self-help tips

• Cut out caffeine and alcohol
Research studies have found that those who witness fatigue symptoms more often should avoid the excess of caffeine and alcohol drinks. You can gradually reduce the amount of caffeine drinks like tea, coffee and cola to deal with fatigue.

Similarly, a few glasses of wine do not give you comfortable sleep and you can feel a pain of the hangover. If this habit continues, then you can become a victim of fatigue.

• Take healthy diet
Your dietary can make a difference in fighting off fatigue, so concentrate more on the rules of eating. Start your day with a healthy and nutritious breakfast that is high on glucose. Both men and women’s health demands carb-rich breakfast that comprises foods like cereals or whole grain. It should also be rich in protein and fat. Protein-bases smoothies in the morning are also recommended.Fighting off fatigue with self-help tips

After a power-packed morning meal, go for a balanced diet at lunch. Include fruits like banana, grapes, orange, berries, avocados and various fruit juices in your daily diet. Experts also suggest small amounts of the meal more often throughout the day. It’s because you have to avoid the feeling of sluggishness after a big lunch or dinner. Try to resist processed and packaged foods and increase the share of fresh and properly cooked foods to avoid any digestion problems.

• Hydrate body with water
Water offers one of the most effective and immediate solutions to hydrate your body. At least 6-8 glasses of water a day is essential to counter fatigue and flush toxins from the body. You must take water after exercise as it does not let your body dehydrate.

Feeling of fatigue is not a problem to some extent, but let it not become a part of our daily life. Try to understand the intensity of fatigue symptoms and then take appropriate action to neutralize them. You should also learn the right body postures that don’t strain your body much. In order to improve women’s health, it’s equally important to change lifestyle whenever required.

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