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What is The Best Way to Get Rid of a Cold?

Jog down your memory lane and count the number of days you must’ve missed due to something as common as common cold. A common cold is a viral infection of the upper respiratory tract, the nose, and throat. Preschool children are found to be at higher risk of frequent cold infections, but healthy adults can get it too in every year.

Manage Diabetes

How to Manage Diabetes?

We often hear people talking or discussing about major diseases such as AIDS or Cancer. But there is one more disease which has been affecting millions of people worldwide. It’s none other than diabetes. As per the report by World Health Organisation, by the year 2030 the number of people suffering from diabetes will be exactly more than double where it afflicts 382 million people worldwide. Diabetes can strike anyone, whereas it’s a lifelong disease. Today the disease has taken much more lives than AIDS and breast cancer combined-which claims the life of 1 American every 3 minutes. It has now become the leading cause of blindness, kidney failure, heart attack and stroke in many people.

Fitness with Perfect Meals

Fuel Your Fitness with Perfect Meals

In any sort of running, you need to do preparation, and have strength and energy. Even if you are training for an event then also the previously mentioned factors play an important role. Basically, running can be your regular one which you do like a 5 mile running to keep yourself fit or pre workout running that is for warming up for gym. Another sort of running, which is for athletes, which requires a lot of dedication.

Benefits of Healthy Eating

What are the Benefits of Healthy Eating for Your Skin?

Undoubtedly, the food that we eat impacts our physical appearance. If you have unhealthy healthy habits, then there is an increased possibility of getting acne or pimples on the face. Likewise, eating healthy food and regular exercise are challenges for each one of us. Healthy choices lead to a better and longer life. Through healthy eating, people get all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients needed to function properly. One must choose those food items, offering most of these components to improve their quality of life. A healthy diet should consists of fresh fruits and green vegetables, whole grain foods, low fat, lean proteins and non-fat dairy items as stated by the Food Standards Agency. For good health, you should cut down fat, sugar, sodium and cholesterol from your diet. Flaxseeds, green tea, carrots, almonds, dark chocolate, spinach, sweet potatoes and tomatoes are some foods for beautiful skin which can be considered a part of the daily meal. 

Pulmonary Hypertension

Is Sildenafil an effective treatment for Pulmonary Hypertension?

Pulmonary hypertension begins when the arteries that carries blood from the lungs to heart are blocked, narrowed, or constricted, thus obstructing the blood flow from your heart and through your lungs. In turn, heart works harder to push blood beyond the blockages, resulting in increased blood pressure in the arteries and heart. Over time, the heart and heart muscles are weakened because it has to perform so many functions at one time. This condition can also lead to heart failure and eventual death.

Healthy lifestyle for a healthy baby

Healthy lifestyle for a healthy baby

Being blessed with a healthy baby is the most valued part of our lives. No one can imagine a life without a child. This blessing is not relished by everyone, there are some unlucky people who confront the problem of infertility. Being childless is something really hard to endure as their presence truly fulfills your life. Infertility is a hard situation which can make your life full of stress, anxiety, depression and negative thoughts. Around 6.3 million US people are facing this undesired condition. Infertility is a failure of conception after trying for more than a year. Primarily, problems in women were considered for the exclusive reason of infertility. This fact has been denied by countless studies that male factors can also be the reason of infertility. The statistical studies have deduced that both the genders are equally responsible for the failure of conception. A problem in any of them can result in infertility.

The Best Foods That Helps In Shedding Weight

The Best Foods That Helps In Shedding Weight

Pizzas, burgers, fries, and pastas are junk foods that help satisfy our hunger levels but play a major role in keeping us unhealthy. However, there are certain foods that help you reduce your weight and calories. Having healthy foods as snacks and filling up your diet with lots of water and freesh fruit juices is really helping in beating extra calories.

Healthy lifestyle

Protect your Heart by Living a Healthy lifestyle

The heart is never off duty. It constantly beats and spreads blood to all the body tissues. It is a sandwiched muscular organ between two protective layers, that’s internally divided into four chambers. It has a prime role of blood circulation to support our life. In our busy life, we ignore the most sensitive organ of the body. This small muscular organ serves oxygen and nutrition to our body tissues. Maintaining health of the heart is needed for increasing the quality of life.