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High Blood Pressure

Kill The Silent Killer “ High Blood Pressure ” Before It Kills You

Cardiovascular diseases have affected millions worldwide, and have assumed proportions of a world wide epidemic. This conspicuous rise in cardiovascular diseases has also meant world wide significant increase in health spends towards remedial treamtmen imposing a notable economic burden upon society. High blood pressure (Hypertension) is an associated risk factor for cardiovascular disease since the last decade. The worldwide occurrence of hypertension is more than 1 billion whereas more than 7.1 million deaths may be accredited to hypertension annually.

Healthy lifestyle

Protect your Heart by Living a Healthy lifestyle

The heart is never off duty. It constantly beats and spreads blood to all the body tissues. It is a sandwiched muscular organ between two protective layers, that’s internally divided into four chambers. It has a prime role of blood circulation to support our life. In our busy life, we ignore the most sensitive organ of the body. This small muscular organ serves oxygen and nutrition to our body tissues. Maintaining health of the heart is needed for increasing the quality of life.