The heart is never off duty. It constantly beats and spreads blood to all the body tissues. It is a sandwiched muscular organ between two protective layers, that’s internally divided into four chambers. It has a prime role of blood circulation to support our life. In our busy life, we ignore the most sensitive organ of the body. This small muscular organ serves oxygen and nutrition to our body tissues. Maintaining health of the heart is needed for increasing the quality of life.As we all know, cardiovascular problems rank the top and take the lives of millions of Americans. Obviously, there is a prime need to make heart health as an important part of your medical check-up list. It is imperative to consider steps that protects our heart and helps in staying away from life threatening conditions.

How modern lifestyle is affecting our heart health?

Today’s lifestyle is different from the colonial way of living that was based on simple living, high thinking. Lifestyle is basically the manner we live our lives. Modern lifestyle is very fast and full of competition. An individual is running a constant race against time in urge of getting money to fulfil his needs and desires. This everlasting lust of comfort has pushed a person to various ailments such as hypertension, diabetes, asthma and many more life disturbing diseases. Well, this kind of lifestyle has added stress and exhaustion in an individual’s life. Stress, tension and time-consuming workloads have taken a toll on our heart. Inappropriate working hours, stress, sedentary living and smoking habits weakens our hearts and gives rise to various heart problems. An unhealthy heart can make you prone to various serious life threatening ailments:

  • Angina pectoris
  • Hypertension
  • Hypercholestermia
  • Heart attack
  • Myocardial infarction
  • Stroke

Protecting our hearts is something which is the need of the hour. Premature heart problems are something which is evident in today’s generation. Cardiac abnormality can lead to eye-related diseases. It is high time to safeguard your heart and avoid serious heart diseases.

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Protect your heart by living a healthy lifestyle

This has been well reviewed and studied by researchers that only a healthy lifestyle is the preventive measure that can protects our heart and delays premature cardiac problems. We have to tailor a healthy heart by living a healthy rich life. Below are some pointers which are needed to keep the heart healthy:

  • Medical visits- It is the first parameter that is required for a healthy heart. If you have a family history of heart problems, then after the age of 25 years, follow up with your doctor after every six months. General health checkups are a good decision along with following a healthy lifestyle in order to prevent any sort of heart problems. If you are an elderly patient, then undergoing cardiac check up is a must in order to asses any sort of abnormality. Being pro-active about your heart health is always good and things can be controlled at an early stage itself.
  • Stress levels- Watch your stress levels to avoid any type of heart problems. Stress is an inevitable part of our lives. Stress directly influences the blood pressure, blood cholesterol and glucose levels. Chronic exposure to the stress leads to cardiomyopathy that implies weakening of the heart muscles. The best way is to be stress free for a healthy heart. Exercises such as aerobics have shown to release endorphins which develop a positive attitude. Yoga and meditation also help to keep control stress levels and help in attaining eternal peace of mind and body.
  • Watch what you eat- Unhealthy food is the biggest trigger that can damage your heart muscles and its overall functioning. Hamburgers, cheese cakes, fried chickens, sausages and pastas like many more items are not simply heart friendly. It elevates the blood cholesterol levels that can cause blockage in your arteries. The blocked arteries can induce heart attack, myocardial infarction and stroke. High cholesterol is a big risk factor to welcome all sorts of heart abnormalities. Eating food rich in salt results in salt & water retention causes rise in your blood pressure levels. Restricted sodium diet is good for heart health as it thwarts your chances of hypertension. Diet less in calories, sodium and cholesterol is what our heart. One great option is following Dietary approach to treat hypertension (DASH) that has complete account of heart friendly foods. Follow the diet to stay away from the various risk factors of heart problems. A diet full of fruits, vegetables, healthy proteins and essential minerals are always loved by the heart. 
  • Exericise regularly- Lack of physical activity doubles your risk of suffering from cardiac abnormalities. Sedentary living, long hours of sitting and total dependency on the machines for routine work has become a big risk factor for many life threatening diseases. Being physical active reduces the cholesterol and high blood pressure levels. It’s high time to increase your physical activity to stay away from any sort of abnormality. We can simply walk for 30 minutes or prefer climbing stairs than escalators or lift. 
  • Stay fit- Exercise is needed for the efficient working of the heart. It decreases your raised blood pressure levels and cholesterol levels. For the proper working of heart and other body functions, exercise is needed. It has endless health benefits. Exercise in any form always boosts metabolism, keeps your weight under control. Aerobics, hitting a gym, brisk walking, cycling and swimming are many healthy ways to lose weight. Obesity is a major risk factor causing atherosclerosis which can result in heart attack or heart failure. Overcoming obesity reduces the work load of heart and facilitates smooth functioning of heart
  • Abstain from smoking The hazardous chemicals present in the smoke leads to the blockage of arteries that may lead to atherosclerosis. Even if you are a passive smoker, then also you are at higher risk of artery blockages. Kicking the smoking habit is a way to get a healthy heart. These days, nicotine patches or chewing gums are a good healthy substitute to overcome the habit of smoking. With the assistance of family and friends, one can quit smoking for better heart health.

The heart is a tenacious muscular organ that needs timely care and attention. Living an active life, adopting a rich diet and staying way from tobacco smoke are few ways to stay away from heart related problems. Almost one million of population in USA suffer from heart attacks. Overcoming the elements that causes discomfort and disrupts the functioning of heart is all that we need. Healthy hearts stays in a healthy body so watch your calorie intake and keep your stress levels under control.

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