Hair loss after pregnancy and childbirth is a common thing faced by most of the new moms. It is a just opposite to pregnancy where you are blessed with long, beautiful hair.

During pregnancy many women might have felt a significant difference in the thickness and lusture of their hair. Pregnancy phase provides you dreamy hair and you keep on thanking pregnancy for the same. But once you deliver a child, you start losing your hair slowly and it freaks out some of the new moms.

 Postpartum Hair-loss:

Postpartum or post-delivery hair loss, is the sudden hair loss after pregnancy. It is accompanied by sudden shedding of hair. It is experienced by the mothers who have just given birth, some three to six months before.

Hair Loss after Pregnancy and Childbirth

Causes of post partum Hair-loss:

We lose approximately 100 hair strands daily. But the hair loss is not that common once you get pregnant. The pregnancy hormones prevent the fall of hair, make them thick and lustrous. But as soon as your pregnancy recedes, your hormone levels also come to normal and you start experiencing an extra hair drop. As you start getting back to your normal pre-preganancy routine you start noticing that your hair has lost its thickness.

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 Post partum hair loss:

Those new moms who are wondering about the time when their hair loss will stop, need not worry at all. It is because the hair fall is just temporary and it is a sign that you are getting back to normal. The hair loss after pregnancy and childbirth will continue to happen most extremely up to the time of breastfeeding. Once you stop feeding your child and he/she is ready to blow out the first birthday candles, you can expect the end of your hair loss pattern.

Most dermatologists suggest that one can experience a region of their normal hair fullness, once their kid turns one year old. If even after one year, your hair loss does not stop then you need to see the dermatologists as soon as possible. It might be a case that something else might be causing your hair loss.

 Protecting Your Hair after Pregnancy:

There are many ways by which you can prevent the loss of hair after a successful pregnancy.Post pregnancy is a very beautiful phase and you must not worried about losing hair, but cherish the presence of a young one in your life.

Hair Loss after Pregnancy and Childbirth

There are some tips for the new mothers that dermatologists swear by

  1. Be gentle with your hair and use only light hair styles. Avoid any kind of hair style that is tight or pulls off your hair. Do not use excessive styling things like tight hair bands/ hair rollers/hair clips. Avoid hot hair oil treatment as it can damage the scalp and roots of hair. Avoid twisting an pulling your hair. It is one of the best ways to protect hair loss during pregnancy
  2. Avoid using conditioning shampoo as they can make the hair look limp and can make the hair weigh down
  3. Try to use a wide tooth comb while combing your hair as it would cause less pulling of hair and will avoid hair breakage. Never use brush on wet hair.
  4. Try to use heating agents as less as possible. Heating hair may cause them to become fragile and may increase the hair loss. Try to avoid devices such as hair dryers, curlers and straighteners etc.

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  1. Take the prenatal vitamins: The vitamins that you were prescribed during pregnancy were very essential as they were needed to make up the nutritional deficiencies. So, try to include more nutrients in our post-partum diet composed of fresh fruits and veggies, etc.
  2. Frequently wash your hair: A frequent hair wash is necessary for a person having oily hair. Three times a week is very good for such a person. You should use a good quality shampoo and should never forget to use a conditioner after applying shampoo. If you do not condition your hair after a hair wash, then it may leave your hair dry and may promote hair breakage.
  3. If you have already suffered a good hair loss and your head is looking very thin, then you may opt for a new haircut. The hair fall may leave your mane looking thin, it can be tackled by using a new haircut, suiting your face shape. A new haircut will make your hair look fuller and your post pregnancy troubles will look temporary.

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