Today’s work culture is more or less the culprit for making you ill because people spend most of their time staring at computer screens. Computers and other gadgets have become an indispincible part of our lives.
Looking at our mobile phone, tablets or computer screens for long time periods may damage your eyes. These eye problems affect almost 50 to 90 percent of computer workers. Staring at your computer screen for a long time can induce physical fatigue and minor issues like red eyes or twitching in the eyes.

The above mentioned problem of eyes is regarded by the medical community as Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). This condition is now very common among today’s urban population who spend their whole day working on laptops, computers, tablets, and mobile phones. Viewing computer screens often makes the eyes work harder than normal because of the resolution and harmful rays that are emitted through these gadgets. Moreover, due to the multitasking features and high visual demands of these products, individuals are more susceptible to various vision related conditions.

Prevent Eye StrainHow prolonged working on computers is more strenuous than other physical activities?

People in this generation don’t want to waste their time in reading a printed page because they think that why not use internet, which will provide them everything on few clicks. Basically, the letters on the computer screen are not as sharply defined and precise because contrast level of the letters to the background is reduced, and the presence of reflections on the screen may make viewing difficult. Reflections are not the only cause of eye problems, there are other factors also that trigger these and other problems too like different distances and angles also result in aggravating the issue. Even minor vision problems can turn into major problems due to constant computer and other gadgets use. In fact along with eye problems, the posture we sit at while using laptops and computers results in muscle spasms or pain in the neck, shoulder or back.

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How is Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) diagnosed?

The CVS condition can be easily diagnosed by a professional doctor or an ophthalmologist. He/she will perform a comprehensive eye examination by testing your eyes with special emphasis on visual requirements at the computer working distance. These include:

  • Very first diagnostic test includes an examination of the patient’s history to determine any symptoms. Your doctor will examine, if you have ever experienced or you’re suffering from any other health problems, whether you are taking any kind of medications, or environmental factors that may be trigger to the symptoms related to computer use.
  • Another test includes the visual acuity measurements in which your doctor will assess the extent to which your vision is affected.
  • Testing also includes how your eyes focus, move and work altogether.
  • This testing method is done by your doctor without using eye drops to determine how the eyes respond under normal seeing conditions.

After analysing the results of tests, your doctor will determine the exact condition and stage, and then he will advice you the proper treatment and management options.
Treatment of computer vision syndrome (CVS):

Treatment of computer vision syndrome

Treatment varies from person to person, which includes:

Eye care:

  • Some individuals do not require eyeglasses for daily activities, but they may get benefit from glasses prescribed specifically for computer use.
  • Moisturizing your eyes using various eye products like eye moisturizers, medicated eye drops, and other eye medicines frequently may help you from spoiling your eyes. These products are very effective because these help you in keeping your eyes moist and lubricated.
  • To minimize the chances of developing dry eye, try to blink your eyes frequently because blinking keeps your eye moist.
  • If you’re already suffering from the condition of hypotrichosis of eyelashes, then a medicated lubrication named careprost is the best solution for you. Careprost is a medicated solution, which helps in growing your eyelashes and also lubricates them. Furthermore, people can easily avail careprost from various online portals and the over-the-counter section.

Management of CVS:

There are various steps that may help you in preventing or controlling your CVS problem, these include:

  • You can reduce your CVS problem by changing the lighting to reduce glare on the computer screen. CVS problem may also be solved by putting a glare filter over the screen monitor.
  • Positioning of the computer is very necessary for the optimal eye sight. Various researchers have stated in their studies that the perfect position for your computer monitor is slightly below the eye level, which is about 20 to 28 inches away from the face. This position is best for you because you shouldn’t have to stretch your neck or strain your eyes to see what’s on the screen.
  • Apply the 20-20-20 rule, this means give your eyes a break after staring at computer screen for about 20 minutes. Change your focus from your screen and look away on an object which is about 20 feet away for 20 seconds. This rule can help in avoiding eye fatigue.
  • You can tweak your computer settings by adjusting the brightness, contrast, and font size.Also Read: Home Remedies To Improve Eyesight.

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