Our eyes are the most precious gift. Almighty has gifted us with this lovely pair of eyes to explore the world, distinguish between colors, look at mother nature’s wonderful creations and much more. There are few lucky ones, who are blessed with long eyelashes, beautifully colored eyes and attractive eyeballs. It calls for utmost attention and care, towards this amazing pair of eyes. Pollution and end number of disease have made their way in this globe; hence we are more prone to get affected. Let’s have a look at some of the eye care tips which will help in keeping our eyes healthy for years to come.

5 Simple Eye Care Tips1. Say – no to stress

Is there anyone among us, who has never a faced stressful situation ? The answer is very obvious – No! Daily we deal with lots of stress; we need to find out ways to beat it effectively. Stress reduces the oxygen supply to the body, which worsens the condition of the eyes, sooner or later. So stay happy stay stress free.

2. Vitamin A- A perfect boon 

Do you include carrots in your snack box, or keep it in on the salad plate? If your answer is yes, you are on the right path. Crunching carrots will help you supply the necessary nutrients to your eyes. It will improve the vision as well as add the perfect glow to your skin.

3. Rush for a check up

When did you last go for an eye-check up ? Maybe the time when you were studying, and parents took to us to the doctor. We often rush to see a doctor for basic reasons, but we do not step into the eye specialist’s cabin even once a year. Make a point that you see an eye specialist once in a year, this will let you know if your eye is, healthy, or it is infected. In-case your vision is poor the doctor will suggest you some supplements for eye health.

4. Switch off the gadget display

Are you a gadget freak ? Yes, Most of us are, then please take care. This pair of eyes calls for immediate attention. All you can do is, take some small intervals while working on the computer, it will relax your eye muscles. Do not fiddle with the phone, continuous exposure to mobile phones, tablets and play stations add stress to our eyes. If you are tired, splash water on your face. Visit a doctor and take some eye medicine if your eyes are paining too much.

 5. Keep it clean

Are you planning to quit the existing spectacles? If No, it is not at all a problem. Stylish spectacles are “IN” this season. If yes, then you need to be careful. Contact lenses are the only way you can stay away from those bulky glasses. However, it has its own pros and cons. Maintaining a clean pair of contact lenses is essential. Unhygienic contact lenses may create complications. So check out the shell life and them go for it.

See to it that you follow all the above tips and maintain the quality of your beloved pair of eyes. Save it from all the evils of this world. So then even they shall be beside you for the rest of your life. Serving you immensely with full pleasure and happiness. Hope you all will take care of your valuable eyes and preserve them for the years to come in your life.

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