Do Extensions Cause Your Lashes to Fall Out?

If you are on a journey to get bold and beautiful eyelashes, then extensions could be your partner to reach the destination. With a simple application process, you can get the lashes of your dreams. However, some believe that eyelash extensions will lead to future issues with your real eyelashes. Purchase Careprost lash serum for achieving naturally long and dark eyelashes.

Extra long, voluminous and perfect curl, why one can’t fall in love with eyelash extensions? No doubt extensions can be transformative, but the treatment isn’t perfect. They are high maintenance, and expensive and can also damage your real lashes if not applied by a professional with proper precautions. For anyone who is considering the option for the first time is advised to find out whether they are actually worth it or not.

Verdict about eyelash extensions

The un-comfort associated with the use of extensions and the fact that your real lashes are short and thin after wearing, many factors affect the longevity of the extensions. There is no definite truth that extension majority cause damage to your real lashes. However, it’s more up to the way you use them, are you taking proper precautions to keep your lashes at its best to avoid any mishappening. Think about extension twice and look for these points below if you are thinking of giving them a try.

Know these lash tips

  • Do not steam or wet your lashes for the first few days after you get the extension done. You can, of course, take a shower and wash your face, making sure that no water is touching your lashes.
  • Do not rub your eyes, or use products that contain oils, plus avoid applying heavy creams around the eye area. Also picking and excessive touching should not be done. Brushing your lashes with a clean mascara brush is a good habit, but don’t overdo it.
  • It’s better not to apply mascara on your extensions as it is difficult to remove and even make your extended strands to break. If you wish to use mascara, then purchase one with waterproof quality. Never invest in a mechanical lash curler to enhance the appearance of extensions.
  • Make sure you have done an extension with a certified professional who knows how to attach them properly. A trained artist will definitely don’t harm your lashes. Do a little search and find the best artist in your town.
  • Prefer using a silk pillow as it is known to cause the least damage to your lashes. There are chances that you end up sleep on your face, which cause your extension to break. Invest in a good quality silk pillow as silk material will do less damage to you really a swell as fake lashes.

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Eyelash Don’ts

Check these points to avoid potential damage:

  • Extensions are only meant to be attached to the real set of lashes, and not the skin.
  • Using massive extensions will lead to premature shedding.
  • Rubbing your eyes can cause immediate breakage. Do not harsh on these delicate strands. Be gentle as much as you can with your lashes.
  • Avoid removing extensions yourself
  • Do not wash your lashes within 24 hours of application.

Introduce break between extensions

To keep your lashes, it is important that you and your stylist should pay attention to your real lashes. If there is a change in the texture and fullness of your natural lashes, measures should be taken adjust your styling accordingly. Many times, just changing the type of lash extensions can make a huge difference. Going with a thinner or shorter extension might also be required a part of the refill process.

The best way to maintain healthy lashes

Eyelash serums are a great way for people who want to get their natural lashes in better shape. Careprost lash serum contains Bimatoprost which helps your lashes to reach their full potential, making them long and denser. Choose authentic Careprost to maintain your lashes and keep them healthy.

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