4 Life-Changing Beauty Hacks are Cheaper than Eyelash Extensions

The application of the external eyelash extensions to make your lashes beautiful is not a bad option. But, are you ready to bear its maintenance cost and agreed to go through that tedious process every time you wear it? Moreover, it requires you to avoid rubbing and around your eyes after wearing the eyelashes. Instead of using external products why not try some other options to maintain long and beautiful lashes even without burdening the pocket much? Careprost Eye Drops is one such easy and cheaper solution that can help you grow longer, darker, thicker and stronger eyelashes that you wish to have.

There are several life-changing beauty hacks to help you out in maintaining the beautiful eyelashes.

  1. Treat lashes with castor oil:

You can use organic products like castor oil to maintain lush and dark lashes. There are no side effects of castor oil and it is helpful to condition your lashes too. You can use a cotton ball or spool to apply castor oil to the roots of lashes. Such a herbal oil can make your lashes healthy and darker that do not fall easily. For the alopecia patients, castor oil is very effective to treat the condition and it works well with the regular use. Overall, castor oil provides a powerful follicle-stimulating and nourishing solution to let you enjoy lustrous and voluminous lashes.

  1. Lash lifting exercise:

If you have straight or down eyelashes, they give a very ordinary look to your face and do not add any glamour to your facial beauty. You can move them upward with the help of keratin and pads. You just have to curl your lashes repeatedly up with closed eyes and hold it for a moment. This manual treatment is helpful to move your lashes up to some degree and make their roots stronger as well. This exercise will not irritate your eyes and you will no longer require mascara or external eyelashes after a period.

  1. Tint to make dark lashes:

Women can easily use tint to make their lashes artificially darker. It’s a very easy procedure to tint lashes and, after that, you don’t need to use eyelash extensions. Those who have light or thin lashes can make them look darker and stylish by using the tint. It does not cost much and one-time application of tint remains with you for a few days. And if you are using Careprost Eye Drops solution, you can also use tint altogether to make the lashes darker.

  1. Lash serum is a good option:

The application of lash serum is not futile and it works to give you darker and longer eyelashes. Many beauty experts recommend Careprost eye drops to grow natural and beautiful lashes without irritating the eyes. The lush natural eyelashes are possible to find with the regular use of serum, and yes, such lashes remain with you for long.

There are some options that you can try:

Eyelid massage:

Regular massaging the eyelids can promote the growth of eyelashes. Massaging can improve blood flow to the hair follicles and stimulate hair growth so that you no longer experience thinning and breakage of lashes. You can use the herbal oil or petroleum jelly to massage your eyelids in circular motions.

Use lemon peels:

Women can simply use lemon peels to maintain lush eyelashes. The lemon peels contain vitamins C and B, folic acid as well as some other powerful nutrients needed to promote hair growth. You can use a powder of lemon peels mixed with castor or olive oil to make your lashes thicker, longer and darker. Similarly, Careprost eye drops have the power to stimulate the growth of lashes and its therapeutic attributes are effective enough. It offers a cheaper and easier solution to grow lashes.

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