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Heart Attack- Know the risk

Heart Attack- Know the risk

The American Heart month is celebrated in February. The World Heart Federation started it as an attempt to unite people and spread awareness about heart diseases. It is the perfect way to spread knowledge about preventing and treating heart disease. The American Health Month is celebrated to encourage people to start leading a heart healthy lifestyle. A study has shown that heart disease is the primary reason of death for men and women in the United States. However, it is possible to prevent heart diseases through healthy choices and managing health conditions. Some people tend to have a false sense of security about the risks that can cause heart attack and stroke. Read along to know about the different ways of preventing heart attack and stroke.

avoiding unwanted pregnancy

4 Simple Ways To Avoid Unwanted Pregnancy

With the advent of unwanted pregnancies and the rise of teen pregnancies, it has become necessary to address the issue of pregnancy clearly. Therefore, every year Febuary 10th to 16th is celebrated as World Pregnancy awareness week and condom awareness week.

Toothache: Treatment And Remedies

Toothaches are no fun! Every now and then we get the kind of pain in our teeth that sends us howling to the dentist. Rarely, it is something we have no control over as most of the times it is something that can be evaded with a little care for our teeth. These causes can range from tooth decay and tooth abscess to tooth fracture and damage fillings to infected gums. This pain in the tooth/teeth is noticed by a constant throbbing and may be set off by food or drink.