With the advent of unwanted pregnancies and the rise of teen pregnancies, it has become necessary to address the issue of pregnancy clearly. Therefore, every year Febuary 10th to 16th is celebrated as World Pregnancy awareness week and condom awareness week.

This article aims at the question: How do you avoid unwanted pregnancy? The most obvious answer would be to stay away from sex. However, if your sexually active, caution and responsible behavior can go a long way. Firstly, a few myths about pregnancy need to be busted. For instance, it is possible to get pregnant even when you have sex the first time and if you are menstruating or you do not orgasm or if you urinate or douche right after having sex. Contrary to a popular belief, pregnancies may still incur if a man only touches the vagina or during sex has to pull out before ejaculating.

how to avoid pregnancy

There are many ways of avoiding an unwanted pregnancy. Natural methods like keeping a tab of your ovulation and menstruation does not guarantee definite results. While the artificial methods of using contraception being condoms, birth controls or any other though tedious, is comparatively safer.

1. Preventing Pregnancy Naturally

This age old practice does not guarantee 100 percent results. It is believed that it is safe to have unprotected sexual intercourse two days before and after a period. The problem is that for most women periods are unpredictable. Irregular periods many be controlled to some extent by making sure the body gets all its nutrients. For which, it is a good idea to invest is some women’s health supplements.

2. Ovulation Method

This is another age old technique of naturally avoiding pregnancy. It involves not having sex during the period of ovulation. Just like any natural method, it will have you living on the edge, as slip ups are always possible here.

3. Hormonal Methods

There are numerous contraceptive pills available like Birth control and other hormonal pills that can prevent pregnancy. These pills avert the ovaries from producing eggs or stop the fertilized eggs from getting implanted in the uterus. They, however, come with certain side effects, both mental and health. Moreover, most of these pills required to be taken often and usually on an everyday basis.

4. Condoms

The most common methods of contraception are the condoms. They are almost considered 100 percent safe. Condoms will not only save you from unwanted pregnancies but it will also stop transmission of any sexual disease. Although, caution should be followed while buying condoms. Expiry date and other instructions should be checked well. Also once bought it is important to be stored properly.

Teenage Pregnancy

Teenage pregnancies are on the rise, owing to the change of lifestyle and communication patterns that is brought on by technology. As awkward as it may be for most parents, it is their responsibility have the bird and the bees talk with their kids at a right age. Many times parents give out half information and leave the rest for the kids to figure out. Parents must address all issues from puberty, sexual intercouse to contraceptives to safety and pregnancies. Most teens get into early sexual activity mostly through peer pressure. Parents need to understand the fragile nature of their minds and address those issues accordingly. If it is still hard to explain, you may request a relative or a teacher to have a word. Similarly there are also many clinics and workshops that are aimed toward this goal of spreading pregnancy awareness.

Small mistakes can lead to many regrets. Remember to enjoy life but play safe, always. Tell us what you think in the comment section block below.

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