Link between hormonal birth control and breast cancer revealed

In today’s world where people are so busy in their lifestyle that they need to do family planning. So, birth control is very necessary for today’s time. There are various methods of birth control. Some of them involve drugs and there are various physical methods also to control births. One of the best and most famous methods is Hormonal methods. Hormonal methods include birth control pills, skin patches, and vaginal rings. They contain estrogen and progestin.

How to Live Your Prostate Cancer the Best Way

Being told by your health care professional that you have prostate cancer is terrifying. But, most men diagnosed with prostate cancer don’t die from it. Even though a prostate cancer cure cannot be guaranteed, proper treatment can often stop the growth of abnormal cells in the prostate region. As you learn more about this health condition, you will better understand what it means for your future. This document will help you learn ways to live well with prostate cancer.

Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer: Start Your Fight before It Strikes

Cancer in breast tissue is known as breast cancer. In the United States, Breast cancer is found to be the most common cancer diagnosed in women after skin cancer. Though the possibilities of breast cancer exist in both male and female, it is a disease found more commonly in females. In the past few years due to the development of molecular biology, a lot of research has been done in the areas of diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. But breast cancer continues to be a major problem in the female population. Here we have provided a brief introduction to breast cancer, its different types, signs and symptoms, stages, its diagnosis and treatment as well as genetic aspect of breast cancer.

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