Oral Care

Foods that Cause Stained Teeth

Foods that Cause Stained Teeth

Your smile can be the most attractive part about you because it can seem so appealing. Good white teeth are almost like a person’s prized possession and also indicate a person’s attention to oral hygiene. When a person with such teeth flashes a smile, they seem to get the attention of everyone present, whether friends, colleagues, business clients or intimate friends. Properly arranged teeth improve the quality of someone’s smile. Bad teeth can be very unsightly and might even come in the way of relationships at work and in one’s personal life. 

Bad breath

How to tackle Bad Breath?

Bad breath, most commonly called halitosis, is characterized by an unpleasant odor of the mouth. Having bad breath could be really embarrassing while sitting in an office meeting or at a party. Bad breath can occur on any occasion or time and sometimes it may be a chronic condition. In most cases, halitosis may develop from gums or tongue. There can be several reasons for having bad breath like poor oral hygiene, medical conditions or due to the foods that we consume.


Healthy Teeth Leads to a Healthy Life!

A smile is something which is so empowering that it has the power to provide confidence and bring happiness to another person’s life. Teeth are the reasons behind every million dollar smile. However, bad teeth can be instant turnover. An estimated 2.43 billion people (36% of the population) are suffering from dental problems and more than 620 million babies are also affected by this problem. It has been stated in a study in the United States that dental problems are the most common chronic childhood diseases.

Toothache: Treatment And Remedies

Toothaches are no fun! Every now and then we get the kind of pain in our teeth that sends us howling to the dentist. Rarely, it is something we have no control over as most of the times it is something that can be evaded with a little care for our teeth. These causes can range from tooth decay and tooth abscess to tooth fracture and damage fillings to infected gums. This pain in the tooth/teeth is noticed by a constant throbbing and may be set off by food or drink.