Toothaches are no fun! Every now and then we get the kind of pain in our teeth that sends us howling to the dentist. Rarely, it is something we have no control over as most of the times it is something that can be evaded with a little care for our teeth. These causes can range from tooth decay and tooth abscess to tooth fracture and damage fillings to infected gums. This pain in the tooth/teeth is noticed by a constant throbbing and may be set off by food or drink.

World Toothache Day is celebrated on 9th Feb. This day is celebrated to spread awareness and knowledge about toothache. This does not only raise awareness about toothache, but also encourages its prevention, detection and treatment.


Here we discuss the various symptoms, treatment and prevention of a toothache.


It is not very hard to identify the symptoms of a toothache. It is usually accompanied by a constant, throbbing or a sharp pain in the tooth. Swelling around the tooth is also very common. Sometimes it is also accompanied by headache or a fever. If you suffer from an infection, you may see a secretion of a foul tasting drainage from that tooth.

If it lasts for just a few hours and then fades away, you may can take a call as to when you would want to see a dentist. However if the toothache is severe and lasts longer than one or two days, then you must visit the dentist pronto. Another common symptom, commonly seen during a toothache, is the onset of fever, earache or pain when opening the mouth wide.
It is important to be aware and do a quick self-analysis as it may help identify infection and prevent its spread to other parts of the face and skull and in the worst situation even to the bloodstream.


Treatment for a toothache depends entirely upon the cause. If the problem is a cavity, the dentist will fill the cavity or if needed, extract the tooth. If there is an infection at the tooth’s nerve, fixing a root canal may be in order. These infections are caused mainly due to Bacteria having worked their way into the inner aspects of the tooth. Photo-therapy with a cold laser is used to minimize the pain. For after treatment, an antibiotic or medication, that you will readily find in the pharmacy or online, may be prescribed.


Following good hygiene practices, brushing regularly, flossing once a day and visiting a dentist every-now and then are some of the basic but forgotten aspects of daily routine. For optimal protection, follow a low in sugar diet that will not only benefit your teeth but also your health.

Other ideas to prevent and take care of a toothache:

Paracetamol or Ibuprofen may be used to take care of unrelenting pain. You can buy these medications from your nearest chemist.These should be taken to help you get by to the dentist and only as directed on the package.

Cold or hot foods should be avoided at all cost as they only provoke the pain.

Oil of Cloves is a massive pain reliever. You may bite on some cotton wool soaked in oil of cloves. Oil of cloves is available at most pharmacies.


Teeth are the most taken for granted part of our body. It is only once we suffer from a massive pain attack that we realize that our teeth need to be tended for more. It is never too late and start by caring now.

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