How Can A Birth Control Pill While Pregnancy Hurt Your Baby?

By Moiz

Birth Control Pill

If you are taking birth control pills and discover you have conceived, you may wonder whether your birth control pill cause harm to your baby or if there is a chance of miscarriage. According to research studies, some types of birth may cause complications, but most of them are relatively safe. 

Birth control pills commonly have hormones that mimic the hormones produced by a woman’s body. Oral contraceptives help prevent pregnancy by thickening the cervical excretion which prevents the sperm from reaching the female egg. However, oral contraceptives cannot offer a 100% guarantee against pregnancy, and there are probabilities that a woman gets unexpectedly become pregnant while taking birth control pills.

Some research studies suggest that taking birth control pills while you are accidentally pregnant may not harm the baby in the womb during early pregnancy. But it is wise to discontinue oral contraceptives immediately after you get aware of your pregnancy.

What if accidentally taken birth control pills while pregnant

Most women wonder whether taking birth control pills affect the growing baby in the womb. Research studies show that using an oral contraceptive during the initial days of pregnancy may not affect the developing fetus. However, some side effects of taking oral contraceptives while pregnant can occur.

Birth Defects

Many women who got accidentally pregnant while using birth control pills may be worried about their growing baby being born with certain birth defects. But according to food and drug administration, no evidence taking birth control pills or progestin-only pills while pregnant may increase chances of birth defects in babies or cause pregnancy complications.  Here it is important to note that there is very less research on this subject. This is because medical ethics won’t allow researching the mother and her unborn baby.

Most of the data is has emerged from research comparing pregnant women who used birth control pills during their early phase of pregnancy against those who haven’t used the contraceptive pills. Still, experts don’t recommend continuing birth control pills while getting pregnant. It is important to understand that her child will ultimately take every drug a pregnant woman take. Therefore, in case of doubt, taking a pregnancy test is a wise decision. If the pregnancy test is not possible for some reason, try other contraceptive methods.  Some studies suggest that pills containing progestin may slightly increase the risk of birth defects in boys where the opening of the urethra is absent at the tip of the penis.

Miscarriage Myths

Some women believe that if they continue taking birth control pills while pregnant, are more likely to have a miscarriage, which is not true and no evidence suggest that. A hormonal contraceptive pill acts by thickening of cervical mucus to prevent the entry of the sperm in the uterus. They help to stop ovulation and preventing the thickening of the uterine lining from supporting implantation. Birth control pills do not contribute to miscarriage.

Others believe that taking birth control pills may cause termination of pregnancy which is again not true. Birth control pills do not affect once the fertilized egg is planted. To end the pregnancy, certain medicines can be used if desired. Such medications are considered as contraceptives, and they are often called a medical abortion. These abortion pills should be taken under the supervision of a health care specialist.

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Miscarriage risks and IUD

There may be complications if you have an intrauterine device (IUD) and conceived a baby. According to research studies, if a pregnant woman chooses to leave her IUD during early pregnancy, she is more likely to have a miscarriage, her risk of having a miscarriage will increase to around 40%. Furthermore, such women are more likely to have a preterm birth. Therefore, it is important to always speak to a health care specialist to remove IUD once if you get aware of your pregnancy and continue to carry the baby. Removing IUD earlier can reverse these risks.

Conclusion Unintended use of oral contraceptives in initial days of pregnancy seems to lower the risk of associated complications. If you are pregnant, ask your healthcare specialist about medications, supplements, and other over the counter products. And it is smart to discontinue birth control pills when you discover your pregnancy.

Things to Avoid During Pregnancy

By Stella Green

Pregnancy is a crucial and transformative phase of life for every woman. It is the time when they not only have to do their regular works but also take care of the baby in the womb as well. Gynecology experts suggest that most women can continue their regular activities during the first few months, but they should seriously consider few things to avoid during pregnancy. Such things are important for the well-being of both the lives.

Here are some such things that pregnant women should avoid.

Stay away from alcohol:

Alcohol is critical to the health of a woman and her unborn baby as well. Women should refuse it for the sake of a healthy future for the baby. Drinking alcohol in pregnancy can pose risks of various health conditions as well as disorders to the fetus. It causes severe fetal alcohol syndrome disorders that could remain with the baby for long. Experts are unanimous on complete prohibition of alcohol during pregnancy. Liquor drinking during pregnancy could trigger some serious health issues to the baby, such as:

  • Physical abnormalities
  • Cognitive disorders
  • Intellectual disabilities
  • Behavioral problems
  • Seizures
  • Developmental delays
  • Poor physical development

Avoid some particular food products:

The intake of nutritious food is the most important factor to ensure good improvement in the health of a would-be mother and her baby. On the other hand, fast food or junk food products are the things to avoid during pregnancy. It is better to follow a good diet chart for those 9 months. Some particular food items that a pregnant woman should avoid include:

Deli meat product – It contains listeria, which is a bacterium that could harm the fetus. In some cases, this bacterium proves to be a deadly factor for the fetus.

Soft cheeses – Soft cheeses contain listeria bacteria that that could cause listeriosis, a type of infection. Pregnant women should not eat uncooked soft cheese to avoid the risk of being infected from listeriosis. The fast hormonal changes during pregnancy can further assist this infection to creep in weaken the immune system of a newborn baby.

Unpasteurized juice – It may contain bacteria that are harmful. The bacteria found in raw fruits and vegetables can cause food poisoning which could be a dangerous condition during pregnancy. Women can take pasteurized fruit juice, so those harmful bacteria are killed.

Raw meat and fish high in mercury – Raw meat is notorious to pose the risk of foodborne diseases. Also, fish high in mercury is harmful to the fetus as it may cause hearing and vision problems.

Avoid too much caffeine:

The excess intake of caffeine is not recommended to pregnant women as it can increase the risk of miscarriage and low birth weight. They can take it in a measured way; just 300-milligram caffeine a day or even less than that is enough for a woman during pregnancy.

Stay away from smoking and illicit drugs:

Smoking cigarettes and marijuana during pregnancy is severely harmful to both the lives. It not only poses the risk of lung cancer and heart disease but also invites various abnormalities to the fetus. The probable conditions of smoking during pregnancy are premature birth, congenital abnormalities, fetus loss, and issues with the placenta. Similarly, the consumption of illicit drugs can cause prenatal and postnatal issues.

Leave contact sports:

Contact sports like boxing, wrestling, Tai Kwando, and punching pose the risk of placental abruption in pregnant women. In the condition of placental abruption, a placenta is prematurely separated from the uterine wall, posing the risk of premature birth or miscarriage. The hormonal changes during pregnancy increase the risk of such injuries more severely. Therefore, women should be careful and consider such things to avoid during pregnancy for the safety of the fetus.

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