February is the month of love! Valentine’s day means lots of love, candy and chocolates. You will be putting on crazy amounts of pounds. Below are some tips to indulge in some healthy living, this Valentines:

1. Limit Candy And Sweets

Valentine’s day and heart shaped candies go hand in hand. Unfortunately, as nice as the gesture is, these chocolates are filled with trans fat, preservatives and chemical additives. This doesn’t mean you cancel the idea! How about you create your own healthy treat? You can try to make your own chocolates. You can shape that up with a cookie cutter. You can also create you own recipes by dipping chocolate in strawberries, pretzel rods, marsh mellows on stick, almonds and other nuts and raisins.

2. Get Active

Go unconventional this Valentines. Everyone goes to movies and parties. You can skip the theater and instead try something adventurous with your loved ones. You can go for nature hikes, engage in some sports activity together, go biking. If going outdoors is not your thing then engage in indoor activities that will not only burn all those calories, but will also help you get closer. A game of ping-pong, trip to a museum, cooking class or just a workout together are some suggestions.

3. Express Yourself

Yes, you heard it right. It is proved that when you express your emotions it will help you feel better, while improving your mental health.

4. Prepare A Home-Cooked Meal

Valentine’s day is one of the chaotic day for restaurants around the world. You may  plan an evening date on 14th Feb each year. Sweet as it may be the special dishes that the restaurants offer during valentines is filled with rich sauces and heavy dressings. These delicacies go easy on your mouth but not on your system. Cook a home meal instead. It is very romantic. You can cook something special for your partner or even better you can both indulge in cooking together.

5. Volunteer

If there is anything that will give you innate happiness is helping others. You and your partner can do some volunteer work that will make you both feel good. Some places where both of you can volunteer your time:

  • NGO’s
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing homes
  • Orphanages
  • Domestic violence shelters
  • Assisted living facilities for adults with disabilities
  • Old age homes
  • Local charity groups
6. Give A Favourite Food A Healthy Make-Over

You want to cook your loved one something special this Valentines day, but the possibility that it may not be really healthy. You can still turn that meal into a healthy diet by using substitutes. All you need to do is implement some healthy cooking techniques and substitute your food for healthy ingredients. One sure shot way of achieving that is choosing baked, roasted, boiled or grilled option instead of frying.

7. Create A Home-Made Gift

For many, Valentines day synonymously goes with buying expensive gifts. However, in truth it is more about being creative. The more creative you are, the more it will tell your partner that you care for them. For example, if your loved one loves music or movies then can burn them a CD or DVD with their favorite songs or movies. If your partner is into cars or bikes, you can scour different websites information and pictures of the things they love. A scrapbook with your sweet pictures is another fantastic idea.

 8. Drink Only In Moderation

A glass of red wine with dinner is a good idea, however overdoing will lead to more harm than anything else. Make smart choices in your drinks on your special day. Remember, to never go beyond two or three glasses.

9. Be Prepared When Travelling

Going for a vacation is an excellent idea during valentines day. If your partner and you are planning a trip abroad remember to carry with you everything you need. Make a priority and to-do list if you must. Some things you must remember:

  • Passports and other required travel documents
  • Prescription medications
  • Important phone numbers
  • Camera and video camera
  • Also, don’t forget to go online and buy all the essentials from pharmacy
10. Don’t Overdo It

The essence of Valentine’s day is expressing your gratitude for your loved one. Letting them know that you truly care for them and that you are glad that they are in your life. Keep it simple and let that message out through subtle means.

Have some more tips for this Valentine’s day? Share it with us in the comments below.

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