The American Heart month is celebrated in February. The World Heart Federation started it as an attempt to unite people and spread awareness about heart diseases. It is the perfect way to spread knowledge about preventing and treating heart disease. The American Health Month is celebrated to encourage people to start leading a heart healthy lifestyle. A study has shown that heart disease is the primary reason of death for men and women in the United States. However, it is possible to prevent heart diseases through healthy choices and managing health conditions. Some people tend to have a false sense of security about the risks that can cause heart attack and stroke. Read along to know about the different ways of preventing heart attack and stroke.

Heart Attack- Know the risk

Causes of heart attack

A heart disease is usually caused by a number of risk factors. Among these, the most common is high cholesterol. It is a big warning sign for men and women to start taking immense care of their health. People with high cholesterol need to consult their doctor and take tips on the methods that would help in lowering it. A study showed that 80 percent of the people who had a heart attack also have high cholesterol levels. In the United States, it is observed that every 34 seconds a person experiences a heart attack.

Another risk factor for heart disease is family history. People who have parents, sister or brother, suffer from heart diseases have a higher chance of getting it at an early age. As such, it is necessary to inform the doctor who can assess one’s overall risk of getting any heart disease.

Who is most at risk

Generally, middle-aged or older people are the ones who may get a heart attack. In most cases, the average age for experiencing the first attack is considered as 66 for men and 70 for women. However, that doesn’t mean that younger people don’t have any risk of getting heart disease. It has been noticed that people in their 20s and 30s may also get a heart attack. The chance of getting a heart attack increases at the age of 45 for men and 55 for women.

Common risk factors

The chances of a heart attack may increase due to many risk factors. There are some of the risk factors that cannot be controlled while there are others that can be diminished. A proper treatment can diminish these controllable risk factors. Let’s see the several risk factors that are associated with heart diseases.

Uncontrollable risk factors

  • Age – mostly above 45 to 50 years
  • Family history of early heart disease
  • Controllable risk factors
  • High LDL or bad cholesterol
  • Low HDL or good cholesterol
  • High triglycerides
  • High blood pressure
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Smoking

What are the ideal levels of cholesterol

The levels of the recommended LDL or bad cholesterol are deeply impacted by the various risk factors of heart disease or stroke. Discuss with a doctor the different methods that can be used to control the cholesterol levels. The LDL levels of a person may change significantly due to the different risk factors of heart diseases. The chances of suffering from heart disease can increase if the risk factors also increase. Visit a certified doctor who can provide appropriate treatment to manage the cholesterol levels and risk factors associated with heart disease.

When does the heart attack strike?

The platelets in the blood become sticky in the morning and may form clots. A study proved that this may be the reason for most heart attacks occur in the morning. It has also been observed that people who had aspirin every day diminished their chances of getting heart disease. Aspirin can keep the platelets from sticking together. It is important to consult a certified doctor before taking any medication for a heart attack or stroke.

Beating the odds

The typical symptoms of a heart attack include chest pain, anxiety, abnormal breathing, loss of responsiveness and much more. In order to diminish the risk of a heart attack, it is imperative to follow the different advanced treatment techniques. These include diagnosis, medication and life-saving technology. It is also possible to diminish the risk of heart attack with proper treatment and medication prescribed by a certified cardiologist. ReliableRx Pharmacy is a well-known online chemist in the United States that provides a huge range of high quality medicines and drugs.

Taking proper cardiac care is considered to be a sure-shot way to prevent heart diseases. So, suitable measures need to be taken to treat heart diseases. Before that, it is crucial to find out the various risk factors involved and eliminate them gradually. A certified doctor can help in finding out these different factors and giving appropriate treatment for heart related diseases.

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