Pros and Cons of Eyelash Extensions

Long, fluttery eyelashes are what many of us dreamt of, especially if we have sparse or thin eyelashes. While there are certain solutions like falsies that are used with glue, not every woman has the time to deal with them, especially when they are getting late for a night out or a day at work. Lash extensions might be a good option for many women. Do not confuse with the falsies you apply at your home. The procedure is performed by an expert who first gently tap down your lashes so that they don’t stick together, then using tweezers to apply fake lashes (some are made with real hair) to your natural lashes. If interested in trying lash extensions, then first book an appointment with an esthetician. Here are some pros and cons that you should know first.


  • Time-saving– Lash extensions alleviate the need for applying mascara, curling lashes or wearing eye makeup altogether. It is awesome when you don’t feel the need to apply eye makeup. The extensions made you look wide awake every time.
  • Looks natural and beautiful- They are more natural than mascara, so you always look refreshed with your lashes. Many women are gifted with naturally long and gorgeous eyelashes while many do not. Eyelash extension gives the opportunity to have fuller eyelashes. There is nothing wrong in taking help to reach the peak level of beauty. A wide variety of eyelash extension is available which includes a range of colors and lengths so that woman can choose the one which best suits her eyes. Now long, dark, and thick eyelashes are not limited to those who are born with them, with the help of eyelash extension, everyone can have natural eyelashes.
  • Requires no efforts- Who doesn’t want to wake up with long and curly lashes and that too when you put zero efforts! Your morning routine becomes more convenient when you eliminate a time taking beautification process. With eyelash extensions, you don’t need to spend a huge part of morning time in applying a heavy amount of makeup. You can simply wake up and rock your workplace like a supermodel with these extensions. Almost all eyelash extensions last for weeks or months.

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  • Expensive- The more extension you have applied, the more it cost. Eyelash extensions are not easy on the budget.
  • High in maintenance- While eyelash extension cuts down morning routine into the half, they require regular appointments to the technician which adds trouble to your already busy schedule. Eyelash extensions can also be brushed out when they become wet, which is a major drawback. Women who follow a yoga routine or enjoy swimming are also advised not to get them as excessive heat and moisture can ruin the extensions.
  • Health risk factors– Not all women are lucky enough to enjoy the convenience of eyelash extensions. The chemicals used in the procedure can cause allergic reactions in some women. Some may even get infections in their eyes, due to lack of hygiene and proper eyelash extension maintenance.
  • Your makeup choices become limited- While having eyelash extensions, wearing mascara, eyeliner, or eyeshadow is not a good choice since you will need to wash and rub the eye area to remove the makeup. If you still wear eye makes, then opt a non-oily makeup remover.

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