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10 Possible Conditions Leading to Eye Burning Sensation


A sharp prolonged pain in the eye is determined as a burning sensation in the eyes. Sometimes, eye-watering may also accompany to the burning sensation. The cause of eye burning sensation may be a symptom of a chronic eye condition. Burning eyes may have several possible causes, ranging from the simple to the complex one. The burning sensation may occur with or without other symptoms such as eye pain, itching, watery eyes or discharge from eyes.

5 Simple Eye Care Tips

5 Simple Eye Care Tips

Our eyes are the most precious gift. Almighty has gifted us with this lovely pair of eyes to explore the world, distinguish between colors, look at mother nature’s wonderful creations and much more. There are few lucky ones, who are blessed with long eyelashes, beautifully colored eyes and attractive eyeballs. It calls for utmost attention and care, towards this amazing pair of eyes. Pollution and end number of disease have made their way in this globe; hence we are more prone to get affected. Let’s have a look at some of the eye care tips which will help in keeping our eyes healthy for years to come.