In any sort of running, you need to do preparation, and have strength and energy. Even if you are training for an event then also the previously mentioned factors play an important role. Basically, running can be your regular one which you do like a 5 mile running to keep yourself fit or pre workout running that is for warming up for gym. Another sort of running, which is for athletes, which requires a lot of dedication.

Fitness with Perfect Meals

For a runner, food is fuel. It has been researched that better fuel provides better performance and results. So, the food which a runner eats before his dream performance or before workout can dictate his/her performance. Thus, it’s important to make wise and healthy pre-run food choices.

What to eat before a run?

It totally varies from person to person. A normal jogger has different levels of comfort regarding eating before running as compared to a professional athlete. But, food acts as an important part among both. Professionals have to take care very seriously about their food because their performance totally depends on it, whereas, a normal runner don’t have to resist himself/herself from food as professional athlete. This is because normal runner has its own circumstances like if a person wants to be fit then he will run regularly for being fit. But, if a person is overweight then he/she have to do intense running and workout too to lose weight.

Performance is somehow is important in every case, be it a normal jogger or a professional. For performance and desired results diet is very necessary. Diet doesn’t mean that you can eat anything. It basically means you have to eat healthy and well balanced diet before and after the running. Foods before running promotes the actual performance and these include the following:

  • Whole grain pasta and bread- These foods are best for runners, as they need plenty of carbohydrates to fuel workouts. Whoa, not all breads and pastas are for runners, keep in mind and try to have whole grain foods because these are less processed as compared to the normal ones. Whole grain bread and pasta contain more of the natural nutrition like fiber, which is very important for a runner.
  • Eggs- Eggs keep everyone full and also satisfies about 10 percent of daily protein needs, whereas, amino acids in eggs help the muscle repair and recovery. So, try to have two boiled eggs at least before heading for a run.
  • Low-fat yogurt- Another vital source of protein and carbohydrates, the low fat yogurt contains calcium too, which is important for runners, especially those at risk for stress fractures.
  • Bananas- Ah, a runner can’t even think of starting his/her day without a banana. This is one of the best natural sources of carbohydrates and potassium, which is essential for a runner or any athlete. As bananas contain potassium, which runners lose through sweating and help regulate muscle contraction and prevent cramping. These are considered as safe pre-run food because they’re unlikely to cause gastrointestinal issues. Runners can have bananas before their race or in between, both prove to be effective.
  • Carrots- Carrots contain vitamin A and also helps in promoting a strong immune system. These help the runners in keeping full and are also low in calories, which makes carrots great snack for runners who are watching their weight.Also Read: How to Maintain a Healthy Heart?

Foods to avoid before running or outdoor exercise:

Foods are important for workout, but eliminating some of the below mentioned foods before running makes a clear difference in the performance as well as results:

  • High-fiber foods- Try to avoid whole-grain foods, vegetables, and fruits that are high in fiber because these may cause gastrointestinal distress or diarrhea. Now, a definite question is arising in your mind that how can these options be harmful as these are regarded as the best options to lead a healthy life? See, there is no doubt that these foods are excellent, but for runners, the mentioned options may cause digestive issues who consume them the night before or morning of a long run.
  • High-fat foods- These foods include fried foods like French fries, hamburgers, or bacon, which digest slowly and provide the runners with feeling of laziness, which will harm their performance.
  • Caffeine- Coffee or other caffeinated beverages cause stomach issues or diarrhea in some runners. As some runners, especially regular coffee drinkers can tolerate it without problems, but some can’t. So, always try to consult your dietician or physician before rea It has been researched that better fuel provides better performance and results. So, the food which a runner eats before his dching to the result.

Good healthGeneral tips for pre-run nutrition and hydration:

There are various tips that may help you during outdoor exercises and in running. These include the following:

  • Always, hydrate yourself, either by consuming orange juice or by energy drink or by water. Try to have 12 to 16 ounces about 60 minutes before your workout. You can also keep you hydrated by having water during running.
  • Eat foods that are easily digested and are low in fat and fiber.
  • Always wait 30 minutes after eating before you run, as this provides the body enough time to start the digestive process and enough fuel to get moving. It will also prevent runners from getting a cramp.
  • Enough fuelling in terms of proper food is vital for optimal performance and desired results. So, try to include the above mentioned tips in your plan, so that you will deliver your best and achieve the target. GOOD LUCK!Also Read: 8 Ways to Stay Fit

A well balanced meal is indispensable for professional and casual runners alike. Do let them know about a nutritious runner’s diet by sharing this article.

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