Sleep is a critical part of your body’s maintenance routine and depriving yourself of it is the same as running a machine with no downtime for preventive care and repairs. Nothing can stand in for a good night’s sleep. It’s a 24/7 world where the work of the day doesn’t have to end when it gets dark, but you have to make sure that you take a properly required sleep to avoid health complications. Jet lag, night shift, work or insomnia, an inconsistent sleep schedule whatever the reason is for sleep deprivation, affects your health, mood, and concentration.

Reboot Your Sleep Cycle

An important part of getting your sleep schedule back is to understand what you are doing to yourself by not getting enough sleep. You are familiar with the common side effects, like being tired the next day, sore muscles and general irritability. Sleep deprivation also increases your risk of heart disease, impairs memory retention, increases the risk of diabetes and obesity and increases the risk of depression and other mental illness.


In spite of all the side effects, you can take steps to reboot your sleep cycle to get better and maximum of rest. Find here 10 easy ways and natural sleep remedies to get rid of sleeping disorders:

  • Avoid Blue Light- The light emerging from electronics and energy-efficient light bulbs have a strong effect on your internal clock, keeping you awake. At night, it keeps you awake by disturbing your sleep. Hence, turn off your TV, phone, and tablet and keep the lights dim at least an hour before you actually sleep.
  • Skip Naps- Avoid in between naps if possible. But, if you are extremely tired and are not able to do any work, then you can go for a short nap, but keep it less than 20 minutes, so that it refreshes you and doesn’t take away your sleep.
  • Leave The Bed If You Are Not Able To Sleep- If you stay awake for more than 20 minutes after moving into your bedding, then instead of wasting time and efforts in staring at the ceiling, leave the bed and do something that is relaxing that comforts you and makes you sleep at its earliest.
  • Routine Wake up Time: Falling asleep is something not in one’s hands, but, when is the day to be started can be scheduled as per requirement. Moreover, regular waking up routine sets the internal clock of the body for an entire day keeping your mood delighted and enabling you to focus more.
  • Opt for good bedtime habits- Some of the sleep remedies include habits that help you fall asleep faster are; filtering out the noise to block sound while sleeping, keeping the best temperature required for sleeping, i.e., 65-68 degrees Fahrenheit, avoid coffee, soda or tea after lunchtime and exercise daily.
  • Analyze Sleep Needs- Waking up shouldn’t be a jarring affair that involves you smashing your fist on your alarm clock and growling. It feels awesome to wake up on your own and not to the sound of the alarm clock and also, it is the sign that you are taking optimum sleep that your body requires.
  • Best Sleep Aid– For some of the sleep problems like jet lag or shift work, natural sleeping pills may help you to get back on the track, but use it if your doctor advises to do so and using these pills for the long term is not ideal.
  • Reset Internal Food Clock- Recent studies suggest that you need to shift your eating timings to reset your sleep cycles overnight. Your body naturally thinks it is time to be awake when you eat first thing in the morning.
  • Avoid Alcohol- It depresses everything in your system, including your sleep and metabolism.
  • Slow And Deep Breathing- It is done to fall asleep and even the body recognizes the signal.

Most people have a constant sleep cycle, which they may not think about until it gets disrupted. There are many different components that contribute to this, including your genes, hormones, nerves and body temperature. When you observe any of the sleep disorders, then you should adhere to good sleep hygiene, that involves getting your body ready for a good night’s sleep by following natural sleep aids and not over stimulating it. Also, a healthy lifestyle along with a well-balanced diet that includes lots of fruits and vegetables, hydration and exercise, are also to be followed to keep yourself healthy and to combat with sleep disorders so that you can live happily and peacefully.

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