Those men who live in deep stress generally fail to perform a strong sexual play. Yes, it happens mainly because of low testosterone in men; a condition that gets deteriorated in stress or depression.Stress-free life is necessary to increase testosterone level in men

Research study proves that with the increasing level of stress, men find it difficult to keep their sexual strength intact, and depletion of testosterone emerges to be a big cause behind that. The secretion of the stress hormone Cortisol affects men’s health by diminishing the influence of testosterone. A research study at Berkeley found that stress inhibits the normal production of testosterone by increasing the levels of the hormone. This stress hormone, also known as Gonadotropin-inhibiting hormone, is secreted by the pituitary gland, and this hormone has the capacity to control the entire endocrine system. One can also call it male hypogonadism, a condition in which the body is unable to produce normal amounts of testosterone.

Testosterone as a man-maker:
Testosterone generally counts as a major factor in making a macho man. It allows a man to build strong muscle and burn extra fat. Moreover, high testosterone helps to improve men’s health and make them attractive to women, and it’s recognized as a sex booster. Plus, men’s T helps them prevent diabetes and cardiovascular problems to a great extent.

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Naturally, the level of testosterone begins to decline after 30 and, after 40 it depletes at a faster rate. Today’s urban lifestyle is found to be a big factor for lowering the T amount in the early 30s. There are some particular low testosterone symptoms that indicate its presence.

Low testosterone symptoms:
Basically, the symptoms of low testosterone in men depend on the causes and the age in which it occurs with them. General signs of low T may include the lack of secondary sexual characteristics like facial structure, deeper voice, slow development in the size of the penis or testicles and delayed puberty.

Men in their middle ages may experience symptoms of low testosterone like low sex drive, fatigue, erectile dysfunction, depressed mood. The physiological effects of stress are also observed as the fertility problems arise in the condition of low T.

The common symptoms of low T caused by the stress are:


Trouble sleeping

Decreased muscle mass

Loss of interest in sex or low libido

Low sperm production

Difficulty concentrating

Hair loss


Lack of energy and interest


Male hypogonadism or low testosterone treatments:
Physical exams and blood tests help you determine the status of low testosterone. If its presence is proved then some additional tests can be undertaken to understand the severity level of low T, and then proper treatments are recommended.

There are typically two methods of low T diagnosis – medical therapy and natural or home treatment.

TRT method:
The testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is administered in the form of patches, gels, and injections. This therapy promises to increase energy, sex drive, and well-being of men’s health over a time.

Pros and cons of TRT:
A study published in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism (1996) found that those men who took TRT felt less angry, less tired and happier than men with hypogonadism.

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A study from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine (1999) affirmed that men who had taken low testosterone treatment experienced decreased fat mass and increased lean mass.

Natural methods to treat low T:
The home or natural methods are very effective to improve the level of testosterone. Some of these steps include:

• Maintain a healthy weight
Obesity or overweight can shatter your sex drive by lowering T levels, so try to maintain your body weight according to height. Look for the methods to burn extra fat to boost sex life.Stress-free life is necessary to increase testosterone level in men

• Stick to exercise
Physical workout is one of the most crucial steps to increase testosterone production. Try to do 30-45 minutes of aerobic and sweating exercise that not only helps you enhance blood circulation but also maintains high T level. Weight lifting is specifically recommended to boost T production.

• Take full sleep
Lack of sleep directly affects the production of testosterone and, hence low sex drive is experienced. Try to take 7-8 hours of sleep to settle hormones in good balance.

• Vitamin D supplements and zinc
Vitamin D (about 3,300 IU a day) and its supplements are essential to increase testosterone, and the intake of more zinc and other beneficial minerals can improve men’s health. Zinc deficiency often leads low testosterone in men, so they have to concentrate more on this element.Stress-free life is necessary to increase testosterone level in men

• Intake of nuts and beans
If you are taking the diet route then try to increase the proportion of nuts and beans that intensify the production of testosterone. Some particular food items like lentils, eggs, salmon, almond, spinach, broccoli and garlic have to be eaten regularly to enhance T amount.

If a man is able to succeed in maintaining a higher level of testosterone, then he can undoubtedly experience and enjoy a healthier sex life. Moreover, men’s health depends a lot on the T level to resist the impact of some minor health problems. Try to live a stress-free, healthy and positive lifestyle that is greatly needed for low testosterone treatment. Testosterone is one hormone that you must add to your personality otherwise you may feel hollow and degraded.

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