Motion is life, and you need flexible joints to do that. With the onset of winter, the problems of joints ought to increase. Let’s take a look at why joint problems tend to increase in winter and how you can prevent them. 

According to studies, arthritis is one of the leading causes of physical disability worldwide. Winter season further flares up the condition in patients already suffering from joint problems. Along with the worsened condition of their pain, their movement is restricted as they tend to experience stiffness in joints. One can buy joint health supplements to improve their condition.

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What Causes Joint Problems? 

Though no studies could explain this, according to some clinical reports, the drop in barometric pressure causes expansion of muscles, tendons, and surrounding structures. Joint pain occurs due to the restricted availability of space within the body.      

If you are above 65 years of age or over or belong to other risk groups, you must get immediate medical attention when you feel unwell.  

To maintain a strong body structure, you need to take care of your joints. Problems in joints restrict your body movement and lead to much pain and discomfort. Joint problems are unavoidable if you cannot take care of them properly with the onset of winter. One reason behind the restricted movements may be reduced vitamin D absorption in your winter. Joint health supplements can help fulfil vitamin D deficiency. Consult your doctor to know the best products and buy joint health supplements online.

The Winter season can make some health problems worse and even lead to life-threatening conditions, especially if the age is elderly aged 65 or older or if you have been dealing with a long-term condition. Some other people are vulnerable to the effects of cold weather. This includes:

  • Babies and children under the age of 5
  • Pregnant women
  • People with a disability
  • People who have a long-term condition
  • People with mental health disorders

If you are dealing with arthritis, it is important to take recommended medications. Joint health supplements are also available to heal joint stiffness.

What is the connection between temperature drops and joint pain?

There is a strong association between temperature drop and worsening of the existing symptoms of your joint condition. In winters, your blood vessels will constrict, which means the blood circulation is restricted, and your heart must work harder to pump blood all over the body. This causes a significant reduction in your heart rate and blood pressure, and your circulation can become slowed down. In cold weather, your body will try to conserve heat by drawing blood away from your skin’s surface. By constricting the blood vessels that lead to your extremities, your body directs the warm blood towards your main organs, such as the heart or lungs. This helps your body keep warm but leave you with stiff joints and cold fingers and toes. 

How to improve blood circulation in winters?

During cold weather, the last thing in your mind is physical activity. However, it’s quite important to stay active and keep moving as this helps improve blood flow to keep us warm. There is an easy exercise that can be done at home, such as the resistant band workout, or you can wrap yourself in warm clothes and take a walk outside. If you suffer from poor circulation, make sure you wear a hat, scarf, and gloves during winters. And if the temperature drops to zero or below, add in some thermal undergarments, especially if you spend more time outside in cold weather. You can always remove those extra layers once you get to any physical activity but staying warm should be your priority.  

Continue to drink plenty of fluids all year round. When winter arrives, bringing the cold waves with it, most of us reach for copious amounts of tea, coffee, and hot chocolate puddings to keep ourselves warm; drinking even a simple glass of cold water does not seem so appealing. However, if you keep yourself hydrated, it will dilute your blood and improve blood circulation. If you have problem-consuming cold water, you can use warm water and infuse it with fresh fruit.   

Last but not least, opt for a circulation-boosting diet that promotes new blood cell formation and has antioxidants. Foods containing antioxidants helps to decrease blood pressure and improve blood circulation. Blackberries are the best example; you can easily add to your breakfast on cold mornings. 

If you have arthritis or any other serious joint problems, you can buy joint health tablets online to reduce joint stiffness and other joint issues; you should take medicines as prescribed by your joint specialist.

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