Men will be men, and most of them think that routine health checkups are required for women only, and only they need to visit doctors. But, research studies say that men’s health is more tricky than women’s, so they need routine screenings more often.

Health screenings as an indicator of men's healthImportance of Routine Screening:
It is important to diagnose a health issue before it starts or when it is at its initial stage. One has to take right treatment at the right the time that helps to increase the chances of long and healthy life. In this regard, health screenings can give you a proper report of your health status.

Important exams and screening for men’s health:
Traditionally, men are not much concerned with their health issues and remain less interested in routine health checkups. But the fact is, men die earlier than women, as their life expectancy is lower than women. Cancer rates are more found in men compared to women, and many other men’s health issues are also on the same page. So, here we discuss about six necessary screenings for men’s health that include:

Blood Pressure Test:
The body’s strength applies by the heart to drive blood throughout your body, a function denoted by the blood pressure. If your blood pressure reading comes 120/80 then it’s normal and you are healthy but, if the reading consistently comes 140/ 90 i.e. you have high blood pressure, then there is always a risk of heart attack, stroke and also kidney diseases. During low blood pressure, you feel dizziness, fainting and lightheadedness.

A blood pressure test is very simple and quick. You can even check it at your home. In case you find any sign of doubt then consult your doctor, he can prescribe you medicines or suggest changing your lifestyle. Some particular practices like losing weight, change in eating habits, exercising, etc. are highly recommended to control blood pressure.

Cholesterol Test:
Cholesterol is a fat found in the blood. It is good as well as bad. Low-Density Lipoprotein (LDL) is the bad cholesterol and unhealthy for you, while High-Density Lipoprotein (HDL) is the good cholesterol. According to medical science, 200 mg per dL is perfect. But, the range of cholesterol is below 100 mg per dL and above 240 mg per dL indicates a risk to men’s health. High levels of cholesterol cause heart attack and stroke.

Health screenings as an indicator of men's health

The amount of cholesterol is checked by the blood test. Before the test you don’t have to drink and eat anything for approx 9 hours, it’s necessary for accurate results.

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Prostate Cancer Screening:
This type of cancer grows in the gland in the male reproductive system; this disease only affects men. As per the research, 80% men in their eighties are affected by a symptom of prostate cancer. The primary symptoms of this disease are:

Painful urination
Painful ejaculation
Often urinates
Difficulty in achieving erection
Leg weakness
Spine, pelvis or ribs can be painful

A screening of prostate once in two years is beneficial to know its status if any. Doctors do two exams, first is prostate specific antigen (PSA) test which shows four nanograms /milliliter for healthy men and, second, is Digital Rectal Exam in which doctor physically check your rectum for cancer signs. Prostate Cancer is one of the major men’s health issues. It requires a lot of preventions and changes in daily lives. Doctors may suggest you to go for vegetables and fruits, meditation, yoga and regular exercise beside some medicines.

Colon Cancer Screening:
This cancer begins in the colon or rectal. Colon cancer is also known as colorectal cancer, which grows when healthy cells get damaged in the colon and continuously divides into cancerous cells and demolish normal tissue.

Colonoscopy method is used to diagnose the whole colon and rectum. Virtual colonoscopy is also done in which CT scan images show a clear inside view of the colon. To reduce the risk of colon cancer, doctors suggest:

High intake of vegetables, fruits and whole grains
Avoid smoking
Avoid alcohol or take in moderate amounts
Do more exercise
Maintain a healthy weight

Skin Cancer Check:
Men’s skin is three times more influenced by the risk of skin cancer than women’s. Major types of skin cancers are basal, squamous and melanoma. There are some skin tests to check the presence of any possible skin problem. Skin cancer can be prevented by less exposure to sunlight, so you have to cover your body with clothes and use sunscreen protection before going out.

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Diabetes Test:
Diabetes is caused due to increased level of sugar in the blood. To diagnose the blood sugar, doctors suggest some blood tests, such as:

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• A1C test
If it is less than 5.7%, then it’s normal, and 6.5% shows diabetes.

• FPG (Fasting Plasma Glucose test)
Less than 100 mg/dl means healthy and at least 126 mg/dl means diabetes.

OGTT (Oral Glucose Tolerance test)
Less than 140 mg/dl indicates normal and at least 200 mg/dl indicates diabetes.

All the tests and screening are painless, easy and take very less time, and they are necessary to ensure a long and healthy life. So, men should discuss their health issues with doctors who can help them to counter the diseases with correct preventions. Routine health screenings are as important as your EMIs, which you cannot afford to miss. Moreover, these tests are an indicator of men’s health, so they should regularly be taken without any waste of time.

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